This account protects Taika Waititi

Why do I follow people I hate
Shut up adventure time is so sad
Oh no I have followers who ship wonderbat
The tEa
Legends only
My best Xmen characters didn’t have to snap so hard for meh
Odin and Loki is the best MCU ship I don’t make the rules
Y’all smell that? It’s the smell of a powercouple bitch [@hollands.mp4 ]
I’m sorry y’all didn’t get the screentime you deserved
Honest trailers defended the last Jedi but attacked solo lol they’re cancelled
Anyways y’all should block @wiccqn because he jokes about terrorism, uses transphobic slurs and jokes about racism/homophobia and he thinks he funny
He didn’t have to snap so hard like that [@okpeletier ]
I love Asian representation and y’all know dis, but it’s highkey a stereotype that they’re like a sword or katana wielding, sometimes a whip, weird how they never have any other weapons in Hollywood films/tv shows
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