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So….I don’t floss, at least not often. Ewww 😱 It’s bad, I know. I probably floss maybe every 3 months…if that. It’s something I’m horrible at. But it’s something I want to start doing on a consistent basis 😬 I’ve had a complicated relationship with my teeth! When I was 4 or 5 I had all of my front teeth removed because they got rotten 😅I had a fear of using my toothbrush - don’t ask me why! Was it a good reason? No. But I was 4!!! 👶🏻 I vaguely remember my dad holding my hand as we walked out of the hospital. I was still groggy from the anaesthetic and my dad was swearing under his breath. They apparently told my dad they would only remove a few teeth, but instead they removed my entire top row and only left a few teeth a the bottom 🦷 True story, my dad got me MacDonald’s afterwards, and I remember my gums making an imprint on the bun, when I tried to take a bite. So, I literally ripped small pieces of the cheeseburger and sucked on it, so that it became mushy enough for me to swallow! I remember the gum mark so clearly, mostly because of the shock having no front teeth 🍔 My nickname growing up was grandma and turtle, because as a kid I had a severe underbite. I had braces to correct my bite as a teenager. I remember not eating much at the beginning as even eating a very ripe banana caused a lot of pain. But eventually after a couple of years my bite was “corrected” 👄 Now, I probably brush my teeth 3 times a day, but I’ve never really gotten into the habit of flossing. Anywho, moral of the story is brush your teeth!! And I’m trying to learn from my childhood mistakes and actually take care of my teeth by flossing. I don’t have another set of teeth to grow in - unfortunately. Side note, I’ve found a compostable floss! Will let you know how it goes 🌏 #pleasebrushyourteeth #grandma #turtle #floss
It’s a couple of weeks into summer, so I’m definitely late in this whole summer capsule wardrobe thing! I’m STILL deciding on what I’ll be wearing for 3 months! 💚 I was inspired by @jesswithless and @candicemtay to do a capsule wardrobe for the season. I’ve never done a capsule wardrobe before and honestly, this is over half of the clothes that I own but I really wanted to “step out” of my recent comfortable zone of wearing sweatpants and a pj top everywhere ♻️ I’m curating this capsule based on clothes that I love but kinda haven’t worn for a while because I felt it would make me look, I don’t know, too superficial? 🌏 And I’ve realised I do feel a little better when I don’t wear the clothes I’ve slept in to work! 😅 Being presentable I feel is like a small form of self care. And it’s been a bit of a bad habit of mine lately - rolling out of bed, throwing on a bra and still wearing my sleeping clothes when I go to work - mostly out of laziness 💚 If you don’t know, I was a fashion addict in my early twenties. I went into an stupid amount of debt buying clothes & my HUGE-ASS closet was overflowing with clothes I never wore. I eventually got myself out of it debt & now only buy clothes occasionally. I’m still not great & I could be better, but for me investing in quality pieces means that I buy less and my clothes tend to last years even after numerous wears. This also means I end up spending less money as well ♻️ In this photo, a couple of items are new (purchased by me) & a couple were gifted to me, mostly, these were clothes I already owned 💚 I want to be honest, I rarely go thrifting, which is very anti-low waste of me. I tried for a period of time & found a couple of okay items, but I found myself buying a lot of items I didn’t need because they were cheap (and crappy quality) & honestly, thrift stores where I live aren’t so good. So, when I shop I try to support ethical labels, but of course, not everything here is 100% ethical ✌🏽 This is also another reason why I would like to do a capsule wardrobe, I wanted to show you some of my favourite ethical brands & give them a shout out 🌏 Let me know if you would like to see the pieces individually 😊
I’ve been so overwhelmed with your support over the past 12 months 💚 When I first started this account, I mostly just wanted a place to document my journey. And I wasn’t in a great headspace so I also just wanted to be open and write. I definitely didn’t think so many of you would want to follow along! 😊 As a thank-you I wanted to gift 5 of you some homemade body butter. If I had more money I would send it to everyone! Please note, due to costs, I can only send the gift within Australia. And if you’re allergic to coconut, shea butter, nuts or coco butter please note this product isn’t for you - I can’t have that on my conscious! There are no nuts in the product, but I can’t ensure that there hasn’t been any cross contamination ✌🏽 Anywho, this isn’t a “giveaway” where you have to tag your friends in the comments. It’s just a thank-you/Xmas gift. If you would like a small jar of homemade body butter please let me know in the comments below. I’ll contact the 5 people via direct message this coming Sunday. If possible one comment per person! 🌏 If you’re keen on making your own body butter, I just use equal parts, coconut oil, shea butter and coco butter. I melt over a double boiler and mix. I let it set for a few minutes in the fridge and then whisk until fluffy. Make sure you don’t let it set too much! Otherwise it’ll be too hard to whisk. I would recommend only using this on your body, it’ll probably be too heavy for the face. And a little goes a long way! ♻️ Thanks again for all your support, wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday 🌲 😊
So, I make my veggie stock from veggie scraps. I save the end bits of most veggies and freeze them until I have a full bag of scraps. Then I pour into a big pot and fill it with water, adding on bay leaf, tsp of salt and tsp of whole black pepper. I bring to a boil and let it simmer for 15mins. Bringing it to a boil takes a while (about 45 mins) as the veggie scraps are frozen and it’s a HUGE pot, so I don’t need to simmer it for long 💚 I like storing my veggie stock in two different ways, mostly because I don’t always need “1 Litre” for a recipe. So, normally, I’ll fill up one 1L and freeze it (I only fill it about 3/4 of the way as it will “expand” in the freezer). The second way I like to store my stock is by freezing it in a ice cube tray and placing it into a container once frozen. For me, one tray equals one cup, which is super handy when a recipe only calls for 1 or 2 cups of stock. It means I don’t have to defrost a whole litre to only use a fraction of it 😊 Are there any other ways you like to store your homemade stock? Do you make your own? I tell ya, it’s so cheap and easy! 🌏 #veggiestock #blah
I had a few questions about my go to recipe for my kombucha and if you slide to given a rough guide of what I use 🥃 I was really hesitant to make my kombucha at first, as I’ve heard some horror stories. But many batches later, I still haven’t had the need to get my stomach pumped! 😬 So far, I’ve made apple, apple and lemon, lemon and ginger, and orange. My favourite so far is apple and lemon. It also happens to be the most fizzy 🍺 It does take a long time to brew (as I made my own scoby as well), but overall it’s deceivingly easy and the actual process isn’t so long. Plus, it’s super duper cheap to make. Much cheaper than store bought! You just have to make sure you have clean jars and clean hands, and to only fill your bottle about 3/4 of the way when you carbonate so the glass doesn’t explode! 🤯 Kombucha is great for gut health and is low in sugar (as the bacteria eats up a lot of the sugar), but most importantly, it’s super tasty! 🤤 After you’ve created the mixture you’ll need to add the “scoby” and let it sit in a dark place for 3-7 days. The warmer it is the less you’ll have to wait. Don’t screw on the top, just wrap a cloth around it. Once the taste is how you like it, you can add fruit and screw the top on and let it carbonate for a couple of days. Then chill! I realise I’ll need to put up the recipe for this as it may sound a little more complicated than what it actually is - hopefully I’ll get some time over the Christmas break to put up the kombucha recipe along with that cracker recipe I’ve been going on about for the past month! I’ll also put some steps on how to make a scoby, it takes A LOT of time to grow a scoby, but the actual process is super short 🌏 Seriously, people will think you’re fancypants when you tell them you brewed your own kombucha, but it’s so easy! 🤟🏽 #fancypants #marthafuckingstewart #kombucha
I don’t like the way that I look. I figure most humans don’t (which is sad isn’t it?) Growing up brainy & sporty, but not really beautiful, I’ve always struggled with my face in photos 🌱 I know, I know. Grow a pair. Grow some confidence. Just take a freaking selfie won’t ya??? I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera. But through this medium, I’m trying to be, which is something I thought could never happen 🌱 I’ve already conquered listening to my own voice, but can I conquer seeing my own face?? That sounds weird, but surely you know what I mean? Photos tend to capture a “moment” posed or not posed & in that “moment” I don’t see me, I see all my flaws. I see how my eyes could be bigger or how my nose could be smaller or how my skin could be smoother. As much as I realise there’s no such thing as perfection, I expect perfection from myself. There’s self-improvement - growth - and there’s aimlessly wanting to reach an end goal that doesn’t exist. I think we all do this, we’re all a little too hard on ourselves because if we did this or this we would be happy, we would be perfect. But happiness is temporary, perfection is a facade 🌱 Now, a change of pace! I thought I’ll share one of my favourite books! I’ve read and reread this book about half a dozen times. It’s definitely not for everyone. If you like a little sarcastic dark humour you may enjoy it 😈 And a third wind 💨 These pants (& top) were gifted to me by @everlane & honestly, they fit me like a glove 😊 Being short & being a size Aus 6-8 (but having thighs larger than a 6-8) I have such a hard time finding pants that fit me properly. My thighs often feel like they being suffocated! Anywho, now it sounds like I’m trying to sell you something, but I’m genuinely so happy with these pants 😊😊I’ve been looking for a similar style for a couple of years but all of them never quite fit me the way I like. I actually have an affiliate link for them in my stories (roll eyes, sellout🖕🏼) but please only check them out if you need or really want a pair 💚 This post was everywhere in tone! Mostly, I wanted to show I didn’t wear my pjs to work 😳 😅
I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to have a “low” waste Christmas & to be honest this will be the first Christmas where I’ll be a little more mindful with my waste. That being said, my family isn’t huge on Christmas (I’m from an immigrant family). We rarely celebrated it & I’ve never believed in Santa Clause 😱 (#soz ) It was only until I met my partner that I started celebrating Christmas with his family 💚 I finally understood why people would get stressed over buying presents & what was once a quiet time of year for me, became a time of researching, stressing & paying for a whole load of presents 🌲 Fortunately, we stopped doing presents & started doing “Secret Santa” meaning we only had to buy 1 present. The gifts have been a lot better when we have a singular focus 🌱 The gift doesn’t have to be a “thing” it could be an experience (so wanky) or even time. My gifts normally include treating the person to their restaurant of choice or paying for a massage (that we would take together) or even babysitting for a few hours so that the parents can relax, or even have a date night. My Christmas gifts usually involves doing something together (hehe even if they don’t want to hang out with me!!) When I do give people tangible “gifts” it rarely ever falls on Christmas Day, it’s just a random day where I saw a thing I knew the person would love so I bought it for them. I didn’t wait for a certain day or event. I’ve done this a few times for my close friends, and they’re always genuinely surprised by the gesture. I also feel that’s a lot more special than a mandatory gift. Of course, this is just my opinion & understandably gift-giving for children would be a lot harder. Sorry, I don’t have any tips for parents 🌏 I mentioned last year my boss gifted his team half a day off (paid) for Xmas & he’s done the same this year. (How do I spend that half day, by going bulk food shopping on refill Tuesday of course! 👵🏼) To me that 4 hours is a little more special than for example, a box of chocolates - even if chocolates are super delicious! But I’ll never get more time. It’s my one and only non-renewable resource ✌🏽 #so #pretentious #ishoulddoamoreserioushashtag
This week is a week of leftovers, eating up leftover fruit and veg, and defrosting some meal preps from other weeks. I kinda like these weeks because it means I can be pretty lazy on the weekend and as an happy coincidence (not really), it normally always coincides with “that time of month” (aka the blood bath 😱). I’m never as productive during that week, so having extra frozen meal preps from previous weeks is super handy 💚 Today it’s mac and “cheeze” (contains no actual cheese, recipe on blog) with some mock bacon bits. It’s just in an insulated steel jar so it keeps the food warm 😊Tomorrow will be curry and the day after chilli con veggie! It’s a mix bag this week! 🌏 Leftover veggies have been made into a side salad and some ripe fruits were made into muffins. I had a whole bunch of bruised apples in the fridge which I made into apple sauce. Works great as an substitute for egg (in sweet baking)! ♻️ For drinks, again plenty of water during the warmer months but also some homemade kombucha. I don’t really drink soft drinks (sodas) but man I like kombucha! Once again, I just used apples. I find apples create the frizziest kombucha ✌🏽 There’s also some Loving Earth chocolate, cause you know, those truffle balls are delicious. I need to learn how to recreate it! This addiction could cost me an arm! 😳 #mealprep #blah #leftovers
As some of you may or may not know, my parents were refugees. They survived the Khmer Rouge & escaped Cambodia to Thailand. After a year or so living in the refugee camp, they were sponsored to live in Australia. So really…what I’m going to say next is biased because of my parents’ background, but you know, full disclosure! I just love supporting companies that help people out. This is the 3rd review of the ethical underwear series. Sorry, it’s been some time in between! 💚 @nisawomen is an ethical underwear brand made in New Zealand that employs former refugees who are women. They also use 100% certified organic cotton, which is a bonus ✌🏽 I’ve been wearing the bralette & undies for the last couple of weeks - that’s right - I’ve worn them non-stop for 2 weeks. Kidding, kidding! Obviously, I wore them back to front, inside out, upside down, before washing them, cause you know #lowwaste & all. Sorry, I’m kidding again! I’ve worn the undies & bralette an appropriate amount of time & have washed them in between each wear 😬 So…I’ll have the full review up on my blog shortly (I’m having some technical issues with WordPress😅😅), but the CliffsNotes version is they’re super comfortable. I definitely recommend their underwear (& you’ll be supporting a good cause as well). They were the first pair that fit me perfectly & weren’t too tight or too loose. The sizing seems true to size & doesn’t run big or small. I wore them on long walks & they were super comfortable. I wore them to bed & they were still super comfortable. One thing, I would say though is that the bralette doesn’t have too much support. So, if you have a big chest or even an average sized one you may not get the support that you need. For me, being a tiny-boobed human, I honestly don’t need that much support so this wasn’t an huge issue. Mostly, I found them super comfortable to wear at home, particularly when I was expecting visitors but didn’t want to wear an actual bra (‘cause bras are jails for the boobs)! ( . ) ( . ) Anywho, if you’re on the market & have a little dosh please check them out 💚 *Please note the bralette & underwear was gifted to me, but other than this post is not sponsored 🌏
It’s my day off, so no real case of Mondayitis today - although, I’ll probably get Tuesdayitis - plus I still need to prep my meals using all my leftover fruit and veggies. I may have gotten a little occupied with making a fancypants burger yesterday! 😳 💚 There’s something enjoyable about taking my time with breakfast, I’m so used to eating it on the go. Slowing down, everything just tastes that little bit sweeter. I even freshly grounded my coffee beans this morning!! 🌏 Also, I’m loving berries in my overnight oats 👌🏽 I get my berries technically “package-free” as I bring my own containers to the farmers markets and return their plastic ones straight away for them to reuse! ♻️ You’ll probably notice that the base of my overnight oats stay the same, it’s always: > flaxseed meal (good source of omega-3) > hemp seeds (good source of omega-3, and makes breakfast sound even fancier) > rolled oats > plant milk > shredded coconut > cinnamon (adds a little more sweetness without actually adding sugar) > natural nut butter 🍎 I’m always changing the types of fruit I have on it, and sometimes even experiment with buying fruits I’ve never had before. It just keeps the oats a little different so that I don’t get sick of eating the same thing day after day 🤢 Are you the type of person who can eat the same thing day after day? Or do you need to switch it up? 🥑 #breakfast
I may have went a little overboard with making my own buns, but it was worth it and I kinda didn’t want to go outside and buy them (or outside in general), so instead I stayed indoors on this beautiful sunny day and made some buns 😊 The buns are actually pretty quick to make, just lots of waiting around, probably only 10mins to mix and knead with an hour to proof. In the oven it takes about 30mins 🍔 The recipe yields about 5 buns: > 3 cups of plain white flour > 2 teaspoons of white sugar > 1 teaspoon of salt > 2 teaspoons of dry yeast > 1 tbsp of olive oil > 1 1/2 cup of warm water > sesame seeds to sprinkle on top 🍞 I mix and knead all ingredients (except seeds) until the dough comes together and the dough is slightly sticky to touch. It takes only 5 mins of kneading! 🥖 I proof for about an hour (make sure you leave it somewhere warm(ish) with a cloth on top. QLD is always warm, so it’s normally never an issue) and then brush some olive oil on top and sprinkle some seeds on top. Then bake, until golden brown and it sounds hallow when you tap it on top 🍔 It was the first time I tried @beyondmeat patty and I can definitely see why it’s popular. It was so good! I also added some crispy mock bacon and some chipotle mayo (ummm @naked.byron.foods is delicious!!!) and I finished this homemade burger in like 5 mins. And I had food on my nose and all over my mouth. This is why people can’t take me anywhere nice ♻️ #burger #homemade #bun
Yesterday I took a natural dye class, and it was really interesting seeing how fabric could be dyed with food scraps such as red onion skins & avocado seeds 🥑 To bind the fabric with the natural dye, aluminium sulphate was used, but you could use soy milk as an mordant as well! This will help the dye “stick” longer onto the fabric 💚 I found the class interesting because the colours you think you’ll get aren’t the colours you’ll get and sometimes, it’s a different colour completely depending on life stage of the plant. And I never thought to use onion or avocado skins to dye fabric! (The green fabric was from the avocado skin and the grey was from the avocado seed, although you could also get a pink out of the avocado seed as well) 🌏 We also used yellow flowers which actually did produce a earthy yellow colour! Which was probably my favourite. The process to dye was essentially soaking the fabric in the “mordant” for some time. And then boiling the desired plant and the fabric to dye the fabric ♻️ I find it so interesting to see how things are made behind the scenes, I found myself always respecting the process a little more 🌼 Oh and one of my natural dye prints turned out looking like butt cheeks and an arse crack, but you know, it’s an learning experience! 😳 #naturaldye #icantthinkofafunnyhashtag #naturaldyes #plants #foodscraps
It probably took a good year for me to give up meat. I used to eat it like 4-5 times a day. A meal wasn’t a meal without meat. And you know, veggie eaters aren’t common in my culture, my parents still think seafood and chicken is veggie friendly! But it’s almost been a year now since I gave up meat completely, a week before Christmas! Like most changes, I prefer to do them incrementally, step by step, bit by bit. I’m not a cold turkey type of person. I’m honestly so bad at making changes “overnight” 🌏 It’s been the same with eggs and dairy, it’s taken almost 7 months but I’ve reduced my consumption by 80-90% and I’ll continue on decreasing my consumption in the upcoming months. I felt bad for taking things slowly, because we don’t have time to smell the roses or for last place, but I realised this works best for me and I’m less likely to “fall of the bandwagon” if I slowly phase something in or out of my life. But everyone is different. My partner is an all or nothing type of human. He’ll go cold turkey. I choose not to. I think like any lifestyle change, do what is best for you 💚 Also, it’s funny, when I gave up meat, I thought I would miss steak or pork crackling but I honestly don’t really have cravings for that anymore. But one craving I can’t shake off is KFC, sometimes, it’s so all-consuming I have dreams about eating it!! Anywho, I finally found a veggie KFC substitute (in Brisbane) 😊! It was just a daily special @yavannaeat , so please keep it on the menu!! This hit the spot 🤤😋 What’s one craving you just can’t shake off?? ♻️ #kfc #notchicken #delicious #brisbaneeats #progressionnotperfection #brisbaneveganeats
I’ve been in a bit of a funk with my clothes. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve worn the same top to sleep and then worn it too work. It’s not that I don’t care it’s just because I’m tired and I’ve rarely looked in the mirror the last couple of weeks 😳 ♻️ This isn’t to say that clothes define you, or makes you pretty or that you should stare at yourself in the mirror all day, it’s just fashion has been a huge part of my life, particularly in my early twenties. And I definitely notice when I’m in a lull by what I’m wearing 💚 Back then it wasn’t exactly “healthy” and I went into soooo much debt for it (which I paid off a few years ago) but I realised there’s nothing wrong with throwing on a nice top that I haven’t worn to bed and putting on some pants (which aren’t sweatpants!). I kinda feel better for it 👗 I’ve been trying to put together my first ever summer capsule wardrobe, but the first round of choices were all “comfort” clothing, not my favourites but just clothes that say I don’t give a f**k (#sweatpantlife ) and I wanted to choose pieces that make me feel good, that feels a little special. So I’m still putting it together. But today, I’m not wearing a shirt I went to bed with! Small steps right??? 🌏 #suchanaturalpose #idontknowhowtopose #needtipsonhowtopose #summercapsule #capsulewardrobe
I thought I was really appreciative of having access to clean drinking water, then I went one week in a place where tap water wasn’t safe to drink. It was only a week, so not long at all, and I stayed longer in other places like Cambodia (2 months) where I lived off plastic water bottles everyday. It didn’t really bother me then. I was used to using plastic water bottles so not drinking tap water wasn’t really a problem. (Brushing my teeth with tap water was another issue! I had a cut on my lip that was actually healing then got infected while in Cambodia!!!) ♻️ This time though, I just realised (more than ever) how having drinkable tap water is (sadly) a “privilege” - and honestly, I think that word gets thrown around so much that it’s slowly starting to lose it’s impact or even its meaning, but clean drinking water really is amazing, convenient and I’m lucky to have access to it 😊 🌏 Ultimately, it just shows that reducing waste looks different for everyone and your circumstances do matter. It doesn’t have to be all white walls and mason jars. (Although my walls are technically beige) 😅 Also, please excuse any grime or mould around and in the sink. I thought about cleaning it for the photo but you know, Saturday is cleaning day. And any excuse to not clean, I’ll definitely use it! 😬 #tapwater #zerowasteirl #icantthinkofafunnyhashtag
There are a lot things I make from scratch, but tomato paste ain’t one of them! ✌🏽 I remember the first time I bought a whole jar of tomato paste, only to realise it would only last 3 days after opening! So, the whole lot of it went to waste because at the time I couldn’t really think of what to do with it. Then for a while, I bought a whole bunch of single serving tomato paste in those little plastic packaging because I wouldn’t have to worry about the paste spoiling 🌏 Of course, the answer was a lot more simple than I thought, and you’ve probably been doing this for years, but I’ve only started doing this a few months ago! 🍅 I still buy tomato paste, but in a glass bottle. (I reuse the glass bottle). And for any of the leftovers, I freeze into an ice tray. Just under 1 tbsp fits into a block/cube. Whenever, I need tomato paste I just pop in one or two cubes of frozen tomato paste. Works a treat! And almost no waste. (Please note after I freeze them in the ice cube tray I pop them out into an airtight container and keep it in the freezer) 😊 ✌🏽 Also, I still use plastic ice trays! I’ll upgrade to a stainless steel one once these break ♻️ #crazycheapasians #tomatopaste
This is kinda what I like to do on my days off. Shop for food! 💚 It’s a smaller haul as we still have some veggies to work through, but I swear sometimes I have to ration fruit because I could eat the lot of it in a day or two 🌏 The haul is almost package-free. I’ll definitely be reusing the glass jars 🍓 The berries I got “package-free” at the farmers market. I just bought my own containers & returned their plastic ones straight away for them reuse. There was also another lady buying berries who saw what I was doing & said that it was an wonderful idea! Sometimes, you don’t need to stamp your feet to be heard or seen 😊 There are a couple of delicious bagel shops in the city, the great thing is they’re package-free! We tend to get these as fancypants breakfast treats, maybe once a fortnight. (If you’re wondering it’s $10 for 6 bagels). I also got some @nuttybay cashew cheese. It’s a fancy luxury item, but so so delicious 🤤 🥯 This week definitely feels like a “luxury” haul! I treated myself to a whole FREAKING large jar of Loving Earth chocolate. It was too expensive & I’m embarrassed to tell you the price but damn it’s so good!!! I finished off a smaller jar of the same chocolate in like a day. As you probably noticed, the BLOOD BATH is coming! ☄️ I also bought some spices in bulk (nutmeg and cloves) so I could start making some gingerbread cookies. Thank-you so much for all the recipes you sent, I’m going to try to work my way through them and see which one turns out the best. These are my “cheapo” (but from the heart!!!) Christmas presents. We also do “Secret Santa” so that we don’t spend all of our time shopping for presents during Christmas. It’s so much easier and you can really focus on a great present! To sound all wanky, I try my best to gift “experiences” that I think the person would enjoy - last time I gifted a massage! Not me massaging them, that would be weird, but I pay someone else who does it for a living 🌲 Side note: last year my boss gifted us “time”. Instead of tangible presents he gave us a half a day off, paid. So, presents can be in the form of anything. And honestly “time” was a great present 😊 #groceryhaul #fancypants
One of the worst habits I have is eating breakfast on the go. I eat my overnight oats from a jar while sitting at a computer at work or while walking to the bus! 🍌 But on days I’m working from home or have a day off I like to take things a bit slower and eat from an actual bowl!! 🍚 I normally keep breakfast pretty simple: oats, flax seed meal, shredded coconut, a little cinnamon soaked with a nut milk overnight. Then I top off with two different types of fruit, hemp seeds and a nut butter 😋 This time I topped off with some blueberries I froze, which feels a little like sorbet! And they’re so cooling in this summer heat. The berries were technically bought package-free. I brought my own containers and poured the fresh berries into them. And returned the plastic containers to the farmer straight away for them to reuse ✌🏽 Also my breakfast only looks this well-presented for Instagram. Normally, I just throw everything on!!! 😬 Do you have a go-to breakfast? 🥞 #breakfast #imhungry
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