Smoothie the Cat

πŸ‘‘ Queen of Fluff 🌎 Cats unite the world πŸ’š

First day in the new house Smoothie spent hiding in the wardrobe. Sound on for a semi-meow. πŸ”Š Will document the whole moving process and upload the full videos on YouTube later (after unpacking πŸ“¦) so keep an eye on our page! 😊
Such a good helper with packing!
Smoothie in HD.
Teeny tiny kitty.
Don’t forget to floss!
Sunday question: is your cat allowed everywhere in your home?
That jump you make when it’s finally weekend.
Ssst 🀫 she’s in a deep sleep. 😴
How you doin’?
Smoothie, the First of Her Name, The Unimpressed, Queen of Fluff, the Empress of Boxes, Khaleesi of the Emerald Sea, Protector of the Catnip, Lady Regent of the Living Room, Breaker of Curtains and Mother of Whiskers.
When the moving boxes arrive..
Who run the world? Happy International Women's Day!
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