Saffron Shine

Filling the cracks with gold Spice of @stoneandspice | @thesasssocialclub Agent @kultaustralia

[ Fruitful ]
♥️ the bubble
What an amazing year. Happy birthday to us ! @stoneandspice
ONE YEAR BABY ✨ Today marks one year since I got to see mine and my best friends dream come to life and what an amazing & magical year it has been! Thanks to the endless support of our closests (you know who you are) and of course our SASS sisterhood, we get to show you where all our blood, sweat and tears is taking @stoneandspice next and we can’t wait. Love you @rubyjshine couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime! Happy birthday to us ♥️
Harvest moon has me daydreaming about days spent here 💭
🍹hour @taylorjean [[euro spam forever]]
Miss my miss sunshine
When you’re back to reality but your mind refuses to leave this dream state 💭🍷
On Wednesday’s, we wear pink 💋 @stoneandspice
Caio Europe, what a summer! Miss you already xx ✈️
A whole lotta love in London 🐣
Magic european summers spent looking through rosé coloured glasses ✨ @stoneandspice
🍣 🍣 🍣
Clearest blues 💧
Dreamy Spanish nights with my main and the best Senorita 💃✨
Happiest with a face full of pastry 🥐
Twinning with my favourite legs 11 💋✨ @stoneandspice
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