Kathryn Smith

Visual/forensic artist, PhD researcher at LJMU Face Lab. Soft eyes/hard ears/light touch. Poisoned Pasts project:

En route to @UniofOxford as a guest of @oxford_anthro @gemmellibean to talk ‘Impossible Representations: counter-forensics, curatorship & visuality’ as part of the Visual, Material & Museum Anthropologies seminar series. Come through, 13.00-14.00! You’ll also get a wee preview of our new book chapter about the @nelsonmandelafoundationsa #poisonedpasts exhibition in the just-published ‘Chemical Bodies: The Techno-Politics of Control’. #poisonedpasts is currently on view at #Ditsong Cultural History Museum in #Pretoria . Apparently our chapter will be #openaccess so no need to take out a mortgage for these obstructive academic book prices 🙄 Link to book:
Actually in Liverpool tonight #amhere #johnwaters #thisfilthyworld #homotopiafest #filth
#Repost @artsletterspress with @get_repost ・・・ On a chilly November day, it is lovely to imagine relaxing on a beach with a good book! Meet art + reading contributor, Kathryn Smith @serialworks , pictured here reading Janet Malcolm’s “Forty-one False Starts: Essays on Artists and Writers” in Santander, Spain. A South African-born visual artist, writer, and curator, Kathryn is currently based in Liverpool, UK completing a PhD in forensic art at Face Lab, Liverpool John Moores University. On reading Malcolm, Kathryn remarks: “Janet Malcolm’s most famous line, which opens her masterwork ‘The Journalist and the Murderer’, has come to define her: “Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself [sic] to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible.” I have read this statement countless times, and each time it stops me short. Does she really mean that? As a universal truth? What is it to recognize this but to do the work anyway? My abiding interest is in forensic cultures, which I approach as the business of truth-making through close looking, and truth-telling through ventriloquism. Malcolm possesses the journalistic equivalent of x-ray vision from which no one, not even she, is safe. And her style mirrors this like water on glass - the view is clear, but just slightly refracted; destabilising. When she turns this incisive gaze to her encounters with artists and writers, the result is a new kind of socio-cultural accounting, free from the burdens of conventional art history or literary criticism and that much more illuminating. I tore through this book; and will return to it frequently.” Check out Kathryn’s personal poetic reflection on psychogeography and reading the British landscape through the traumatic lens of violent crime in her essay “Here is There [unexpected transpositions]” in Issue 1 “Rupture” of art + reading (Autumn 2018). Photo: #christiannerf
Come work with us in @facelabljmu If you’re into interdisciplinary face-based research & practice, this is for you 💀🕵🏽‍♀️😶🙌🏽
For my Texan friends: On a suburban corner in Johannesburg, a bit of the Lone Star State in Africa #texasbiltong #biltongbeatsjerkynocontest #keepitreal #vegansbeware #suburbanoddities #cornershop
A quiet & utterly content morning spent at Satan’s Coffee in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, an extraordinary fusion of the *most legit* coffee & Japanese food with a tiny Spanish twist. In their words, ‘No Bullshit, No Decaf, No WiFi, No Vanilla, No Fun for Children, Fuck Yelp, Fuck Tripadvisor’. We all clear on the rules? Good. Come here, your life will be improved. The extraordinary salt-beef (more like super-soft biltong) with Fukujinzuke on a brioche door-step was followed by banana bread with yoghurt & lime zest, but we tucked into that too fast for a picture. So just imagine the glory. #coffee #barcelona #satanscoffee #spanishjapanese #excellentplaylist #satiation
Thanks for the mention @blackheartpress , hope you enjoyed the panel 💀
A view from this morning’s #impact10 panel on Reading As Material Practice, chaired by @jenn_rose_law with fellow panelists #barbarabalfour & #penelopestewart , across the cover of Jenn & Penelope’s elegant new journal #art +reading, which sold like hot cakes to our lovely audience. My weird little illustrated essay ‘Here is There [unexpected transpositions]’ was commissioned for this edition & was treated so generously by insightful editors who gathered up such fine contributors to keep it company 📚🔍📝🖤🔥@clivevandenberg @pennysiopis and many others....
In #Santander , where the pavements carry you uphill #upwardlymobile #howconsiderate
After too many years hanging around universities & academic conferences, I’m doing my first scientific poster presentation at the #IAI2018 in San Antonio next week. You’d think as a visually-trained person, this wouldn’t be that hard, but scientific posters remain a mystery to me. They are not a Thing in the arts/humanities (though they should be) But printing large-format at @ljmuarts is an unfettered joy! #smooooooth #learningcurve #postervirgin #sendhelp #unpublishedwork #forensicart #sharingresearch #bekind
#tbt one day late... SIX years ago?! A lifetime & only yesterday. A tribe got me to this point & beyond, and this project found new leads & new caretakers. So much more to do, hours of interview footage yet to be shaped, so much story still to be told. Maybe once this PhD is done, we can revisit this? It’s absolutely not finished...@biancawoest @rahlax @lornaj.martin @bigtimestudios @linusmcc_photo @jenn_rose_law #christiannerf #SAPS #NationalArchives #BenoniCemetery @galleryaop @goodman_gallery 🙌🏽Thank you all.
Perfect little summer open water swim, thanks @birdylovesrobot 🖤#swimlove #halfamile #bliss #boundaryparklake #allostock
Some details from #PoisonedPasts poster exhibition currently up at #SSHM2018 hosted at the University of Liverpool. I’ll be there between 12.30-13.30 each day in the exhibitor’s area in the Central Teaching Hub, so come say hi 👋🏽 Link to exhibition guide in bio & full archive of exhibition films on Vimeo #poisonedpasts
If you are interested in the role that chemical & biowarfare played in recent South African history & its legacies in the present, including how such substances are managed (or not) through international conventions, and how scientists came to be involved in questionable (harmful) research, come & visit a ‘nutshell’ poster-based version of the ‘Poisoned Pasts’ at #SSHM2018 hosted at the University of Liverpool. I’ll be there between 12.30-13.30 each day in the exhibitor’s area in the Central Teaching Hub, so come say hi 👋🏽 Link to exhibition guide in bio & full archive of exhibition films on Vimeo #poisonedpasts
Witty logo for the Society for the Social History of Medicine conference at #UniversityofLiverpool starting today through Friday. I’m presenting a ‘nutshell’ poster-based version of the #PoisonedPasts exhibition, so come say hi between 12.30-13.30 each day in the exhibitor’s area in Central Teaching Hub. Link to exhibition guide in bio
Where the remains of #Liverpool were dumped after the Blitz #bestbeach #littoralloveaffair #totheshore #somanytreasures
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