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Smoke Composites review

Thor asking all the real questions
I love my new shirt.
I'm still here. Haven't had much to post for the last few days. Not much going on here for the moment
Man this table is looking good, still need more though.
My ATF observer spent too much time in the dirt and won't come clean.
When your two favorite hobbies collide. My favorite book series involves using lots of guns to kills lots of monsters for money and my favorite hobby is shooting. So it's a win win for me. #monsterhunterinternational #larrycorreia #mhi #pewpewpew #gunsallowed #glock34 #glock #gucciglock #9mm #124grain #vortexoptics #visionarymachineanddesign #l2d #puff
From yesterday
I know I suck at shooting pistol. This why i believe in accuracy by volume.
Drooling over another gun.
It was the hipster range day yesterday with @a_regular_guys_reviews CZ75, MP5, Luger, Custom Glock 34. I almost felt a man bun and hipster beard coming in.
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