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My tune “the Shadow” played in 5/4 on an 8 string 🖤 _ Didn’t touch those two lowest strings, although they do add some ambience with their sympathetic resonance ✨ _ #pickup100k #pickupjazz #ibanezguitars #8string #ibanez @officialibanezguitars
i 🖤 storms 🌊🌧⚡️
“Thank you @shanebarnesmusic for helping me make #naptime a little easier 👶🏽” _ @masstah ☝️ _ Thank you for sharing this brother, it really made my day! 🙏✨❤️
Tip of the hat here to a legendary jazz musician - can you guess who? 🎺 _ A little theme & variation over @rotemsivanguitar song “Knives B” from his brand new album “My Favourite Monster” 😈 _ #PickUpRotem 🔥🔥🔥
get 20% off my @pickup____ masterclass👇 _ Fall Sale 🍁 _ Use the code pickupFALL 🚀 _ Link in bio☝️ _ This code will also work for all @pickup____ masterclasses by myself @rotemsivanguitar @nicholasveinoglou @beneunsonmusic and @samblakelock 🔥🔥🔥 _ offer ends this Sunday 2nd September 🗓
solid sunglasses tan☝️
Check out the last two vids I posted 📲 _ This is another variation of an interesting pattern I found, just changed the notes to imply a different sound ✨
Less think, more do
I 💙 patterns
Where did this sound come from?👇 _ I often wonder that while I’m uncovering a phrase that ends up sounding pretty cool 🖤 _ This one was extracted from a stretch 2 note per string arpeggio pattern, which was inspired by @beneunsonmusic 🔥 _ The overall phrase and intervallic structure is most likely a result of recently listening to the interesting lead patterns played by @fredrik_thordendal of @meshuggahband ✨ _ #pickupjazz #alternativeguitar #guitarlicks #leadguitar #jazzhands
@beneunsonmusic released his @pickup____ masterclass 🔥🔥🔥 _ Ben walks you through a bunch of fundamental concepts & techniques he uses for navigating the fretboard when improvising, shows you how to practise them and includes a number of original compositions for you to learn 🌊 _ This little gem☝️is an original of his named ‘August Moon’ 💎 _ I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting a solid introduction to some modern jazz guitar improvisational concepts/techniques 👍 _ Go check his page for the link 🔗📲
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