Scheima شيماء

🇦🇹 & 🇹🇳 Love to: ▪️play 1960s dress up Inspired by things I 🧡: ▫️Art, architecture, anime,.....🐾

Oversized denim jacket 💙
I took a lil-big break from posting on here for a while! I've been dealing with alot of things and still feel overwhelmed by them :( so I might be on and off until I can sort things out but will try my best to be more consistent. I was freezing taking this pic ❄️🌬️thank u @revita.manol for taking it 💙
Which one is ur fav?🍋 1 o r 2
60's baby 🌼
Freezing rain everywhere
There is no such thing as too many flowers (*finally bought this dress :P)
Smizing.... Nailed it
Buh! #emokids
My sister says i look scary in this pic
Granny got style✨👵
It's getting colder here in vienna😑 Which country re u guys from and can u still wear summer clothes there?
me after binge watching a whole season of Game of Thrones... How many of u watch it too😏?
My fav colour is September What's yours?
Yes it's lipstick on my eyes
Last day of summer 1958
Last day on the ocean...
Back to Blue (last post with safsari PROMISE😂)
Having my marilyn monroe moment
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