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She’s getting there. Waiting for parts to get here now. #parkerperformance #e30 #e30drift
Taillights fixed. Bumper off. Ready to get bash bar installed. #e30 #driftbuild #parkerperformance
Ella is out numbered. #parkerperformance
Seville30 is here. Already gutted the interior clean everything and changed the oil. Excited to see this build #parkerperformance
Tomorrow I’ll post a pic of the turd
Newest addition to my fam. Can’t wait to start on this project. #parkerperformance
New tires finally get put on tomorrow. How long do you think they will last 🤔. 📸📸 @tobyedwardphotos
The talent @tobyedwardphotos has is insane. Can’t wait to share the other ones with you. #parkerperformance #s550
Practicing Mustang things in the garage 😂 #parkerperformance
At a very mute point with my car rn. I’m not sure if im to used to it now but the desire to modify it and change things up has kinda gone away. Almost think it’s time to maybe put her back to stock and get a new project and keep her as a daily. 🤔😕
Which one are taking is the question. I think I’d take the Evo 🤤🤤 #parkerperformance
Basic as hell. Thinking new rim setup soon. What ya think? #parkerperformance
The lawn mower idle #parkerperformance
Mustang Monday brought to you by @parker_performance_ and @rsr_wheels
Basic pic of my car. Shocker #parkerperformance
#funhavertouratl I’ll come from Florida for the weekend. @vaughngittinjr
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