Artist Doing everything with just MERAKI✨

Me and bulldog🕶
Your hair is the best part of this frame @ranjanchandel ! PC: @khamkhaphotoartist ❤️
Hayeeeee kitte cute hain na hum😍🙈 Haina?? @khamkhaphotoartist PC: @piyushputy
Late! But teaser today on 11:30. Will share the link in 5 minutes. Stay tuned:)
Late but yea, happy Ganesh Chaturthi people! Let there be love and light ❤️😘
My all time imperfect pout😬 PS: I tried hard winking with one eye open😛
💯 percent kaadhal teaser out. Go check it!
Direction and camera placement: @shalzp Model credits: me😬 Shot by: @ranjanchandel (happy?)
And, we are working towards something magical. #shootdiaries PC: @khamkhaphotoartist
While on shoot today❤️ #whenyourdirectorissuperdramatic PC: @aashna_singh 😘
Now this is what is called independence:) The long battle that the LGBTQ community of India has fought has finally come to a happy end. The verdict which came out on Thursday, has offered relief to the Lesbians and Gay community of the country. In a landmark judgement, Supreme Court struck down the Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalised homosexuality in India. PS: LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL. IN ALL ITS FORMS❤️ Congratulations to all my brave lovers out there🤗
Yes, you!
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