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“Joy to the world, the Lord is come; Let earth receive her King! Let ev’ry heart prepare him room, And Saints and angels sing, And Saints and angels sing, And Saints, and Saints and angels sing.” . . Happy Sabbath Everyone! Here’s a photo I took of the Tucson Arizona Temple when I was visiting Tucson in October!! . . #tucson #tucsonarizona #tucsonarizonatemple #lds #ldstemple #tucsontemple
I remember being a little girl about 4 years old, growing up in down town Gilbert Arizona, and noticing a pomegranate tree for the first time! . It was on a walk with my mom and siblings to the town library! . You see, my mom absolutely loves to read, and when my dad was gone at work during the day, she would very often get us kids all ready for an adventurous walk to the town library! We would leave our charming cottage home, walk down our magical small town street and cross the busy road and onto another very old neighborhood until we could see the water tower so tall in the sky by the park near by, and then we knew we arrived at the oh, so cherished library, where we would just scoop up as many books as we could and read them with each other!!! . . On our walks, there would be a lot of singing, skipping, giggling and treasure hunting! We would find lots of amazing things! Whether it be the fresh water clam shells by the canal or the beautiful flowers in the neighborhood yards or the very interesting and almost mysterious pomegranate tree that had lots of green leaves and loads of bright red fruits that looked like they had princess crowns on them! I remember the awe and beauty of everything on those walks and the sweet times spent with with my family! . . I was taught many wonderful things growing up and one of them was to notice beauty all around! And not only to notice it, but to feel the love of God through all of it and really take it all in! It’s amazing how the things you learn when you’re little really carry you throughout your whole life! . . What “good” childhood lessons help you in your grown up life? . .
Do you guys know how much I love pizza and it’s been my Achilles Heal the past couple of years?!?!?! . . Well, I finally found a recipe from @medicalmedium for potato pizza crust!! It’s delicious and you’ll have to watch my stories from today to get all the details! . . I could’ve made my own pizza sauce and my own cashew cheese, but it was really nice to have premade sauce from @sprouts And Cashew Mozzarella Cheese from @miyokos_kitchen ! . . Pizza Movie Night Is Back!!! . . #pizza #glutenfreepizza #potatocrustpizza #veganpizza #basil #medicalmedium #lifechangingfoods #ldswordofwisdom #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthymom #healingmom #healthymormonmom #healing #healthyfood #organicfood #healthy #thyroidhealing #youcanheal #motivational #myhealingstory #glutenfree #dairyfree #foodphotography #lovesprouts #miyokos
I styled my front porch chalkboard for Christmas and I’m really loving it! . I erased my fall saying and took out the fall foliage and replaced it with “Merry + Bright”! Then I put faux pine branches and little pine cones in the front basket, and since the snow here melted way too fast, I used a can of spray snow to give it that winter storm look! . . #chalkboard #merryandbright #farmhousechristmas #farmhousesign #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #farmhouseporch #christmassign #christmaschalkboard #cottonstemheartsmerry #fiveandunderfriday
This morning when I woke up I just thought “you know what sounds good? Grape Juice!” Luckily I had a bottle in my pantry!!! . . Did you know that grapes have vitamins A, C, and B-Complex and they are great for stopping viruses in their track! -@medicalmedium . So grape juice is perfect for the winter season!!! . . #grapejuice #grapes #medicalmedium #lifechangingfoods #ldswordofwisdom #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthymom #healingmom #healthymormonmom #healing #healthyfood #organicfood #healthy #thyroidhealing #youcanheal #motivational #myhealingstory #glutenfree #dairyfree #foodphotography @santacruzorganic #santacruzorganic
Have you ever heard of Potato Waffle Bread?!?! . . The Oh, so talented and beautiful young mamma, Ash over at @heyashfoster Created the easiest, most amazingly delicious gluten free vegan bread you ever did taste!!! . . I have to tell you, having allergies to gluten, dairy, eggs and yeast, it has been extremely difficult to find any bread I could eat!!! . . . But..... . . I don’t have to look anymore, longingly hoping to find a bread that’s ok to eat! . . If you want to make these yourself, head on over to @heyashfoster Account and go back a few posts until you see the pic of her veggie sandwich and she posts the recipe there! . . It’s basically a deliciously moist, crispy hash brown in the Belgium waffle maker!!! So you could eat it as a hash brown if you wanted too! . . . #potato #glutenfreebread #medicalmedium #lifechangingfoods #ldswordofwisdom #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthymom #healingmom #healthymormonmom #healing #healthyfood #organicfood #healthy #thyroidhealing #youcanheal #motivational #myhealingstory #glutenfree #dairyfree #foodphotography
I love bringing nature home in many ways! But sometimes bringing nature home isn’t necessarily bringing “real” nature home! . Today’s vignette is faux greenery, maple syrup chalk art, green paint and vintage copper molds, all inspired by nature and the holidays! . I love how the vintage copper molds look on my green wall! I think it looks so pretty and festive! And they remind me of growing up and visiting my Oma’s house! She loved the holidays and loved entertaining! Do you remember when I found the copper molds at various thrift stores this past summer? . The wreath is an olive branch wreath I got on clearance at @hobbylobby earlier this year for $15 and I just added two holiday floral picks from @dollartree to it and voila! It’s now a Christmas wreath! . Do you remember when I made this chalkboard? It’s from a big chunky frame I bought at a thrift store this summer that I painted with white chalk paint and I mixed two green paints and white paint with plaster of Paris to create a custom green chalkboard! . I think I’ll change my chalkboard lettering to a Christmas saying, but for now I’ll keep with the Maple Syrup! After all, isn’t real maple syrup so incredible?! . Today I made candied walnuts with real maple syrup and ground cinnamon! I mean, really! Who needs candy when you can eat these candies walnuts! I really should’ve taken a picture and posted it, but they just disappeared too fast!!! . . #cheerfulvignetteswithemandkelli #homedecor #christmasdecor #bringingnaturehome #chalkboard #maplesyrup #coppermolds #vintagefinds #christmaswreath #farmhousechristmas #farmhousekitchen #farmhouseinspired #hobbylobby #dollartree #fiveandunderfriday #cottonstemheartsmerry
Tonight for dinner, I made super easy gluten free pasta! Ready to eat in less than 20 min! For those nights you just don’t feel like cooking! . . You can see the details in my stories! . . I used Tinkyada Brown Rice fettuccine noodles and @sprouts organic pasta sauce from a jar! . . #glutenfreepasta #healthydinner #medicalmedium #lifechangingfoods #ldswordofwisdom #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthymom #healingmom #healthymormonmom #healing #healthyfood #organicfood #healthy #thyroidhealing #youcanheal #motivational #myhealingstory #glutenfree #dairyfree #foodphotography
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks so much for following and inspiring me to keep going! You all are so great!!!
Are you frantically looking for Gluten Free Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes? . . Well, I was!!! But, I created a board on my Pinterest account just for this very thing! . . You can go to my Pinterest account ( Saguaro Street Market ) and search my “Gluten Free Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner” board! I’ve collected amazing recipes from all over, like @medicalmedium @wellplated @feastingonfruit @beamingbaker & @minimalistbaker . . Today for lunch I steamed a sweet potato/ yam and topped it with Maple Cinnamon toasted Pecans. Also Medical Mediums Maple toasted Brussel Sprouts and Medical Mediums Wild Blueberry Cranberry Sauce! Everything was so delicious!!!
Cinnamon Tea with honey and coconut milk! . . I posted this recipe last month, but if you haven’t tried it yet, this is the perfect time of year to make it! . . . Simmer 2 cinnamon sticks in a pot of 6-8 cups of water. When your house smells amazing and the water is dark brown, pour hot cinnamon tea in your favorite mug. Then add honey and almond milk or coconut milk. It’s so warm and delicious and perfect for a chilly day! . .
My birthday was on Sunday! I had a fun weekend with my family, and my sweet 14 year old daughter made me @beamingbaker gluten free vegan pumpkin coffee cake for my birthday cake! It was so yummy!!!
Who’s in the mood for some comfort food on this chilly fall day? . . I found a most delicious stew recipe that warmed up my tummy and my soul! I’m also really happy, cause it’s all clean ingredients! . . I made it last night for a Relief Society Christmas dinner and there were a lot of women that loved it!!! And a few women that really appreciated the clean ingredients! . . It’s Vegan Potato Jackfruit Stew from @veggie.society ! It’s super yummy and I’ll definitely be making it again! . .
Well, I loved the Oil Free Oven Fries so much this morning, that I made another batch! . . This time I just sprinkled Himalayan Pink Salt and Dried Crushed Rosemary on them before I tossed them in the oven! . . I also made @medicalmedium Garlic Cashew Aioli (minus the olive oil) to dip them in! . . It was so good!!! But, just like with any fries, they taste best fresh! So eat ‘em all up right away and fill your tummy with something delicious, filling and healthy! . . Who else LOVES fries??? . .
Oil Free Oven Fries! . . I’ve been wanting French fries so bad lately, but I’ve just been so busy to cook much! . . . But, this morning I was cooking potatoes to go with my kids breakfast so I decided to just bake some fries while I was at it! . . These fries are so easy to make!!! Preheat Oven to 425 degrees F Peel potatoes Slice potatoes thinly Place on a baking sheet Sprinkle with Himalayan Pink Salt and Italian Seasonings Bake for 15-20 min. . . So crispy and delicious! . . #frenchfries #potatoes #ovenfries #medicalmedium #lifechangingfoods #ldswordofwisdom #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthymom #healingmom #healthymormonmom #healing #food #healthyfood #organicfood #healthy #thyroidhealing #youcanheal #motivational #myhealingstory #glutenfree #dairyfree #foodphotography #veggies #healthysnacks
Apple Pie Oatmeal Gluten Free/ Dairy Free Breakfast The other day my daughter was saying we should make apple pie! When I woke up the next morning to make breakfast, all I could think about was apple pie!! So, I made apple pie oatmeal for breakfast! . . I used my Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Milk to cook my oatmeal in. Then on the side I diced apples and cooked them on the stove with honey and cinnamon, and then in another pan I toasted pecans with honey and cinnamon until they turned into candied pecans! Then I served up a bowl of oatmeal with the apples and pecans and a little more almond milk. . . It was such a deliciously warm and cozy breakfast on a chilly fall morning! . . #oatmeal #applepie #apple #homemadealmondmilk #glutenfreedairyfree #fallfarmhouse #medicalmedium #lifechangingfoods #ldswordofwisdom #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthymom #healingmom #healthymormonmom #healing #food #healthyfood #organicfood #fruit #healthy #thyroidhealing #youcanheal #motivational #myhealingstory #glutenfree #dairyfree #foodphotography #whole30
After School Snacks! “ABC, it’s easy as 123”! . . When I have a veggie or fruit tray out on the counter when the kids get home from school, they eat them!!! . . . Sometimes just having healthy food options available to your kids is all boost they need to eat a little healthier.
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