Smoothie the Cat

πŸ‘‘ Queen of Fluff πŸ”— Smoothie 2019 calendar:

Found you.
Little marshmallow.
Upstairs neighbours are the worst. || with @milkshake.thecat
I promise you. I'll never dress Smoothie up. #letcatsbecats
Looking for a fun Christmas present? 🎁 Smoothie's 2019 calendar is still available! Link in bio > @smoothiethecat 😊 Worldwide shipment! πŸ“¦
Her tail deserves its own insta though. #tbt
Smoothie demands your attention.
Smoothie & Milkshake kunnen niet wachten en zijn al begonnen met uitpakken… Fijne Sinterklaas namens Smoothie, Milkshake en @peewee_kattenbaksysteem
Freshly groomed.
Sunday question: does your cat like to be held?
Queen of napping.
When she still had her baby blue eyes. #TBT
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