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About this time last year...snow! The bride wished for it, she she certainly got it. A winter wedding for the books!
Sending love and gratitude to other small business owners and our amazing customers! Today and every day, #shopsmall . // I’m here at my shop and studio @saltandgrove celebrating the Newburyport small business community - if you’re around, stop by and say hello!
PSA: Let your wedding dress move. Get it a little dirty. Truly LIVE in it for those few hours you’re in it. ✨✨
Fall will always be my favorite color. 🍂🍁
So many fun-loving families came out to @whitegatechristmastreefarm for our day of portrait sessions. We had rain. We had wind. We had blazing sun. We braved all of the elements and walked away with the best memories. I couldn’t pick just one family photo to use for this post (because I love them all) so I’m using the photo of the one dog who attended, who had the best smile. He’s ready for the holidays, so let’s do this! More from yesterday in my stories!
It’s that time of year when wedding work intermingles with newborn, family, corporate/branding work and album design. Today I’ve locked myself in my office as I edit, edit, edit, only pausing to eat @sweetgreen and take short breaks getting fresh air with Copper. Currently, this photo is on my screen giving me the biggest smile. Mamas and babes are the best. Happy Friday! ✌🏻
I missed this happy soul when we were gone running our half marathon. I’m beyond thankful for his sweet, goofy smile. This kid will always have my heart. ❤️ Thank you to @alisha_maria_photo for capturing our family. It means the world to us!
This half marathon was cleansing for many reasons. I started training this summer as a means to regain a bit of myself post-baby. In August we were overjoyed to find out we were pregnant again. I was excited I would be running this half marathon 13 weeks along. As I was training I felt like I was running for this little human I was growing. But then in September I miscarried during the busiest part of wedding season. I was heartbroken, sad, angry, confused and wondered what I had done to cause this. I wondered if I would be able to get pregnant again. This shook Eric and I to the core, but through it all I’ve been able to see our life through a different perspective, and really embracing the positives and blessings. After three weeks of recovery I decided to pick up training. I decided we were going to do this even though I was behind in my training schedule. We weren’t going for time, but wanted to finish together. We hit mile 3 and we felt awesome. The hills started (like 6 miles of incline) but at mile 8 felt pretty damn good. Mile 11 hit and I was struggling. Eric stayed right by my side - pushing me along. Right before the finish line we held hands and crossed. It was a strong metaphor for the last two months. Life is not a flat road. There are hills. Some harder than others. But today I’m the happiest because this guy is my #1 fan and always here to support me and our little family every step of the way.
Sunny engagement sessions to fuel this dreary afternoon. ☀️ Oh, and since it’s November is it too early to play holiday music? Asking for a friend 😉
Rainy, but magical. ✨🍂☔️
The best part of yesterday? The happiness and gratitude radiating from the bride. Every. Damn. Second. Of the Nor’easter soaked day. She said, “I don’t care about the storm. I just want to end the day married.” 🙌🏻
This is where I started my season. In March. On a beach in South Carolina. Today I conclude this amazing season at the @craneestate_trustees in a nor’easter. This season really shaped me - both personally and professionally - and I can’t wait to share more of this story. Until then you can find me in a big puffy jacket with two cameras strapped to my body holding clear umbrellas!
City lovin’
Dare I share what happened right after this shot? We shared a good laugh. ❤️ these two, and I hear I’ll be seeing my favorite Stonehill peeps next year for a little reunion 🙌🏻
After shooting with my favorite yogi soul @jennyravikumar yesterday I thought back to the days leading up to quitting my full time agency job - almost four years ago to the date! I was searching for local women who owned their own small businesses and reaching out to them to connect over coffee and gain any words of wisdom about going off on your own. That’s when I met Jenny. She responded to my email when many people didn’t. It was then a friendship was born. We’ve both grown significantly in our careers and in life (both now mamas of cute but crazy little boys!). It’s been amazing to see the impact Jenny is making in her community and in the lives of people around her! Do me a favor - follow this beautiful soul. She has wisdom beyond her years. Photo snapped at @saltandgrove , my shop and studio in #nbpt where this inspiring banner hangs every day!
She made her own veil. Sourced the right color material and designed the entire piece. Absolutely stunning. More about this wedding in my story!
That autumn glow ✨
Fall and love. 🍂I can’t wait to share more of Lauren and Mark’s wedding tomorrow!
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