“No.” Is a complete sentence. It doesn’t require justification or an explanation. 🗣 • • Step into your #shethority 💪 What have you said no to? • • 📸 @flowery.feminists #meetshethority #womensempowerment #girlpower
Believe✨ Have confidence and faith in your girl power 💥 • • “If there is something you want to do, do it:  like moving to a city you’ve always dreamed about, even if it means working 3 part-time jobs just to get (and stay) there. The world is waiting for you – you just have to show up.” •Be fearless •Be friendly •Believe in yourself -Julie Reading 📝 • • Believing takes practice, never give up on your daydream ☁️💫 📸 @lauriane_thurinbjj #GRLPOWER #shethority #meetshethority #believe #faith #inspiration #ambition
•Change• the act or instance of creating something different or becoming different. Examples of change: •career •thought process •lifestyle •location •relationships “Go quit your job” “It was a phone call that would forever change my life- and it came at the last possible minute.” -Natalie Abrams💡 • • “Stepping onto a brand new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.” - Maya Angelou 🌀 Are you willing to accept change in order to grow in a positive direction ? #mondaymotivation #growth #career #change #inspiration #believe #womensempowerment #meetshethority ❤️
SatHERday • Self-love -regard for one's own well-being and happiness 💕 Love yourself today, and everyday. • • • “The most important change I’ve made is how I talk to myself. Now I look at my thighs, and I celebrate them. I say “I love you guys. You help me walk, you fill my pants up.” - @sheisdash 📸 @womenshealthmag ••• Comment ❤️🔋 for self love and body positivity #shethority #meetshethority #wellness #positivity #health #inspiration #womensempowerment #bodypositive
@shloeratti ‘Bites the Bullet’ for @bitethebulletstories to tear down walls about gender stereotypes and stigmas…”Growing up as non-straight, gender non-conforming in a small, conservative town in Italy was a challenge. To be fair, I didn’t realize I was more than XX on the gender spectrum until last year. It was like every missing piece in my childhood had suddenly clicked. I remember when I would look at myself and think, “There is something wrong with my body” or “Something is missing” I’d feel a deep anguish, upset and incomplete. Then I’d feel absolutely fine the day after. It’s not something a child can easily understand, especially without knowing that transgender people existed. I repressed my feelings and labeled them crazy. I pushed that part so deeply in the back of my mind that, in those days where I was feeling male, I would force myself to act, dress and be more feminine. To prove to the world and myself I was not crazy. It’s like I had been playing with a Shape Sorter my whole life, trying to fit my block in one of the toy’s holes and never managing to get the right shaped hole. Last year was when I realized there was nothing wrong with me. I saw a character in a show and realized they were non-binary. A world opened. The Shape Sorter had a new hole, and my block fit right in. Since I came out as genderfluid, every day is a surprise and new challenge. Who I am and what I should look like to match what society expects of me has been a journey that’s brought self-discovery and self-acceptance. Learning to love my body as a male is helping me appreciate parts of me that society labels as flaws in the female body. The love I am learning to give myself as male should be the same love that I should be giving myself as female: I am as much deserving of love as a woman as I am as a man. If on my female days I want to leave the house with hairy legs, so be it. If on my male days I want to wear a dress over my binder and pin a flower to my hair... honey, you watch me do it.” 📸 @farrahaviva #bitethebulletstories #genderfluid #shethority #lgbt #lgbtq
Wishing South Africa a happy National Women’s day! • On August 9 of 1956, more than 20,000 South African women of ALL races marched in protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban areas act of 1950. • History has it- Together we can make a difference, together we can create change ! ❤️#nationalwomensday #support #empowerment #growth #change
Support systems 🤝 •Friends •Family •Co-workers •Peers Etc.. a network of people who provide practical or emotional support 💪🏻 Have you developed a support system? Who and/or what do you support? 💕 #shethority #meetshethority #support #wellness #wellbeing #womensempowerment
Self-confidence 🗝 A feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment. What are you confident about?🔋👑 #grlpwr #confidence #shethority #meetshethority #growth #mindfulness @supergirl_arrowverse
Have you read our story in @vogueindia ? 👀 🌏 Comment what you think!
"💪🏽She needed a hero and that's what she became" @marlenegon95 #SHETHORITY @shethority #meetshethority
Things don’t always go as planned and we got to roll with the punches. And you do the best you can and then you just laugh about it. This community is so important to me, so THANK YOU for being a part of it, and thank you for being patient. I can’t wait to see what we can all continue to build together. ❤️ - @caitylotz @shethority #meetshethority
‘The Skin I’m In’ article by @maisiersellers is now LIVE on! It looks at my personal journey of piecing together my identity as a mixed race child, and why exposure and positive diverse representation are so important. Take a read and let me know your thoughts! #meetshethority
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