Star Wars

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The Jar Jar Cruiser👏
Where would you rank the Clone Wars film in your list of favourite Star Wars films?👇🏻
I hope we see these two together at some point during season seven of the Clone Wars. Perhaps Rex saying goodbye to Cody before he leaves off with Ahsoka🤔 #clonetrooper #501st #obiwankenobi #ahsokatano #anakinskywalker #clonewarsaved #clonewars #droid
What is your one favourite thing and one least favourite thing about Rebels?👇🏻
What’s your favourite class of soldier to play as in battlefront two? 👇🏻 (@501_captures )
You can keep any ship that we’ve seen in Star Wars, (whether that be a luxury ship, a warship, a transport ship etc..) what would you choose and why? 👇🏻
Who are your protectors? 🤔
Do you think Rebels did a good job with Vader?
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