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Lane One's looking pretty clear in #CoorongNationalPark ... Truth is, we can’t get enough of this place right now, with @SonyPicturesAUS ’s #StormBoyMovie set to make our screens (and hearts) sizzle from 10 January, 2019… This long, narrow ribbon of wetlands, saltpans, #dunes and wild #beaches stretches around 150kms from @officialfleurieupeninsula and @murrayriverlakescoorong all the way to the #LimestoneCoast . While the waters along this stunning #SouthernOceanDrive teem with fresh seafood, they’re also backed by fertile farmlands - and away from the bitumen, you’ll find your own slice of perfection at @mayurastation , recently crowned the best ‘From the Paddock’ producer in @deliciousaus ’s 2018 Produce Awards! Home to the ultimate ‘from paddock to plate’ experience of Full-blood wagyu beef, take your time in the Tasting Room before breathing in that fresh country air and toasting to the good life! #SeeSouthAustralia 🏖🚙 [📍Location: 1hr 15 mins drive from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ]​​ #FleurieuPeninsula #SeeAustralia
It's been a while, Mr. Percival! The spotlight is back on YOU... Few will forget the appearance of a very special #pelican in Colin Thiele’s legendary 1966 novel, ‘Storm Boy’. Set along the wild, untamed coastline of the #CoorongNationalPark , this epic tale of friendship, trust and growing up has been touching hearts for over half a century. With the brand-new #StormBoyMovie feature film from @SonyPicturesAUS set for release on January 10, 2019, it’s prime time to whet your appetite and follow in the steps of its stars through the stunning wilderness of @officialfleurieupeninsula and @murrayriverlakescoorong. Check out today’s Story for all the details, or click the link in our bio for our ultimate Storm Boy-inspired itinerary! ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ Photo: @benheide_photography at @seawallapartments in #Glenelg . #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia – then a 1.5hr drive to #Goolwa and the Coorong National Park] #Coorong #FleurieuPeninsula #SeeAustralia #Australia
Meet Gary, resident lifesaver at #CoffinBayNationalPark ! As our mates discovered, he takes his job pretty seriously – and word has it, he never skips a day at the local pool! Hey, when you live just a stone’s throw from some of @eyrepeninsula ’s most pristine #beaches you’d be making the most of that awesome backyard too… This place is also nice and close to @port_lincoln , and just as loved by the local #kangaroos as everyone else. With a menagerie of #wildlife , dunes, and wilderness all along it’s incredible #coast it’s not just a spot to get back to #nature - but also a genuine seafood mecca. Revered for dishing up some of the plumpest, freshest #oysters on the planet, nobody goes home without a little sand between their toes and a full tummy. If you’re in town, drop a line to @xploreeyre and they’ll soon have you shucking and slurping some of #CoffinBay ’s tastiest morsels, while rubbing shoulders with the maker! #SeeSouthAustralia 🙈🏖🙉[📍 Location: 50 minute flight (or 7hr drive) to #PortLincoln from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 30 minute drive to Coffin Bay ] #Kangaroo #SeeAustralia #Australia
There’s half a billion reasons to rise early in the #FlindersRanges , and our mates @lets_be_adventurers_australia found more than one of them… Setting the alarm clock early is a rite-of-passage around here – especially on a crisp winter’s morning. After firing up the billy can and pouring a hot coffee, they recall: “the whole place just lit up the moment the sun popped over the horizon!” #4WD enthusiasts revere this place for its rugged tracks through mountain valleys, creeks and gorges - and with ancient geology on show at every fork in the road, there’s not better spot to put your off-roader through its paces! If putting your own pedal to the metal isn’t your thing, hop on board with the crew at @alpana_station , whose range of tours and comfortable beds will have you well and truly immersed in one of the most incredible #outback landscapes on earth! #SeeSouthAustralia 🌄🙌 [📍 Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia and a 5 hour drive to Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park ] #Sunset #SeeAustralia #Australia
It’s the only red light you’ll see on the #MVProudMary … Our mate @smythy19 spotted this majestic old #riverboat ambling its way up the #MurrayRiver at Bowhill, and snagged a pic almost as good as the #sunset ! With 18 cabins, a resident chef and access to some of the most pristine wilderness in the @murrayriverlakescoorong , hop on board this beauty from #Mannum and you’re guaranteed to forget what day it is… Naturally, if land-based action floats your boat, engines are also getting set to rev downstream in the inaugural #OTRSuperSprint at @thebendmotorsportpark from 24-26 August… With the @supercarschampionship ready to take over #TailemBend , petrol heads and nature lovers will have the best of both worlds on tap in what’s shaping up as a BIG weekend on the #river ! #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅 🙌 [📍Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia and a 1hr 45 minute drive to #Bowhill on the #MurrayRiver ]​ #SeeAustralia #Australia #TheBend #VASC
Three weeks to go, but we’ve already got a #spring in our step…. Mother Nature’s been dusting off her best floral frock, and as @benheide_photography knows, she’s always spotted hanging out around #Willunga at this time of year. With the mercury set to rise and (eventually!) haul us out of #winter ’s chilly clutches, expect to see plenty of bud bursts around here in the coming weeks. This chilled out hub of @officialfleurieupeninsula is blanketed with #blossoms every year, with hundreds of acres of century-old #almondtrees scattered in surrounding streets and hills. Oh, and you won’t go home hungry either… Drop in to @willungafarmersmarket on Saturdays and you’ll also find tables piled high with fresh local food, ready to be washed down with some incredible @mclaren_vale wine. Rest your full tummy at the very comfortable @mulberrylodge when you’re in town!… 🌸🍷 [📍Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 45min drive to Willunga, near #McLarenVale ] #FleurieuPeninsula #SeeAustralia #Australia
It’s one of our most iconic stretches of bitumen… Follow Main South Road from #Adelaide to #Normanville in @officialfleurieupeninsula and you’ll find yourself snaking your way along some of the most pristine coastline you’ll ever see. With cliffs on your left, the cool clear waters of #LadyBay on your right and rows of pines lining the #road , nobody forgets a #roadtrip around here, especially not @hombsch15 ! As #goldenhour casts it’s long shadow, pulling your car in to HMAS Hobart Lookout is pretty much a rite-of-passage - and with the world-class @linksladybay just up the road, settling in at the 19th hole after #sunset is always par for the course... #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅🚘 [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , and ales than 1.5hrs drive to #Normanville ] #RoadTrip #FleurieuPeninsula #SeeAustralia #Australia
Note to self: don’t drop the car keys at #LittleSahara … This vast stretch of sand #dunes on @authentickangarooisland sweeps across two square kilometres of the island, inland from the sea. The biggest of the bunch stands around 70 metres above sea level, and after huffing and puffing your way to the summit, you’ll find it’s about the perfect place to grab a little perspective – and a whole lot of ‘me time’. Thankfully, getting down’s a whole lot easier… Just grab a freshly waxed sand board or toboggan from the crew at @kangarooislandoutdooraction and you’ll be back below in no time at all. See this stunning shot from @quentinchester on display at the @natwinecentre , currently celebrating #KangarooIsland ’s amazing Clifftops and Dunes as part of this year’s @salafestival until 31st August. #SeeSouthAustralia 🏝 [📍Location: a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 35 minute flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry) to #KangarooIsland ] #AuthenticKI#SandDunes #SeeAustralia #Travel
A wise man once said “always take the long way home” - something our mate @benheide_photography holds close to his heart. This sweet little byway near #Tatachilla in @mclaren_vale delivered a colourful end to a day in wine country, and as the old #vines sleep ahead new growth in spring it’s a prime time to explore the back #roads of #FleurieuPeninsula . Nearby, you’ll find the legendary @coriole winery a perfect pit stop for lunch and #wine tasting, with their new foodie family members @gatheratcoriole having recently made their move here from @robesouthaustralia. With a local menu reflecting all four seasons and a barrel-load of exceptional #vino on hand – you’ll find it’s pretty hard to leave! Our tip: try the duck liver parfait cigars… You’re welcome! #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅🚙 [📍Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #Adelaide , #SouthAustralia then a 40 minute drive to #McLarenVale in #FleurieuPeninsula ] #SeeAustralia #Australia #Sunset
Careful fellas! That’s a red light up there… When @susiereynolds66 hit the road in Bunyeroo Valley in Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park recently, she was overtaken by these two ‘V8 chickens’ on their way to Razorback Ridge! Speedsters and traffic snarls aren’t usually an issue around here – in fact, with just a few #emus and kangaroos to give way to, you’ll be lucky to see a handful of cars all day. These ancient #outback mountains once dwarfed the Himalayas, and have been silently eroding for around 800 million years. Left behind in those rich sedimentary layers you’ll find some of the world’s most important fossils, a menagerie of #wildlife and stunning creeks and gorges around every turn. At the end of a day’s #roadtrip , kick your feet up in your cushy @rawnsleypark Eco Villa and toast one of the oldest landscapes on Earth. #SeeSouthAustralia 🐦🚦🌄 [📍Location: just a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia and a 5hr drive to the central #FlindersRanges ]​ #SeeAustralia #Australia #Travel
The only traffic lights out here are the #MilkyWay …. The limestone cliffs of #BigBend in @murrayriverlakescoorong are known to drop a few jaws, but when @michaelwaterhousephotography spotted the galactic core rising over the #MurrayRiver this night, he knew this was something special! With Mars also shining bright before the #lunarclipse , and frogs and crickets chiming away, soaking in this spectacular ‘corridor through time’ is a perfect antidote to city living. If you’re looking to go off-grid and get back to #nature , drop a line to our mates at the @the_cube_murrayriver , whose super-cool floating pod is the prime spot to trade traffic for tranquility... As you’re clinking glasses by their firepit or cozy egg-chairs, watch the pelicans glide in the thermals while toasting to a little ‘river time’… 🌌🙌 #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 2hr drive to #SwanReach ] #SeeAustralia #Australia #NightSky
Shhhh! Skipped work to go #surfing …. Pretty glad we did! Not only is the chilled @officialfleurieupeninsula village of #PortElliot a magnet for #whale watchers in #winter , it also churns out some of the best #waves around @encountervictorharbor. Our mate @jesse_ehlers found himself in a hurry to slide on the wetsuit after spotting this #barrel crashing onto the #beach - and lucky for him, the @flyingfishcafe sits right at the water’s edge, making a post #surf feed easy. If staying on land is more your style, this stretch of coast is also easy to cover by bike - with the 31km Encounter Bikeway linking this town up with Goolwa, Middleton and the seaside metropolis of #VictorHarbor . After a stiff #ocean breeze and a day in the saddle, pump up your tyres at the end of the line with sundowners and dinner at @eatatwhalers ! #SeeSouthAustralia 🌊 🏄‍♂️ 🤙 [📍Location: a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia , then a 1.5 hour drive to Port Elliot in #FleurieuPeninsula ] #Sunset #PortElliot #SeeAustralia #Australia
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