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Posting my recent pictures from dcc18, soon, if you know the cosplayer tag them! :) there will be many pictures!

I have one puppy left, help me find her a home guys
Wyoming... fuuuuucckkkk its fucking cold
Who wants to help pack up the truck, I will provide pizza and beer hmu if you want and are in the springs area
In regards to the new washington gun law. as·sault ri·fle noun a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use. Also, this is the definition of assault rifle, therefore one can not physically own a semi automatic assault rifle.
Who wants to go shooting???
I'm moving from colorado soon, if any of my colorado peeps wanna hang before I do, lemme know!!
@skyler.babes719 and @violiet_babe whipping up some bomb ass coffee this morning, @babesespresso has the dopest coffee my dudes
Because puppies
In case anyone wanted to know what 4 day old pittie puppies look like😍😍😍
3+ hours of labor and 4 hours of having puppies later, mom and her 10 happy and healthy pups
Puppy havin puppiessss!!!!!
Three weeks out the fuckin army, freedom is awesome
Everyone should go follow this stunning woman. Shes cool af and has some AMAZING ink!!! @mermaidxbaby
Its soooooooo bad
Adventure time today!
These two take the cake for the last of us cosplays holy shit!!!! Loved chatting with em, always finding good people at these things, I tell you what! #dcc #dcc18 #denvercomiccon #denvercomiccon18
With put a doubt my favorite Harley, she had the qoustes and voice down, fucking awesome! The enchantress and spidey were pretty fucking cool as well!! #dcc #dcc18 #denvercomiccon #denvercomiccon18
These two twileks got me weak!!! Lol they were awesome!!!! #dcc #dcc18 #denvercomiccon #denvercomiccon18
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