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Can a robot learn to love? Watch #Zedd and #KatyPerry ’s special version of their 365 video, only on the Teen Party playlist, and find out for yourself 🤖💚
We need to talk about #Khalid 's special new video. Go watch it on the Teen Party playlist.
We got to talk to Sharon Van Etten at the end of her tour to discuss life on the road, her career and more. Listen to her latest album "Remind Me Tomorrow" now
Sigrid’s takes us through her Don’t Feel Like Crying playlist on Spotify
“Abel contributed from arrangement, production, tracklisting he was really big on. He helped take old songs that didn’t feel like they fit. He was really hands on. He even booked studio sessions on his own and I pulled up and he was working on my album, so it was a blessing.” - #NAV on #TheWeeknd ’s contribution to his new album #BadHabits , out now. Link in bio.
We only want to watch #RitaOra 's new vertical video, now playing on the TGIF playlist. Link in bio.
Guys better think twice before calling #LennonStella this word 😉 Watch her new video on the Pop Rising playlist.
The future is female and #SofiaReyes is smashing all the BS of the past. Watch her go to work on #VivaLatino now ⚒️
Watch the full video on the @rapcaviar playlist, only on Spotify.
Get Carried Away with this exclusive @hermusicofficial performance from @theellenshow. Watch now, only on Spotify.
#SofiaReyes , #RitaOra and #Anitta are saying adios to the stereotypes ✌️ Hear their new collab on the #VivaLatino playlist now.
Say bye-bye to the BS 👋Watch a special version of #SofiaReyes , #RitaOra and #Anitta 's new video, only on #VivaLatino .
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