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Success! I didn’t trip and fall onto my friend’s butt! 🍑 The view from the top was honestly better in real life 😌 #doyouevenhikebro
Attempting another hike today. But hoping it won’t be a disaster this time! ♻️ What I’m be bringing: > water bottles > coffee cup (‘cause I’ll definitely be needing coffee if I’m waking up 3am! It’ll also act as my compost caddy for my fruit scraps) > sunscreen (it becomes in a metal tin!) > bandaids > cutlery and napkin 🌏 It’s a shorter hike so for snacks I’m just bringing trusty old fruit! 🍏 Let’s hope I don’t trip and fall onto my friend’s butt like last time!!! 😅 One of my New Years resolutions was to hike more this year (although technically started the resolution in November)! How are your resolutions going? What has stuck? What hasn’t stuck? Have you ever accidentally tripped and fallen onto your friend’s butt? 🍑
On the 25th of February, I’ll be participating in the Live Below The Line 💚 I realise how lucky I am and while this challenge is only for 5 days and only in regards to food, I know it will be an eye-opening experience 💚 I plan on writing (& filming) about my very short journey in hope that it can spread some awareness 💚 Accepting this challenge does not mean that I will be "living" below the line in a real-world type way - I'll still have access to clean water, working plumbing, shelter and it is only for 5 days. But I hope this will help me understand the importance of money, straight down to the cent 💚 You'll see me create 3 meals a day for 5 days under $10 (total). This is not a low waste challenge, I'm fully aware that bulk foods stores where I live are not cheaper 💚 Things I'll be including in the challenge but not in the $10: tap water, salt and pepper. So...that means I’ll be going without coffee for a week. And I tells ya. I LOVE coffee. I also, won’t be going out for dinner, shopping or anything like that (honestly, that’s not the hard part). I will still have to go to work though! So, I’m not including public transport costs in the challenge! 💚 If you can support those in need by donating that will be great. I’ve donated $50 to show my commitment and hope to raise $2000! (Is that even possible???) I have the link in my bio! I hope you’ll enjoy reading and watching me complete this challenge while also finding it an eye opening experience 💚 #livebelowtheline #pleasedonateifyoucan
Oh, I was planning on doing my grocery shopping on the weekend, but decided to go and buy some fruit and veggies yesterday (mostly because we’re out of bananas and this girl eats bananas I was completely unprepared for this shop! 😅 No worries, I’ll just be that annoying customer who purchases everything loose and asks for any spare cardboard fruit boxes at the back! ♻️ All of this was $30!!!! Local Asian grocers for the win 🥳 #imoneofthoseannoyingpeople
I used to use coconut oil to moisturise my skin but found it kinda broke my skin out. But for some reason, I would still use coconut oil to remove my makeup! Even though I don’t wear makeup often, my face always felt kinda “clogged” in the morning 🍕 I’ve been using jojoba oil to moisturise my skin for awhile now (on parts of my face prone to break outs & on the parts prone to psoriasis I use rosehip oil), and it’s honestly feels so much lighter than coconut oil. I don’t have perfect skin or even great skin, and it’s not the type of skin that can use any old products on. The older I get the more I realise what works best for me. And it does mean that I’m a little more picky, which I don’t necessarily believe is a bad thing. Of course, every skin is different and my skin will change in future, but for now I’ve found this has been really effective & it also moisturises my skin so as well 🌏 I just use reusable cotton squares, which I made from an old towel, to remove my makeup and it does such a good job. Better than an disposable cotton ball 😬 💚 #peopleusedtocallmepizzaface #damnthatgotreal #dontworrybehappy #makeupremover
Homemade tofu ✌🏽 I changed up the recipe a little so that it isn’t so labour intensive. Now I just soak the soybeans overnight, blend and strain! I bring to a boil and slowly add the cold lemon water (or apple cider vinegar) to curdle the soy milk. For a step by step guide I’ve placed the recipe on my blog! 😬 I realise I definitely prefer the taste and texture of homemade tofu, even if it’s still a little bit of work. BUT it’s super simple! 😊 ♻️ #marthafuckingstewart #notreally
To cut one’s bangs or to not but one’s bangs, that is is the question: whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer a bad haircut. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortunate. Or to take arms against the thick sea of hair. And agreeing to cut them. To cut my own bangs - only to regret my decision afterwards? ♻️ Also, I took like 30 photos of myself in this position. All of them exactly the same, but in my eyes vastly different! I’ll get this posing business right eventually!! 😅 #iwillprobablyregretcuttingmyownbangs #crazyfrugalasians #otd
I finally have another recipe up! 😅 The chilli con veggie recipe is up on my blog (link in bio) 🌏 Gosh, is this my shortest caption ever???? ♻️ Could I ramble on??? 🥬 Maybe. 💩 Will I? Well, yes. 🍑 😬 #periodbrain
Do you “need” bamboo cutlery? Chances are no, but they’re super handy for travelling, particularly going through airport security 🌏 For a while there I was just using the stainless steel cutlery I had at home, but a I purchased bamboo ones (maybe 8 months ago) to take onto the plane (I only take carry-on) as stainless steel forks and knives seem to be a no-no. (I’ve had my stainless steel ones taken away from me)! 🌏 ✈️ I have to say, they’ve been SUPER useful on my trips and I’m glad I’ve brought these along. Plus they’re light to carry around, making it easy for everyday use 👌🏽 I know it isn’t perfect. The spoon doesn’t scoop like the metal spoon scoops and the fork could fork harder (mmm...that sounds...anyway) I’ve found so much use out of them. Most, importantly, I haven’t had any issues with airport security and I haven’t had the need to use single-use cutlery. But do you need them? It’s a choice of course, do what is best for you and your own circumstance 💚 ♻️ 🌏 I also understand that travelling is definitely not eco-friendly, but it brings me tremendous joy. And what is life without a little bit of joy? 🌏 #sparkjoy #butdontfoldclothes #bamboo #stainlesssteel #travel
If you’ve followed me long enough you’ve probably know too much about my period & how my cycle is! 😳 When I was younger, I was so ashamed of my period that I actually hid it from my mum for quite some time when I first started bleeding. Eventually, she noticed the pads quickly disappearing when we started syncing up - in an household of 3 bleeding humans (not 2)! 💚 Even as I got older I was still so ashamed about it that every time I needed to change my pads I would slowly take out one out of my bag & try to hide it between some books before sliding it into my pocket at school. It’s kinda like the idea that women don’t 💩 & 💨 (& I don’t cause I’m a lady...kidding! I’m not a lady) 💁🏻‍♀️ I honestly don’t know when that triggered switched. When I became so comfortable talking about my period. Now, I can’t shut up about it!! (Soz) ♻️ Ever since I started using reusable alternatives, I know I’ve definitely spoken about it a lot more - even to my co-workers (& I talk almost 24/7 about my period to my partner! Soz. Again!) 🌏 I hope that young humans aren’t embarrassed about their bleeding cycles as I was when I was younger. I was so embarrassed by it as I felt the whole bleeding process was somehow unnatural & dirty. It isn’t. Although, it still can get a little messy 🌏 So...this is kinda what I do on my periods - which are 7 days long (😑) For the first 2 to 3 days I like to “double bag” and use an menstrual cup & some period underwear, as those first few days are super heavy. I normally just wear the period underwear on light days (& sometimes medium days), mostly when the cup doesn’t want to play nice. And yes! Even after a year or so, I still occasionally have issues inserting the cup & taking it out. But most months it’s super easy, other months, it’s like I’m digging for gold in some dusty old mine 😳 Reusables ain’t all sunshine & lolly pops, but for me, they’re honestly so much better than the disposable options, in particular pads (I’ve never used tampons), mostly because my periods are 7 days long & in the heat & humidity of Brisbane I used to get a diaper-like rash “down there” (aka vagina). Now, I don’t! That’s win! 🥳 #menstruationlife
Still unsure how to pose without a beverage in my hand, but I’m getting there! Maybe! 🙃 Feeling a bit blah today (admittedly the last few days), so I forced myself to go for a walk and have a little day out and even wear a dress 😱 As much as I dislike getting out and about when I’m in a mood, I do feel so much better when I’m active. And this is coming from a person who despises exercising! 🤢 Later tonight, I’m going to start watching the Indiana Jones series as suggested by so many people! I’ve only seen the 4th and didn’t like it so much, but I obviously started with the wrong one! That’s how I part-tay on a Saturday night 🥳 😬 How do you get out of a funk? And what works best for you? #bleedinghuman 💚 Edit: oh dear. I can’t do a selfie photo right. There’s a big piece of white fluff in my hair!!!
These were some of the first “low waste” products I upgraded to when my plastic sponges fell to pieces. The plastic sponges probably lasted about ONE month before smelling and attracting mould. This is my second circular scrubber and for about 4 months now and it’s still going strong! Plus at the end of it’s life I can place it in the compost! ♻️ 💚 That being said, the scrubber isn’t perfect - it doesn’t fit into all of our mugs so that’s where the bottle brush comes in handy. But I was still hoping for something that was a little bit more flexible so I bought the coconut sponge a while back. I have to say I’m not a fan of it, and rarely ever use it for dishes (too much food gets stuck it in). But its works well for cleaning up the bathroom - although a rag could do the job just as well ✌🏽 🌏 Another thing I switched to was tea towels and rags instead of paper towels. We seriously had a paper towel problem! And would go through them weekly. It’s crazy to think that our rubbish mostly contained bags and bags of used paper towels. My partner will still occasionally use them (and put them in the compost after each use), but for the most part we made the switch! We have heaps of small rags and tea towels around so we can kinda treat them like “paper towels” but instead of throwing them away, we throw them into a washing basket to be washed at the end of the week ✌🏽 🌏 It’s easy to say a lower waste life is more expensive, and in some aspects it is (unfortunately), but there are also other ways where it’s also cheaper. And hey, saving a buck here and there is also awesome! ♻️ 🌳 💰 What low waste swap has saved you the most money? A water bottle perhaps? A menstrual cup? Packed lunches? 😊 #crazyfrugalasians #washingupstillisntfun
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