Do I have something on my face?
Nova must’ve caught a case of the #cuddlebug during the snow storm
Hiking on the side of the Lord of the Rings 😂
Walking 2 dogs is one step closer to walking all the dogs 🐕 #lifegoals #iwillhaveallthedogs
@thedustyb is in the process of moving into my place and yesterday was the day we brought Lillan and Astrid home. So far, the adjustment is going well; Lillan is hesitant about Nova, and tiny baby Astrid has no fear! #wearethebradybunchofanimals
Proof that she used to be small. Nova at three months old 😍
Super blood wolf moon! 🌚
You make me happy when skies are grey @thedustyb 1.6.19
I forget how pretty muted Midwest winter colors are. Leroy Oakes was my favorite local place to hike, and the old school from the 1840’s was looking extra creepy . . . . #leroyoakes #midwest #hiking #creepy
Picture 1- how @thedustyb packs a suitcase 💯 Picture 2- how I pack a suitcase 😝
Been so busy on my trip back to Illinois, I haven’t posted anything! And I leave on Wednesday! 😱#boardgamesandbrews . . . #penrosebrewing #becausebeermatters
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