Sebastian Faena

Happy Russian New Years night to break glasses
blow up poster lives forever
First things first, ran to laugh with my brother @milesmcmillan
and we found the 3 wise men in Rocha and we were in a Fellini movie and they gave everyone candy
waiting for Balthazar Melchor and Gaspar!
We can fly @lunapaiva_ 1.2.19
ill stop smoking this year thats that
1.1.2019 celebrating the New Years with my mother, father, brothers, sister, cousins, aunt, uncle and all of those I love the most
New York, 12.21.2018 @cheyennetozzi @iblamejordan year ends in a music video
À la recherche of lost time @lunapaiva_
cousins by the 🌊😂🤣 @alan_faena
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