Shigim Shahera

Nobody can save you from what goes on in your head

Take a good look at the people who won’t allow me to wallow in sadness. They never fail to throw a celebration on the one day I was born regardless how bad I don’t want to. Really, like where do these people come from? Love yous! Sorry @bendaderien , the photo with you in it didn’t make us look appealing.
Haih, 27. Blegh
Thank you to these usual suspects for always ensuring the best venue, food & company during my day, every year & 2018 was no different. Yall know how i like meself a good venue. Thanks especially for sticking around in this world where everyone leaves. Just know you all are the reason I keep going ❤️ I appreciate my people here, love yous.
C’mon, ya dig me
Honne 🙌🏼 surpassed all expectations
I wove you ❤️ She knows too much for me to let her go
Goodvibes Festival 2018. All for you ultimately, Honne 🙏🏻
To the ones who don’t stop trying ❤️
GoodVibes Festival 🙏🏻
Pre-birthday staycation for the girl who needs some storms to go away, even if just for a night. The place where we forget about the world, for awhile ☁️
I don’t get life anymore.
Happy Mothers Day, Mummy. You’re the funniest middle aged woman who raised us to be somewhat less mediocre than we’d like to believe, more grounded but not too naive. You’ve done a great job, and we love you 💕 Sorry if we get a little crazy at times, we got it from you after all.
My Saturday morning
🌻 what an utter disappointment, it really doesn’t come by easily does it
Don’t start something you can’t finish.
Thank you for never allowing me to make myself feel forgotten
How dare you take her away from us, Farid 🤺
My childhood friend, @azaelea is now booked! Someone got herself a fiancé! All those night talks has led to this, love. Genuinely happy you found “him” ❤️ Sidenote, you win @frdrsli
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