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🎨 Visual creator 🇲🇾 Malaysia

MADE IN MICROSOFT PAINT PT. 2 🎨 Commsnt as many '☁️' as possible and I will check you out! Fyi, this took me 5 hours to complete by using a mouse (no drawing tablet)
REBORN | sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn again as a stronger and wiser version of yourself 🤘 Finally back on editing after fixing my laptop, can't wait to create more concepts that have been on my mind for quite awhile.. 💁 Swipe right to view the details and Before & Afters!
COMMENT '💙💙💙' if you want to see more of #HybridSeries ! Swipe right to view the entire series I've created so far. Do not forget to stay awesome and have a nice week ahead!
MADE IN MICROSOFT PAINT 🎨 I'm definitely thriving after 8 hours of painting with my mouse. Swipe right to view the Behind The Scenes video! This is my 300th post... Enjoy! 😎
If this hits 50k likes, I will be posting a video of me cracking eggs 🥚 on my head at public. Swipe right for the little inspiration! 😏
'EVE, you have my whole heart for my whole life....', said WALL-E. I could still clearly remember falling in love with this movie for the first time. 10 years later, it's still a timeless masterpiece 😌 Not to mention that I 'built' EVE's Facebook in Photoshop. - Inspired by @calop_ glowing creations 🌟
Pick your choice cause I've picked mine, the Bandersnatch effect! 💻😳 The very dilemma every creators face on daily basis. #bandersnatch #netflix
What if I tell you that I took 2 hours to sketch the fox head on my own 😰 Check out my story for the sketch 🙎 - I am obsessed with drawing/sketching/doodling/whatever-you-call-it so much since I was a kid, maybe you should expect more of that in future edits 🖋
Pineapple owl or Orange tiger?! 😆 This is what happened when fruits decided to join the #HybridSeries 🍍I'm gonna be posting more often soooon, meanwhile enjoy something funny.. LOVE Y'ALL!
Comment your favourite 1, 2 or 3? 💛 I decided to introduce my new Hybrid of dandelion and hedgehog! Hope you enjoy the #HybridSeries and I will be back soon 🔮 (back to hibernation cause Winter is Coming) fyi: this is my 59th post in 2018, the progress I'm making is just pure bad, don't judge.
"Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become." - Mufasa, The Lion King 🦁 After spending hours of sketching out Mufasa's side view on piece of paper and layering it over the image... honestly I'm proud of how it turned out! Anyhow, it's a fun process! 🙂 . . . #photoshop #creative #thelionking #lionking #simba #waltdisneystudios #disney #fanmade #fanart
Only if we could float away with our imagination....💙 #CloudSeries visually inspired by @arianagrande 'breathin' music video. Okay update: probably won't be posting much until my exams are over! #arianagrande Check out my story to view the original version ✌
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