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Just wanted to share with you guys that we took it a little easy on youtube, and instagram lately, we realized that it’s so important to sometimes take a step back and realize what you have and to be grateful for this. I needed this space lately to re-center myself and you know what.. that’s okay, sometimes you need to go back to a space where you can find out what really makes you happy. I personally realized that my family, my friends, but also the people I work with make me happy. I never forgot this but sometimes nowadays this image get portrayed that other stuff should make you happy, for example suffering, designer clothing, money, etc. Ofcourse people like to post this stuff because it keeps us all driven, because we all would like to have specific things, but lets all sometimes stand still and realize there’s no luck in those things, but only in ourselves. 🙌🏼❤️
Can we go back here please 🌞
Boat days are the best. 🌞
In an endless garden of flowers, I will always pick you. 🌺 @laurensvleeuwen
Home bound 🚂
Last day in Paris 🇫🇷
My favorite place to shop will always be Paris.
versace versace versace
Giving my skin the ultimate detox with @Kiehls Rare Earth mask. #KiehlsPartner #Kiehls
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