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Welcome to simply exist arts 🎭 specialize in custom made boro colors sculptural and lathe work. Boro work Est:03 quality comes first.

Function test on prototypes 1-2
Different approach on a floating recycler.
Finally got the fenders on #k5blazer
Got my blazer home. Time to reassemble
Sold !!!
Looking through the eyes of a wolf sees no boundaries
This was this weekends collab piece. @swampcitygallerylounge @cambriaglass @sugarshackglass @levicarterglass @modifiedcreationsglass @scobyglass @illmediumglass @helraiser419 @hubbardglass and myself @seashakes thank u all for the opportunity and amazing weekend. Had such a great time. Looking forward to chilling with u all in the future
Hemp Swamp thing my pieces for the demo collab @swampcitygallerylounge I'll add all the names later. Those who know me knows I'm bad with names.
SOLD!!!!! This piece has many messages. The bleeding heart of the artist that's in his own hand is a message most artists can relate to. Now can u find the other 9 messages I'm relaying in this piece. I started making art very young it's not about the $$$$$$$$ it's about the ❀️for the arts. Glass is one of many I practice at. Thank u fo ur time and support as bob would say one love. ✌️❀️& kindness.#headyglass #floridaglass #mountainglass #bee #zombies #zombiebees #seashakes #seashakesglass
πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ when u see it πŸ˜‚
Nothing to see just a gator swimming with a noodle #florida
Zombie bee #apocalypse . This is a glimpse Iv still got work to do to it. It's definitely got a few messages a couple funny parts. And some deeper meaningful. This is one of 3 Iv got done. Bee careful the zombie bees are starting to come back to life
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