Shane Dawson

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Getting ready for my return. #yearoftherobe
making things for 2019 👀🔺
I’m finally the smaller one in the relationship 😍
my natural habitat
When you know there’s tea, and you want the tea, but you decide the teas just too hot.
when i was a kid my dream was to grow up and have a golf cart. I can’t really explain why and i know it’s kinda dumb but i’m so excited to drive around and have my future farm animals chase me. :,) I’m so excited about everything right now and i just feel really lucky to have people i love, a job i love, and my new farm home i love. Oh, and a robe i never ever wanna take off. I’m a happy dad! 🧔❤️
first week in my new place has been perfect ❤️
last night we ate pie like it was pizza and drank shots out of tea cups. it was the perfect thanksgiving ❤️
I’m thankful that someone found actual video evidence of me running to find a bathroom when my hemmhorid pad slipped. I’m also thankful for family, friends, and you guys...but mostly for this video existing. #happythanksgivng
I don’t know which one of you took this or how it ended up in my tagged photos but I remember this moment very clearly. It was at this moment when my hemorrhoid pad slipped out of my anal cavity and started sliding down my pant leg so I was running to find a bathroom so I didn’t leave a feces covered wad of toilet paper on the sidewalk in front of the Gucci store. #thankful
i got a haircut and i’m in the wilderness. Both of these things are not normal for me.
We’re in!!!! :,) 🙏🏻❤️
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