Grace Fulton

SHAZAM! trailer ⚡️

these are the days
“I had a fun dream. I was chasing an onion... with a pancake.” -Gemma
It’s a month away!! 💃🏻 new trailer in my bio! Ahh! 🤗
Let’s go! #Repost @ponysmasher ・・・ A new tv spot. Collect them all to assemble your very own trailer! #Shazam
“Called” | Winter Camp PC: @socalnextgen
so much people watching tonight☺️
I wrote a paper on Lauren Bacall in high school
pulled over for the view, along with a couple others
Madeline truly is a cool cat
“We’ve come a long way. It’s @yagp weekend and we’re eating donuts.” — Allegra
Thursday nights
sewing with my mama + baking galettes with my mama + eating galettes with my mama= a good day
Sneak peek of Shazam!!!
shoutout to @katiannalee ’s grilled cheeses
we watched “eighth grade” last night :,)
they’re ok with anyone ordering from the kids menu
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