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Join me as I help cover a couple Vinyasa classes @crunchportchester this week and bring some flow and positivity into those wintertime blues! Been wondering what I’ve been up to? How I boldly continue to grow my knowledge in the health & fitness industry? Perhaps you are interested in taking a private session or Reiki certification with me! Dm me- There is so much to be excited about! Outfit by: @kiragraceyoga Top: Blue Kiragrace yoga top double over with additional Gratitude top “Women Empowering Women” Bottoms: Grace legging in Stripe #nycfamous #ashtangi #beast #amazingKIRAgrace #womanowned #trust #power #flexibility #love #hotyogi #badass #yoga #romancecollection #yogajourney #balance #madeinusa #empower #gorgeouscollection #ambassador #yogalove #kiragrace #myheartbeatscircus #loveyourlines #yogalife #ownyourshit @yogadailypose @bestyogaclub @nyyogalifemag @featuredyogis @yogafeature @artofyogapics @om_yoga_meditation @yogapose @yogiinthelight @yogiintro
And next but not the least Ballet! Yup you got it! This gal over here is taking on yoga, health & life coaching clients, studying for Personal Trainer Cert, looking for full time and keeping busy with loads of circus, yoga, dance and flow arts! #nycfamous #ashtangi #beast #amazingKIRAgrace #womanowned #trust #power #flexibility #love #hotyogi #badass #yoga #romancecollection #yogajourney #balance #madeinusa #empower #gorgeouscollection #ambassador #yogalove #kiragrace #myheartbeatscircus #loveyourlines #yogalife #ownyourshit @yogadailypose @bestyogaclub @nyyogalifemag @featuredyogis @yogafeature @bestyogavideos @om_yoga_meditation @yogapose @yogiinthelight @yogiintro
Pratyahara: contemplation. It’s a biggie cause our minds are always full of things to think about. When do we simply sit back and say- it’s all good. We don’t cause when we are happy we are in the moment. It is rooted to our hearts. So why more often then not do we need to fill the space of our minds with conflicts sometimes real and sometimes not. Is it loneliness? Fear of the past repeating itself? I can’t answer this one for me so I’m certainly not going to try for anyone else. What I know is this is an essential element to the 8 limbs of yoga and it’s because we are not hanuman or ganesha or any other deity or symbol. We are flawed because we are human. Maybe cause we are flawed we have so much to contemplate. I’ve had more mindfulness then I can stand and my heart and mind are unchanged. Give this limb of yoga some attention but remember as well that we are human- it’s why it’s part of our daily practice and not just pulled out for those heart wrenching occasions. Own who you are; know that it’s never too late and finally remember that life is short so when you find someone or something that magnifies the wonder of every experience; hold onto it or them. No one knows for sure how long we’re here. Maybe take today and contemplate on that. Wearing Outfit by: @kiragraceyoga Top: Blue Kiragrace yoga top double over with additional Gratitude top “Women Empowering Women” Bottoms: Grace legging in Stripe #nycfamous #ashtangi #beast #amazingKIRAgrace #womanowned #trust #power #flexibility #love #hotyogi #badass #yoga #romancecollection #yogajourney #balance #madeinusa #empower #gorgeouscollection #ambassador #yogalove #kiragrace #myheartbeatscircus #loveyourlines #yogalife #ownyourshit @yogadailypose @bestyogaclub @nyyogalifemag @featuredyogis @yogafeature @bestyogavideos @om_yoga_meditation @yogapose @yogiinthelight @yogiintro
Trust. Have you ever closed your eyes & put your entire faith in another human being & not been scared they would break it? Have you been fearless enough to show your most embarrassing vulnerabilities & still be present enough to believe you could put your life into another person’s hands & know they wouldn’t let you down? If this question were posed to me years ago I couldn’t have said yes. I could never let my guard down enough to be hurt because I was scared & didn’t realize that if I wasn’t willing to put myself in a compromised position, then I couldn’t expect someone to meet me at my level. I’ve learned that when we are always waiting for the bottom to drop, we make it happen. I’ve also learned by taking no risks w our emotions we put ourselves on this false plane which makes us think we’re safe but we aren’t. We’re scared. We aren’t content we’re protective of ourselves. I’ve always been my true self. In fact, I don’t know how else to be. I’m honest & compassionate; I wear my heart on sleeve knowing there is energy bigger surrounding me. If it lets me fall, then it’s also going to open my eyes to save myself. I won’t change who I am no matter how hard I hurt cause I know only hurts when it matters so deeply I can’t shut it out. I’m a believer that w/o fear there’s no trust. Without sadness there’s no true happiness. Without understanding hate we’re incapable of understanding love. W/o forgiveness we can’t find peace. Finally, w/o faith in others it’s impossible to experience the freedom that comes w unconditional love. It’s what makes big unattainable dreams become attainable & allows us to reach for the moon even if we get to the stars. In this 3-point upward bow pose I wanted to open my heart. Don’t be scared to share your heart; it’s the only way you‘ll ever experience what it means to connect souls w another. Outfit: @kiragraceyoga #nycfamous #ashtangi #beast #amazingKIRAgrace #womanowned #trust #power #flexibility #love #hotyogi #badass #yoga #romancecollection #yogajourney #balance #madeinusa #empower #gorgeouscollection #ambassador #yogalove #kiragrace #myheartbeatscircus #loveyourlines #yogalife #ownyourshit
Today is an especially hard day for me. Like most of us I started the New Year out with high hopes. I’ve faced set backs and things I don’t entirely understand or feel organic about. What I’ve learned is fear can bring out the worst in us. It can make us say mean things and it can also make us too afraid to love and live in a life where we accept the balance of good and bad. I’m an empath and a believer; I have faith in people even when they don’t have it in themselves. I don’t love often but when I do it is ferocious and magical, scary, exciting, overwhelming and on the rare occasion it is True then it is completely unconditional and I would never take it for granted, or expect it to stay great without a little work; and I would never give up on it when it got a little hard. This is not the same for everyone and my heart breaks a little when people are cynical- it breaks even more when I am the cynic. I’ve never believed we needed anyone to complete us. I think we do a fine job of that stumbling along our own path as we go. But I do believe there is an energy bigger than anyone of us that can draw some souls together like magnets. This is the stuff we have our heart broken enough and we stop believing. This may also be what happily ever after may truly be. One thing is for sure it takes two magnets to stick together. Tonight shine your Anahata Chakra candle just a little more bright and bask in the love you have for yourself in your heart and then take a moment and dream a little bigger, that magnet does exist, I found it in this life. Whether you have found it yet or not. Peace to you in 2019 with an open heart. Wearing Outfit by: @kiragraceyoga Top: Blue Kiragrace yoga top double over with additional Gratitude top “Women Empowering Women” Bottoms: Grace legging in Stripe #nycfamous #ashtangi #beast #amazingKIRAgrace #womanowned #trust #power #flexibility #love #hotyogi #badass #yoga #romancecollection #yogajourney #balance #madeinusa #empower #gorgeouscollection #ambassador #yogalove #kiragrace #myheartbeatscircus #loveyourlines #yogalife #ownyourshit @yogadailypose @bestyogaclub @nyyogalifemag @featuredyogis @yogafeature @bestyogavideos @om_yoga_meditatio
It’s official, I have a teenage son and daughter! Wow how time flies and growth spurts happen. It’s easy to miss the big picture when you look away for a few moments! I wish Jade the happiest of birthdays; the most joyous year to come; to be surrounded by supportive and kind friends; to not give up on how smart he is because video games can take over; for him to realize what a big and loving heart he has and how to become less of an introvert and let the world into his unique ideas and point of view. I have high hopes for his future and unconditional love in my heart! To the next year handsome guy, things are gonna start flying by faster then ever; don’t forget to pause and appreciate the amazing moments along the way! Happy 13th Birthday Jadey, xoxo #birthday #birthdayboy #teenager #ilovethiskid
Join me tomorrow morning Friday, January 4th, 10am-11am for Vinyasa Yoga at Equalize Fitness in Yonkers, Executive Park! Join me in compass pose demonstrated here as I look for new directions in 2019! How often have you caught yourself in a moment feeling completely lost? Maybe no matter what you do is good enough? Maybe you feel you just aren’t actually doing enough? Or perhaps my favorite...making the same mistake over and over again because moving in that familiar direction in life always seems to feel way less scary then taking a step or turning towards a new one. Today I offer that you consider (and not for long) where you feel you are right now, mentally, emotionally, physically, economically and then think about where you would like to be. First take a realistic approach and then let your guard down and dream a little bit bigger. Then come back to the moment and ask if you are aligning yourself in the direction of the path that will take you towards those bigger dreams and if the answer is no, take some time to consider what could help to close the distance! It’s 2019, I say it’s time NOW! Wearing Outfit by: @kiragraceyoga Top: Blue Kiragrace yoga top double over with additional Gratitude top “Women Empowering Women” Bottoms: Grace legging im Stripe #nycfamous #ashtangi #beast #amazingKIRAgrace #womanowned #trust #power #flexibility #love #hotyogi #badass #yoga #romancecollection #yogajourney #balance #madeinusa #empower #gorgeouscollection #ambassador #yogalove #kiragrace #myheartbeatscircus #loveyourlines #yogalife #ownyourshit @yogadailypose @bestyogaclub @nyyogalifemag @featuredyogis @yogafeature @bestyogavideos @om_yoga_meditation @best_instayoga @infibliss @yogiinthelight @insta_yogasana @yoga_pic @yogainspiration @featuremyyoga @yogiintro
To new beginnings with eyes wide open and my wish for you is your only limitation this year and in life be the limits of your imagination! Welcome 2019!
Gratitude: noun- the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. I would like to thank @kiragraceyoga for this amazing Gratitude Set which came with a blue yoga top; Navy “Women Empowering Women” tank as well as some little goodies. The end of the year for most of us is a time of reflection of the past year and for me, I’d like to offer @kiragraceyoga thanks for inviting me to be an #ambassador for a brand I’ve loved since the beginning. I’d also like to offer gratitude to each and every soul who touched my life this year whether you realize it or not; I’m grateful for you! This outfit is completely #kiragrace #amazingKiragrace #kiragraceyoga and I love everything about all of it! I wanted to offer this short blog post to recognize a Brand I’ve resonated with so much this year as well as recognize the importance of women empowering women as well as each of us learning how to harvest our strongest confidence to empower ourselves. Thanks to all and love as we close out 2018! Gratitude gift set created by our global ambassadors includes: Women Empowering Women Tee from Tiffany Cruikshank, KiraGrace bonus item, doTERRA Essential Oils Deep Blue Rub, Empower Essential Oil Fragrance*, Golden Milk sample from Kristen Schneider*, and more! Items with * are limited and may be substituted for additional DoTerra goodies! #nycfamous #ashtangi #beast #amazingKIRAgrace #womanowned #trust #power #flexibility #love #hotyogi #badass #yoga #romancecollection #yogajourney #balance #madeinusa #empower #gorgeouscollection #ambassador #yogalove #kiragrace #myheartbeatscircus #loveyourlines #yogalife #ownyourshit @yogadailypose @bestyogaclub @nyyogalifemag @featuredyogis @yogafeature @bestyogavideos @om_yoga_meditation @best_instayoga @infibliss @yogiinthelight @insta_yogasana @yoga_pic @yogainspiration @featuremyyoga @yogiintro
So before you get all dolled up and pay a million bucks for that awesome New Year’s Eve Bash where you get one glass of champagne, come on out and reflect on the past year. YOGA TODAY 12/31/18 IS YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO COME TO CLASS WITH ME BEFORE 2019... 9:30-10:30am @crunchportchester where you can let go of what was and begin to embrace what will be! Personally, this year has been a ride like no other but I continue to look up and forward; aspire to higher goals and bigger dreams and start to make it happen a little each day! Join me in saying farewell 2018 and welcome 2019! @westchesternylifestyle @sindaanzovino @westchesterctacroyoga @emmawestchester @yogiinthelight @yogiintro @heystamford @westchestermagazine @mantramagazine @bestofwestchester @westchestercountytourismny @westchestercountymomsblog @lifestylewestchester @westchesterblogger
Happy Holidays Lovelies! It’s not too late to give the gift of Healing to yourself or someone special! Prices will never be this unbelievable again! Email Gift Certificates available immediately! *2 1-hr private yoga sessions in your Westchester location for $120; ($150 for Connecticut) *2 1-hr Reiki healing sessions in your Westchester location $80; ($110 for Connecticut) *2 1-hr Thai Massage Sessions in your Westchester Location $200; ($230 for Connecticut) *2 1-hr Barre Sessions in your home $100; ($130 for Connecticut) *2 1-hr LifeCoaching Sessions on Facetime or Skype ($60) in Westchester home ($100); Connecticut ($130) *2 1-hr Health coaching & Nitrition Counseling Sessions on Facetime or Skype ($70) in Westchester home ($120); Connecticut ($150)- May include Menu planning! *2 45-Min Meditation Sessions in Westchester location ($50); Connecticut ($80) *2- 1-hr Getting started with Personal Training Sessions at your Westchester location ($100); Connecticut ($130) * Get Reiki 1 & 2 Certified privately -location in White Plains ($475 total) Generally 2 days 4-6 hrs for each. Receive certificate at end of each course. Schedule flexible! *2 1-hr private acro-yoga sessions in your Westchester location for $120; ($150 for Connecticut) Check pricing online for Toddler Yoga Teaching Certification prices taught privately! Credit Cards gladly welcomed through Venmo. 2% additional charge with paypal. New Clients only! Payments in person in White Plains. Contact or text 914-844-6716. It’s not too late to show yourself or someone you care about some healing and pampering love! #yoga #gifts #holidays #xmas #merrychristmas #happybirthday #happynewyear #happyhanukkah #endofyear #endofyearsale #givelove #healinggifts #selflove #gethealthy #loseweight #getfit #nutrition More about Sinda: Share with anyone who deserves some love this year! This promotion won’t be around for long!!!
Just me. So many different things going on lately and a little break from my own personal practice after getting some fun results from my MRI’s! But here’s the can’t keep a good woman down! You also can’t stop a type “A” from finding there way back to the things they love! I’ve been working several different jobs lately in addition to Yoga. I’ve also taken some time to get better at spinning poi and will soon be spinning fire! Im stoked to say I will be subbing Yoga on New Year’s eve, Monday 9:30am @crunchportchester . I used to teach New year’s eve and new year’s day...ending the year on the most positive note before any festivities and then remembering to keep that positivity happening as the new year begins. Join me this year with that intention in mind! It’s never to late to start or return to something which promotes #selfcare @yogiinthelight @yogiintro @westchstrnymoms @westchesternylifestyle @westchestermagazine @emmawestchester @westchestercountymomsblog I’m still accepting private clientele and look forward to working with you whether you are picking your journey back up or continue to progress along it. I’m soon to be a certified Personal Trainer as well - so if you are looking to drop weight in the new year or just become more healthy, please note: I’m a health coach, life coach, yogi, reiki master teacher trainer, thai therapist, and soon cpt. I can plan your diet, help you shop, create successful workouts and meal plans and will even offer services to join you on those workouts for those who need some motivation. I’m excited to share all of this with you!
Missed this girl so much! #friends #dc #reconnect #travel
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