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i find pics of this sexy Romanian to bless your day ℰЅᏆ. 3/11/17 and i'm a writer ;) SEB LIKED & COMMENTED 5/17/18 MET HIDDLES + EVANS 10/14/18

so uh he’s shirtless and sweaty AND JUST LOOK AT HIS HANDS AND LONG FINGERS IM DEAD
accurate depiction of u all every time i post 😉🔥
the first of many picnic gifs 😍 get ready to die 🔥
Sebastian Stan Imagine (Part 28): The next day you had gone to the airport and got on a plane to the bahamas. That's where you and Sebastian spent your honeymoon. You spent 10 days there, hanging out on the beach and doing all the activities around there. You swam in the clear blue waters and tanned on the beautiful beaches. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and you and Sebastian never wanted to leave. Unfortunately, though, the honeymoon did have to end and you found yourselves returning to New York. Except when you came back it was as if everything had changed. You had now moved into Sebastian's apartment. You spent every second you could together, because you knew that your time was limited. A month went by that you had been married one day when you were sitting in the kitchen. You weren't doing anything- you were just thinking- when you heard Sebastian opening up the door. You got up to greet him, and he wrapped his arms around you sweetly. Then he pulled from the embrace, grabbing your waist and pulling you closer so that your lips collided. His mouth felt so good against yours as he kissed you, slowly taking your breath away. But before it could heat up, Sebastian pulled away, "Okay so I've been thinking.." "Yes?" you asked, looking deeply into his eyes. "I want a baby, (y/n)," he said softly. Your heart began to thud. " know I can't. I am treated with chemotherapy so that would harm the baby. Plus I don't even have nine months left to live..." your voice trailed off- it was shaking. He moved his hands to your face and cupped it delicately, "We could adopt." The thought had never really occurred to you, but now you love it. “Yes. Yes, let’s adopt,” you said before leaning in and kissing his lips again. ••• Adoption agency after adoption agency. Why was it such a process??! Everyone you came across said that it would take years. But you didn’t have years! You had months! You wanted to cry in frustration as you and Sebastian hopped into his car. “We don’t have years to wait Sebastian! I have months to live...” you said, your words haunting you as you began to cry.
i’m finding all these picnic gifs i haven’t seen before ajsjjdjd
i’m so thankful it’s friday
precious bean
ill probably be posting a lot later tonight but HE LOOKED SO GOOD LAST NIGHT
cant wait till all of this content 😍😍
imagine you’re sitting on your bed, focused on your laptop when all of a sudden you hear a noise and look up to see him standing in your bedroom door... “Hey,” he said- you could hear his smirk. You decided to look back at your laptop to give him a hard time. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see him leave the door frame and slowly walk towards you. Your eyes remained on your laptop. “Did I ever tell you how hot you are?” he asked as he sat on your bed. You tried to ignore his comment but your face was flushing red. You were on the left side of your bed, plenty of room beside you. “Why are you here?” you asked, not looking at him. “Why not?” he replied. He was now sitting with his back against your bed frame and scooting closer until you were shoulder to shoulder. “Because I’m trying to work and...” “Am I distracting?” he interrupted. Your heart was racing. YES YOURE DISTRACTING. You decided not to answer, which wasn’t the greatest decision. Because then he brushed your hair behind your ear and out of the way as he leaned in and placed a kiss on your neck. He did it so slowly, tantalizingly, his hot breath making your skin prickle. His lips lingered on your skin for a moment before he moved up. By this time you had stopped typing, absolutely frozen. Your heart was pounding so loudly that you could’ve sworn he could hear it beating. You felt short of breath, your mind being unable to focus as his lips traveled your neck. “Yes you’re distracting. Is that what you wanted to hear?” you asked after what felt like forever of pleasant torture. “No. I want to hear you screaming my name,” he said with a smirk, and that’s when you finally pushed your laptop aside and kissed him.
what would you do if you were sitting on your bed, focused on your laptop when all of a sudden you hear a noise and look up to see him standing in your bedroom door? ;)
hi im soft for jefferson
me after realizing i haven’t posted in 2 days WHOOPS anyway look at those handsss
he’s so cute ❤️❤️
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