Selena Gomez Updates

Moh🇱🇧 @ifuckingsinglive is backup

According to MusicMafia, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez have recorded a song together which is titled ' Love Hurts ' ' They recorded this song in 2017. This song is about love. Both sounded good in this song. Unfortunately this track is not up for sale ' This is probably a lie, but i’d be really down
New/old picture of Selena for Twist magazine Via WorldwideSelG
Hi @jaxjones what the fuck are you waiting for SelXRirii on Twitter
His cap apologizes #justinbieber #selenagomez
I wonder how many amazing pictures they’ve taken of her flawless hair oh my god
Women of the past two years #arianagrande #selenagomez
The Grammy’s don’t make relevance, i said what i said
The talent jumped out
Legends did that Via SGCharts on Twitter
Yesterday i went hunting for pictures of selena that aren’t so mainstream, i’ll be postingvthem throughout the week
CosmicGabbie on twitter, aka @disneylandgomez , posted a picture of her Christmas tree decorated using pictures of Selena. (P.S she blocks me, try dmming her telling her to unblock)
I said what i said
Selena for Puma
Bts vs shot I love how it’s literally 0% edited
DJSnake just uploaded a video on youtube “Taki Taki - Cardi B secret keeper”
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