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Are you sure about that? @PossessionMovie may change your mind… see it in theaters November 30.
On December 14th, get ready to suit up. Swipe through to check out the #SpiderVerse character posters. 🕷
“Original and genius are two very overused words in the world today, but Stan was both. Add irrepressible and irreplaceable, and you begin to describe the man. We have all lost a true superhero. We will greatly miss our friendly neighborhood Stan Lee.” - Tom Rothman, MPG Chairman
The past never forgets. Experience the “visually dazzling” #GirlintheSpidersWeb - now in theaters. 🕸
Hacker. Protector. Vigilante. Claire Foy is Lisbeth Salander in @SpidersWebMovie , now playing. 🕸
#TheFrontRunner is “one of the best films this year.” Don’t miss it NOW PLAYING in NY & LA, everywhere November 21.
Happy Birthday to @OnceInHollywood ’s #LeonardoDiCaprio !
“Vera Farmiga delivers a stunningly emotional performance.” Don’t miss her in #TheFrontRunner , NOW PLAYING in select theaters, everywhere November 21.
Don’t miss Claire Foy as a “total badass” in #GirlintheSpidersWeb - now in theaters. 🕸
Hugh Jackman is #TheFrontRunner - NOW PLAYING in NY & LA, everywhere November 21.
Is death really the end? Find out in 3 weeks when #PossessionMovie hits theaters November 30.
Lisbeth is back. Experience why Claire Foy is “killer good” in #GirlintheSpidersWeb - now playing. 🕸
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