Robert Crandell

Move most gently if move you must

dunkel blau
lmao ofc this is in BUTO
my spirit companion is somewhere out there, desecrating thrift store walls
The end is nigh
super artsy fermented lime shot yea boi
grey punctum. Also ravens.
meditation in green: finish ur dum paper
My most prized possession other than my bowls, sheep, important rocks, and leather pieces
snoozin on the stairs in the sun
Pickled eggs for end of year celebration
Ddddddouble post there's also a drunk girl wailing about something in the periphery
One of my favourite walkways on campus
rip. remember all that shit we saw?
philosophy btfo
there's something laughable about all this
"feeling and unwisdom make all men kin"
yeah just gettin a coffee and fuckin Rick Mercer is there hell yeah best Tuesday ever
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