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each day you are stronger. @imsebastianstan 🧡

Hey! I saw an amazing play tonight!
CUTE AF!!!!!!! i love u @imsebastianstan 🦆💓 i Miss everyone so much!!! I’ve got a uni break for two weeks now so I’ll be able to post more starting Sunday (hopefully)! I’ve got a lot of work to do during the holidays but hopefully I can interact with u guys and post more seb pics and catch up on all the tiff content 😍😍😍😍 love from ya local tired peanut ☺️ pic cred to @sebastianstanfan ❤️
my phone is really on its last legs and i can’t screenshot or save photos anymore???? this photo is the only one that did?? hahaha dear god help me :-)) anyway WE ARE BEING FED AND I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!
I’ve had this account for 5 months! Wow 😱 I’m so thankful to all of you who stick around 💓💓☺️ pic cred to @johannalinsingh 😊
@deadline article! Hopefully we’ll be seeing The Last Full Measure in 2019!! A theatrical release! Exciting!!! I can’t wait to see @imsebastianstan in this! Feels like we’ve been waiting forever and ever 💓
I’m exhausted and drained in every single way. Sorry I’m not posting. I love everyone and love seb lots and lots
THIS IS SPARTA! We are being FED fam!!!!! pic cred to Lucas Rani on fb ☺️ those shorts are awful but he’s wearing his nasa hat so I forgive him
i wore a top that reminds me of mamma mia and greece today SPEECHLESS 😶 I love arm 💪 MANS IS LOOKING GORGEOUS AF AND TANNED AF AND IM CRYING!!!!! SCREAMING!!!!!!! i frickin love u KING @imsebastianstan 😩💓 cred to @john.korres ☺️
please @imsebastianstan it’s important that you wear more floral clothing 🌻 please make it happen ASAP @johntanstyling 😘🔥
i will never stop with these two wearing similar clothing...i live for it
i’m agnostic but i suddenly believe in god now that this photo exists haaaaaa holy shit oh man. i now owe my entire life to whoever the stylist for #mondaythemovie is 😍 LOW CUT SINGLET SO WE CAN SEE CHEST HAIR!!!!!! STRIPED YELLOW SHIRT!!!! MY LIFE!!!! THE RINGS!!!! THE GODDAMN RINGS!!!! THAT DAMN MANI HES GOT GOIN ON!!!! AND ALL THAT FLUFFY HAIR OF HIS THATS GROWN???!!!!! I AM SUDDENLY HAPPY and his chest is killing me I am fr on my knees prayin to god why u gotta do us like this @imsebastianstan this movie is rly gonna kick my ass straight to Pluto and back
I love your perseverance @imsebastianstan. It inspires me so much. You’re strong as hell and I believe in you so much and you always bring something new to the table. No matter what role or job you do/get, we’re all real proud of you. 💓💓💓 (the words are an excerpt from his interview with l’officiel russia!)
hit me up when y’all are ready to cut @imsebastianstan some slack. why do you guys wanna control him and treat him like he ain’t a person. good fuckin bye if none of you have ever said something you didn’t mean or understand or you regret saying etc etc. you’re just sooo perfect and have never done anything wrong so you have to take somebody out right? this fandom gets more and more pathetic and disappointing. why can’t y’all just be civil and spread love instead of hatred and hypocrisy 24/7???? i love sebastian so much and i love this fandom and the friends i have made on here but’s so tiring and makes me so so sad because aren’t we all here to support seb? instead a lot of people seem to have set their goal to bringing sebastian down. if that’s what you think about him and you jump to wanting to ‘cancel’ him all the time, why are you still here in the fandom and calling yourself a fan? i’m not saying that you have to support him no matter what he does, because nobody is perfect and you shouldn’t expect him to be OR hold him up on a pedestal but just goddamn support him and if it’s not what you’re doing, stop being hateful and just let him be for 2 frickin minutes. HE IS A PERSON. WITH FEELINGS. JUST LIKE YOU, JUST LIKE ME. why won’t you let him live his life?
LOOK AT HIM!!!! LOOK AT THAT SHIRT!!!! I AM LIVING!!!!! i’m so stressed fam i am literally so close to breaking point HAHA kill me good night :-) if i post again before Tuesday please tell me TO GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY PHONE AND DO UNI WORK!!!! photo cred to Δανάη Παχνή on Facebook ☺️
In case you missed it, Sebastian commented on a post and has stated that he’s no longer working with Netania, his assistant, after he was made aware of her being racist and ignorant on social media. I’m glad he’s stood up against bigotry in this way. I hope everyone feels safe. Very happy!! Also happy about all the people who didn’t jump on Seb’s ass with demands etc etc. A lot of people owe him an apology. Upsetting that Netania didn’t apologise and her account is gone but oh well, what can ya do? Anyway I have a lot (A LOT) of uni work to do by Tuesday and I probably won’t be very active til after that! Take care darlings xxxx
i drop everything im doing to see what he’s posted no matter what 🤷‍♀️ also pls follow me on twitter I feel like I’m more active on there these days because Instagram is causing me too much anxiety as of late
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