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1 year of happiness , with Swachh Pune Swachh bharat ❤❤
Guys pls surely leave a comment about what you feel.😊 A small attempt.. Hugs are the best. They make us feel best.. like most secure safe and loved person on the surface of the world..n for a person like me who loves hugs it's heaven. No matter who it is .. he or she they are gonna make u feel good. And it's a pure form of love between two or more people. It's just how someone with there small gesture can make you feel best and there's nothing wrong in hugging people around you just be sure they don't take advantage of you . The way they comfort you when ur going through the worst and the way they be Happy when u have the best of days.. it's magical. The comfort makes us feel yes they are there for me through my bad days.. and while our good days know that there are your people with whom u can certainly celebrate your happiness... And that's why I just love hugs...😻😊 #hugs #lovehugs #randomthoughts #f_r_i_e_n_d_s #friends #❤😻
A simple smile and hell lot of confidence ❤🔫🙂 #instasnaps #snap #snapchat #filters #janmapasunsingle 😸
Want this type irl M gonna tag u in memes We have to hangout every day U should be cool with my cursing Should love dank memes Reply me back instantly when u r ol and Same m gonna do for u..... And remember I'll be there for you.. Coz u are there for me too. N all my online friends (n my memers)you are the best ❤ u seriously are.
Ayyy meethi chori... Happy Birthday😂😝😘🎂🎂🎂 god blast u...Asech denk Mimi banvat raha😁😁😁 and aamhala hasvat raha .. god blast u Aarya Babar 😂😂😂 @being__savage @denkmimi_baesharm @happyb.day_aarya #ayy #meethichori #afteracoustics #babechabirthday #babekabirthday #king #denkmimi #dankmemes #dankmememaker #memer #dankmemer #happybirthday #hbd
Who says people from two different states , cultures cannot be best friends.. I mean just look at us Innocent bestestttt friend I ever have❤ love u nehaaaa❤❤❤❤❤❤ #bff #mylove #bestgirl #schoolreunion
Yayyy... Swachh Pune Swachh Bharath's recognition in todays function as part of India Hoga Clean Network18 Event.The Proud Punekars.Thaks to all the volunteers & Partners as part of our Journey. @aviator68puneet @anujakdahikane received the recognition on behalf of team😻😻 Congrats @swachh_pune 😻😻❤ Special Thanks to all team member's Spouses , girl friends, boy friends, family members who lets us do what we are passionate Under cheif Inspiration officer.😁 #proud #spsb #puneriabhimaan #cnn18 #network18 #proudpunekars #iradakarliyahumne #swachhbharatkairada #journey #sunday #sundaymorning ❤❤
Got an opportunity to speak on stage of Nelda... @spsbtara17 got nominated while @jeevitnadi_lrf got recognition 😻😻😻 #shortheightproblems #spsbtara #jnlrf #nelda #neldarecognitions
It's that time of the year again! You are cordially invited to the Second Annual Nelda Recognitions! Event details are in the picture attached. Nelda is going to recognise 18 NGOs from 5+ categories with over 80+ NGOs being nominated! It'll be a great evening where people from non-profit, government and public are coming together. Agenda: 1. Welcome by Shubham & opening by the Chief Guest 2. Recognising 18 NGOs with each being given 2 minutes to talk about their story. 3. Thanksgiving & ending by Vedarth 4. Official picture/byte of each nominated NGO & Networking This event will also have sections relating to the Nelda's journey, Jeevit Nadi, free saplings & NGO/Volunteer registrations. Event to be also attended by: Mrs. Mukta Tilak, Honourable Mayor of Pune Shri. Mangesh Dighe, Honourable Environment Officer, PMC Shri. Prabhakar Bhosale, Maha Government Vishesh Karyakari Adhikari Shri. Rajesh Pote, Corporator, PMC Shri. Nitin Raut, Bharat Forge, Technical Head Dr. Sanjay Pawar, Jahangir Hospital, Neurosurgeon & many more, yet to receive confirmations. Please share this invitation with your network. We are waiting for you on 24th 😀 #spsb #spsbtara #invitation #nelda #recognitions #neldarecognitions .
Excited to watch 18 NGOs from these getting recognised at the Second Annual Nelda Recognitions? Join us this Sunday, 5.30 pm at Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Happ, Camp, Pune!
Hey fonsi 😚😚
Thnx for posting n not just keeping it on story😁😀😘😂😂😂😂😂 N those words describe me well
ATTENTION Fellas!☺ Captain needs crew for taking efforts to clean pune and hence India ... Ship SPSB Tara waits for its crew...😀 We will start with Sinhgad Road first.. Do spread word that the captain is on hunt of youth (fountain of enthusiasm and wish of doing something good) Ps. Youth is anyone who still wishes to volunteer for Social cause. Dm on fb / insta : spsbtara  Thnx Tanmayi Shinde (Volunteer)
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