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Taking photos to share and remember all the good in life. Hawai`i Island is home.

Aloha everyone, I hope this finds you enjoying the 2018-into-2019 holidays. I’ve been doing something that is outside the norm on Instagram: traveling without posting the lushly beautiful parts and special family moments. Oh I’ve had them to be sure!—what I’ve done is wallow in them as completely as I can. I’m also learning I can be a whole lot better at doing that. My December decision was to enjoy a digital-free month except for the attentions I give to my TinyLetter email community and my own websites. I’m not someone that bothered by the awful news about Instagram’s owner Facebook though I have noticed the commercial-packed changes here and heard that Instagram’s founders jumped ship (maybe because I’ve never had a Facebook page to obsess about, and maybe because I’m such a small fish in the massive internet pond…). I *am* bothered by the scattering of my own attentions however, and feeling I want to have more Alonui~ full presence in the world, sensing all there is for my Aloha Spirit to absorb without the benefit of any screen or social media prompting. I won’t be deleting my Instagram account, for I hate the thought of severing our connection here, and I do enjoy looking back on our history and seeing your posts. However I’ll be using that history to better figure out what I want to do here going forward, if anything at all. For now, my December habit will also be my January habit. If you’d like to stay in touch, please reconsider my TinyLetter—you’ll find the link in my bio. Have a wonderful 2019 and happy everything, Rosa #Alonui #BeAloha #ManagingWithAloha
Happy December! Our travel over the Thanksgiving2018 holiday was wonderful—#familyfirst always! It’s always nice to return home too though, you know the feeling. Doubly nice when home is Hawai’i and new blooms are at your doorstep to greet you 💐 . . . #homeiswheremygardengrows #auhiligarden2018 #rsayDecember2018
Wynn-ing in the holidays, Las Vegas style. #LasVegas #winterholidays2018 #ThanksgivingWeek2018 #rsayNovember2018
Saturday plant sale. I sooo appreciate sellers who tag their plants like this; names both family and common, and a photo of what the plant will look like at maturity. #succulents #euphorbia #euphorbiaresinfera #MorroccanMound #plantsale #Saturdays #weekending #rsayNovember2018 . . . #yesIboughtit
There’s something about November which causes me to turn to the sewing corner where I have all my yarn stored without even thinking about it…I’ve usually no particular project purpose in mind, just the feeling that it’s again time to steep myself in the warmth, colors and textures of whatever I’d stored away there throughout the spring and summer. As I pulled apart an abandoned scrap of stitch experiments and began to ball it, I thought about my Portuguese grandmother who’d taught me to crochet when I was a little girl, for she was the one who insisted I hold my hand this way, wrapping softly over my index finger so that when I withdrew it, the yarn would settle into the ball without undue stretching, keeping it supple. Next to that, my middle finger crooks to make a guide, so the rounds won’t stray. I couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 years old when she taught me this, yet it’s always stayed with me as the right way, and the only way—the wiser, ‘old one’s’ time-tested way. Learn whatever you can learn from your elders while they are still with you. Learning from a YouTube video just cannot compare, and it will seldom give you a memory like this to cherish. . . . #NovemberFeels #yarn #Ikeloa_learning #LivingWithAloha #rsayNovember2018
Plantwise Mālama... This striped bromeliad is responding well to our rescue efforts 🤒cc: @reprotacio ... #pottedplants #auhiligarden2018 #rsayNovember2018
Because who doesn’t love a pink pineapple? #SacredSunday #pineapple rsayNovember2018
Aouli—the “blue vault of Heaven”—Pukui-Elbert. . . . November is showing off now that we’re vog-free again, and it’s a gorgeous #Saturday for our #BigIslandLiving . #KohalaMountain #Kamuela #pasturelands #rsayNovember2018
Through twists and turns. #BeachHeliotrope #Tree . . . My Ho‘omaha for Say Leadership Coaching (my business) began this past weekend: Yay! ‘Maha’ is rest, and Ho‘o, we make it happen. Ho‘omaha is our name for the holiday hiatus given to all in my Say Leadership Coaching ‘Ohana in Business, and it offers a coaching: Reflect on the past year (what worked, what didn’t), make ‘keeper’ decisions, and prepare in the best possible way (‘Imi ola) for the new year to come. Our annual sabbatical will extend through Thanksgiving and Christmas, and into 2019: I will reopen my coaching business on Wednesday, January 9th. #LivingWithAloha #WorkingWithAloha #Hoomaha #myHoohana2018 #ManagingWithAloha #rsayNovember2018
“It is those things we deeply care about that are the things most important to us, and thus caring for these things —or these people —can drive us to high performance levels which take the form of unselfishness and accepting responsibility unconditionally. One of the other propositions we just know to be sure, is that everything is ‘better’ when it is healthy in mind, body and spirit. The value of Mālama urges us to be the caretaker of good health, caring for ourselves, for others and for those things which somehow cannot care for themselves.” —Mālama, Managing With Aloha Chapter 15. . . . #tīleaf #morninglight #mood #Mālama #ManagingWithAloha #rsayNovember2018
Turn to page 54 for my newest essay—Our Hoʻohana Community value immersion for the months of November and December is on #Mālama , our value of caring, compassion and stewardship. Pick up the current issue of @keolamagazine to read Mālama ka poʻe. #ManagingWithAloha #rsayNovember2018 ...the whole magazine is really good!
Last night the outlook became so much brighter! Our votes were cast and counted, and the storm clouds began to clear away. Mahalo, your vote does count, and your voice will always matter. As #ManagingWithAloha reminds us, Ka lā hiki ola is our value—it is “the dawning of a new day.” #CivicEngagement #VotingMatters #StandUpForYourValues #rsayNovember2018
Out for a walk #exploringbyfoot on a magnificent Hawaiʻi nei day (yes, I already voted...never miss it.) #keawe #morninglight #maunalaniresort #LivingWithAloha #rsayNovember2018
Back home, and having a welcoming Nānā i ke kumu, “go to the well” day, a day to regroup, refresh, and rejuvenate. Feeling beyond contented. #LivingWithMahalo for the richness of life’s abundance felt in simply slowing down, and being aware of what surrounds me. This is a Monday which has given me the #sacredsunday I was too busy to have yesterday—though yesterday with @reprotacio and my mom was quite wonderful too! #Nānāikekumu #ManagingWithAloha #Mahalo #rsayNovember2018
Double rainbow blessing right before we immersed ourselves into Mālama and “The ‘Be Aloha’ Culture of Caring” at the 2018 Global Neonatal Nurses Institute. #myHoohana2018 #SenseOfPlace #Waikīkī #Oahu #ManagingWithAloha #rsayNovember2018
View from 518. Blessed to be teaching today. #ilovemyworkplace —its always a Nānā i ke kumu, look to the source, sense of place experience. #Hawaii #myHoohana2018 #ManagingWithAloha #rsayNovember2018
Had a wonderful mid-afternoon stretch - walk - talk at Kawainui Marsh Park with @jprotacio while on Oʻahu this past week. You can see him pointing in the 3rd shot as his helicopter piloting habit kicked in. #latergram #familytime #exploringonfoot 👣 #Oahu #kawainuimarsh #rsayoctober2018
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