Nicholas Parish

NYC - Cinematographer/Editor

This is the first reel I’ve cut since 2016, and in the past two years I have been incredibly fortunate to work on some amazing projects with some exceptional people. I’ve gotten the chance to travel all over the place, learn more about the world and the people in it; but most importantly I’ve learned a lot about myself. #r3d #setlife #cinematography #shotonred
Mine + @rahil_ashruff reaction when they say the final, approved edit is a 24 hour turnaround, but you haven’t slept in 4 days, haven’t eaten a vegetable since you left NYC, were threatened with being arrested for jaywalking in Nashville, have Southwest Airlines smash a $3500 production monitor that you’ve used 4 times and don’t even know what day of the week it is... 📸 @chayus #setlife #r3d #shotonred
My face when you ask me to re-slate bc being called Jeffery doesn’t do it for you anymore... #setlife #r3d #slime #secondsticks
Thanks Nashville.
@inovativ doing all the hard work. #setlife
One of the better slate frames of the year...😂 #r3d #setlife
#tbt #northernbars for @spotifycanada I production designed/DP’d this project with two awesome teams in Toronto and LA with a very tight production schedule. Toronto 2nd Cam Op - @rahil_ashruff Gaffer - @dakotamazzuca Sound - @steve_ejbick VHS Footage - @tobicummins Los Angeles 2nd Cam Op - @rahil_ashruff Gaffer - @davidsherbrook Sound - @robfilios DIT - @sdawsonfx Groomer - @christinaguerra Key PA - @dillongartzer GFX - @david_ben Agency - @bytelondon (Byte New York) #r3d #shotonred #setlife
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