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There’s no question that if we can collect a starter and even two starters we’d be able to go all the way finally in the 2019 playoffs. With a lot of starting pitching options out there this offseason, who do you see the Yankees most likely being able to get? Will Cashman pull the trigger this offseason finally and go all or nothing on starting pitching? Who would you like to see Cashman go after? (Not every option is listed we are aware). #29in18 #trade #2018 #offseason #mariners #diamondbacks #indians #yankees #astros #mlb
What are the chances you give the Dodgers that they pull off the series win vs the Red Sox? #dodgers #la #boston #redsox #mlb
Is this what it feels like to be a Mets fan? Rant below if needed. The 2018 yankees have been eliminated from the postseason. Honestly pretty pathetic performance as we allow the Red Sox to claim both the division and ALDS at our home stadium. Not much to say about this postseason besides.... unfortunate. Let’s hope the Brewers/Dodgers can whoop some AL ass in this year’s World Series. #28in19 #ItsBeenReal #thankyou #mlb #ny #yankees
[SWIPE LEFT TO VIEW HIGHLIGHTS] #yankees win! We leave Fenway 1-1 and head to the Bronx for what will hopefully be a series ending dub. Don’t miss game three Monday at 7:40pm. Severino (19-8) will face off vs Porcello (17-7). #28in18 #fenway #boston #redsox #ALDS #mlb #28in18 #fenway #boston #redsox #mlb
Want to witness the rival Sox lose in the ALDS live in person?! Now you can for a cheap price! Check out @ticketiq for ALDS discounted tickets for the entire series vs the #redsox !!!!! #28in18 #mlb #yankees #ALDS
[SWIPE LEFT TO VIEW HIGHLIGHTS] #yankees win! WE’RE HEADING TO BOSTON FOR THE ALDS!! We defeat the A’s in dominant fashion and start 1-0 at home for the 2018 playoffs. Don’t miss the biggest rivalry in baseball this Friday!! WE WANT BOSTON! #28in18 #nyc #oakland #athletics #mlb
What Luis Severino will the Yankees get during tomorrow’s wild card game in the Bronx vs the Athletics? #28in18 #newyork #nyc #oakland #athletics #mlb #wildcardgame #wildcard #mlb
Who’s your American League Wild Card game starter? #28in18 #backontopsoon #nyc #newyork #oakland #athletics #wildcard #mlb
[SWIPE LEFT TO VIEW HIGHLIGHTS] #yankees win!!! 3 in a row and we claim WIN NUMBER 100 on the season! Last time we held at least 100 wins in a season was in 2009.... we all know what happened that season ;) Don’t miss game three tomorrow as the pinstripes look to sweeep their last series of the 2018 regular season. Yankees starter TBD will face off vs Red Sox starter Porcello (17-7). Game starts at 3:05pm E.T! Don’t miss the last game of the regular season! #28in18 #boston #redsox #ny #newyork #mlb
When you realize you’re about to be outta a job real soon. Luke Voit in his 38 games as a Yankee: .331 AVG, 13HR, 31RBIs, 5 doubles, and oh yea a 1.056 OPS. Who do you prefer? Voit or Bird? #28in18 #yankees #mlb #straightfire
[SWIPE LEFT TO VIEW HIGHLIGHTS] #yankees win!! That’s now two games in a row the offense has completely destroyed the opponent. In the past two nights the offense has scored a total of 23 runs! Tonight’s offensive explosion was a little bit sweeter however as it comes vs the rival Red Sox. Happ was yet again able to pitch pretty well and minimize any significant damage. His line tonight (while not amazing) was pretty good. Happ’s last pitching line of the 2018 regular season was: 6IP, 4H, 4R, 4ER, 2BB, 7Ks, and 1HR. His ERA increases to a 3.65 after tonight. The bullpen was decent tonight as they combined for a line of: 3IP, 2H, 2R, 1ER, 5BB, 2Ks, and 0HR. Offense tonight was insane once again. Only two hitters in the entire lineup didn’t put a run on the board tonight. Today’s offense was brought to you by: Sanchez solo HR, Stanton RBI single, Torres 2RBI double, McCutchen RBI single, Hicks 3R HR, Voit solo HR, and a Judge solo HR which tied the regular season HR record currently held by the 1997 Mariners. Don’t miss game two tomorrow night as the Yankees look to claim WIN NUMBER 100 on the season! As we said last night..... the last time we won at least 100 games in a single season we went on to win the World Series (2009). Tomorrow at 1:05pm, Lynn (9-10) looks to end his 2018 regular season at an even (10-10) vs former Yankees starter Eovaldi (6-7). Don’t miss the pinstripes potentially win their 100th game of the year tomorrow afternoon! #28in18 #boston #redsox #rivalry #newyork #ny #mlb #HR #TyingRecords
[SWIPE LEFT TO VIEW HIGHLIGHTS] #yankees win! After losing game three and snapping their two game win streak, we turn it around today in big fashion as we punch in 12 runs and capture the series 3-1 over the Rays. The pitching today by CC was great. He threw a line tonight of: 5IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 0BB, and 5Ks. He improves to a record of (9-7) on the season. The bullpen came in and did their job. They combined for a line of: 4IP, 1H, 1R, 1ER, 1BB, and 7Ks. The offense tonight was on fire from all angles. Up and down the lineup we destroyed the ball. Andujar, Stanton, and Voit all homered tonight but Stanton took the cake as he homered twice tonight. The rest of the offense came via: Gardner, Judge, and Romine. Don’t miss the last series of the 2018 series!!! Yankees will look to take at least two out of three to capture a record of 100 wins on the season. Last time we had 100 wins in one season was nearly a decade ago..... 2009 to be exact. Don’t miss the last series of the 2018 season as Happ (16-6) will face off vs Red Sox starter Johnson (4-4). Game one of the three game set starts at 7:10pm E.T don’t miss the rivalry!!! #28in18 #newyork #tampa #tampabay #rays #mlb
[SWIPE LEFT TO VIEW HIGHLIGHTS] #yankees win!! That’s now two straight wins for the pinstripes and they go up 2-0 in the series vs the Rays. Sevy was pretty good tonight earning his 19th win of the 2018 season. His line tonight was: 5IP, 4H, 2R, 2ER, 3BB, 7SO, and his ERA sits at a 3.39. The bullpen was great tonight as they combined for a line of: 4IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 0BB, and 8Ks. Offense was on it’s A game tonight as we scored a total of nine runs. Hechavarria jump started the nine run night with a solo shot in the 3rd inning. That first run would lead to a HUGE 7R 3rd inning and give us a 7-0 lead early. We would capitalize once again thanks to another Sanchez RBI in the 5th inning. Tonight Sanchez looked much different from the last Sanchez that showed up to play in Tampa. He led the team in RBIs tonight as he batted in about half of the total runs scored in tonight’s dub. The last run was produced via rookie Andujar as he blasted a solo shot over the wall in the 9th inning. Don’t miss game three tomorrow as the Yankees look to take the series and move closer to the 100 wins mark for the season. Tanaka (12-5) will pitch off vs Rays starter TBD. Game starts at 7:10pm E.T sharp so don’t miss it! #28in18 #tampabay #tampa #newyork #ny #mlb
#yankees win! Cutch powers a solo homer, Judge and Stanton both double and Gardy singles and makes a leaping 3R save. Let’s do it again tomorrow boys! #28in18 #tampa #tampabay #rays #mlb
PLAYOFF bound!! What a night it was indeed in the Bronx! Who cares that we didn’t claim the division cause we bouta claim this trophy y’all! #28in18 #newyork #yankees #mlb #baltimore #orioles
#yankees win! We barely got the win but a wins a win! To be honest however this bullpen is looking quite poor of late..... we have a bullpen ERA of 4+ since AS break, let’s hope we get things under control real soon. #28in18 #baltimore #orioles #newyork #dub
[SWIPE LEFT TO VIEW HIGHLIGHTS] #yankees win!! That’s now two straight and we move to 2-0 in the series vs the rival Red Sox. Today Price once again sucked against us (no surprise) and was pulled after just over 5IP. Severino started the game off pretty rough but settled down and found the strike zone pretty quickly. His line tonight was: 7IP, 6H, 1R, 1ER, 1BB, and 6Ks. His ERA lowers to a 3.38 after tonight’s start and improves to a record of (18-8). Congrats to Sheffield as he made his MLB debut tonight in pinstripes since being called up! Although he wasn’t lookin too hot he still has so much potential for years to come for the pinstripes. His line was: 1IP, 2H, 0R, 0ER, 0K, and a double play to end the game. The offense was on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 tonight! Thanks to a big 3R inning in the second, the pinstripes never looked back. Voit was a HUGE factor in the win tonight. He continues to destroy the baseball since joining the team and hit for 2 homers tonight and combined for 3RBIs in total. Not only did Voit have quite the game but Andujar made his mark in Yankee history tonight. After Miggy’s solo homer to get the pinstripes on the scoreboard, he became the 5th rookie in franchise history to record 25 homers in a season. Hicks and surprisingly Bird also helped hit in runs tonight. Don’t miss game three tomorrow as we look to sweeep the rivals. Game three starts tomorrow at 7:05pm E.T. Tanaka (12-5) will face off against Red Sox starter Rodriguez (12-4). #28in18 #boston #redsox #newyork #rivalry #daddy #L #Dub #mlb
After that clutch 3R HR I think it’s safe to say..... Neil Walker is Hall of Fame bound and if you don’t agree well then we can’t be friends anymore. #28in18 #clutch #hof #sarcasm #boston #redsox #yankees #daddy #mlb
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