SeaShakes Art Gallery

Welcome to simply exist arts 🎭 specialize in custom made boro colors sculptural and lathe work. Boro work Est:03 quality comes first.

Sold and headed to a new home thank u @51_pipes for the support
Phishing hook with a quad donut and inline perk
Collab with @sugarshackglass and @seashakes my first attempt with crushed opal.
Coming along nicely @sugarshackglass & @seashakes collab
Gots me a fresh new 7 hole @blast_shield tip. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.thank u for getting it to me so quickly
Working on the next collab. @sugarshackglass & @seashakes
Copper is next and working on the drop down for it today. Will be adding all the names later today gonna tray and tag each name to the pieces
Teaser of the Busy aquatic collab piece list of names and pieces will be posted when we post the final pictures
Second one is sold
The color is called ripple. I make the color from scratch @seaborospectrum
Poor tip. We had a long run. The pieces we built. R.I.P. 7port Blastshield tip. You will bee missed😭
Another repair is done
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