Shane Dawson

New Series - “The Mind of Jake Paul” - Binge all 8 Episodes now!

I’m just trying to live my life.
how my break is going
The Mind of Jake Paul - Binge full 8 Episodes up now - Link in Bio
the end is near! AHHHH!!! 😭🤯😱 (also part 7 link in bio)
Finally an accurate representation of me on a shirt. 😎🌯🗑
thank u @joeygraceffa for my weekend plans! go buy this book!!
#happynationalboyfriendday you’re my best friend and also hurting my back. but i love u. ❤️ :,)
The Mind of Jake Paul - Extended Trailer - Link In Bio to see the full 2 minute version
no sleep till 9.25 ☕️👊🏻
this looks like it was sneakily taken at my funeral. 😇⚰️
The Mind of Jake Paul - 9.25.18
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