Grace Fulton

Shazam Trailer

The Fulton Christmas, a very civil affair.
We love Bethany!!! (75% off.. wow amazing deal)
I’ve been working through “The Artist’s Way,” by Julia Cameron. Shoutout to @davykesey for recommending it. It’s been killer.
Lou Lou just sent this in our groupchat. What a throwback. We played some very serious UNO during the making of Annabelle: Creation. I distinctly remember sooomeone getting caught cheating. We all wanted to win. It was ruthless.
Day 10 @aylorhall , your turn
Day 9 @dani_montrose , your time has come.
Day 8 @christopherrc55 , share some movies
Day 7 @antoinettesaldana , you’re up!
Day 6 I nominaaate @tallulaklass
Day 5 @carolina.hough , I nominate you to share some movies that have inspired or moved you. #tendaymoviechallenge
Day 4 @madscarroll2 you’re up
Out. Some real good bed time stories right there.
Day 3 @bbixxy you’re up
Day 2 I nominate @scissorteeth
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