⚠️James Rogers⚠️

💕Sarah Liberty Rogers (5m.old)💕 Married to my Spangley Golden Boy 💍🖤@american_capsicle 🖤💍 ты не можешь избавиться от меня. —— [DM for LIT RP]

We’re going to fight and argue and yell. I’m probably always going to be the reason it escalates but even if we go to bed angry or upset with each other. The next day is brand new. We’ll go out on a date or stay home and relax. We’ll be okay. We love each other too much not to be okay.
It started out good. Then went bad. Got a bit better. Fell apart again. Now it’s alright again. We’re okay.
Toe beans
It’s cold and I want to drown
A Sweet
He spoils me 😍
I’m still kinda fucked up.
Whoops 🤷🏻‍♂️
I’m so pissed off
Tie me up and bend me over
Whatcha doin~?
Wet 👅👅
Steve as a puppy- Golden Retriever. Enjoys tearing up toilet paper. Never leaned how to bark correctly. Jumps in puddles to get a bath.
1) @american_capsicle we need her 2) I need to get my Eiffle Tower tattoo removed but like??? Meh? I got it for a reason and that reason is still half valid. So.
Btw this is Steve holding Sarah like five hours after she was born. I’m not crying.... the onions... are too close... oh shit I should start dinner
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