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Sarah Jayne Landry | New England photographer | mix of personal adventures + professional work | studio & shop: @saltandgrove

Dare I share what happened right after this shot? We shared a good laugh. ❤️ these two, and I hear I’ll be seeing my favorite Stonehill peeps next year for a little reunion 🙌🏻
After shooting with my favorite yogi soul @jennyravikumar yesterday I thought back to the days leading up to quitting my full time agency job - almost four years ago to the date! I was searching for local women who owned their own small businesses and reaching out to them to connect over coffee and gain any words of wisdom about going off on your own. That’s when I met Jenny. She responded to my email when many people didn’t. It was then a friendship was born. We’ve both grown significantly in our careers and in life (both now mamas of cute but crazy little boys!). It’s been amazing to see the impact Jenny is making in her community and in the lives of people around her! Do me a favor - follow this beautiful soul. She has wisdom beyond her years. Photo snapped at @saltandgrove , my shop and studio in #nbpt where this inspiring banner hangs every day!
She made her own veil. Sourced the right color material and designed the entire piece. Absolutely stunning. More about this wedding in my story!
That autumn glow ✨
Fall and love. 🍂I can’t wait to share more of Lauren and Mark’s wedding tomorrow!
Because you can’t get ready for the biggest day of your life without your fur babes. 🐕👍🏻
Yesterday’s beach sessions... 👌🏼🌊
Early morning Beacon Hill goodness with these two ✨if you have your heart set on a prime Boston scene for your engagement session, an early morning session is the way to go. No crowds. No cars. All the magic.
A little taste of fall. The next couple of weeks are going to be epic. 🍂🍁
Kissing by the harbor. More of this quintessential Boston wedding coming up in a couple of days! Today I’m playing the part of wedding guest and my hubs and I are sneaking away to Newport for the night without the kiddo. Time to finish this crazy busy work month with some personal time. Peace out! ✌🏻
Strength is not in the size of the tree, but the depth of the roots. // C+R, I had one heck of a time hanging out with you. I can’t wait for October!!!
I’ve been getting up close and personal right after the dress goes on, and capturing unprompted moments of the bride’s anticipation and gentle excitement. This is Eliza in black and white. More of her and Scott’s @craneestate_trustees wedding can be found in my story!
I love this, but (swipe left), that ... I LOVE. More of this @mounthopefarm1745 wedding tomorrow.
These two wanderlust souls ✨✨ More of this @craneestate_trustees wedding coming at you tomorrow!
Sometimes the best engagement photos are the ones that look like you were there alone...on that street...sharing a laugh. No frills. But so real.
There’s no view better than you // More of Emily and Ryan in my story!
Emily en route to Ryan // More of this @fruitlandsmuseum wedding coming up in a bit!
Throwback to this apple orchard wedding almost one year ago! An orchard is always a good idea.
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