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i find pictures of this sexy Romanian to bless your day ℰЅᏆ. 3/11/17 and i'm a writer ;) SEB LIKED & COMMENTED 5/17/18

I HAVE NOTHING TO POST AND ITS A PROBLEM *whoa y’all are very inactive rn*
Sebastian Stan Imagine (Part 3): The next day you woke up and went to school begrudgingly. You had gotten home but your roommate hasn’t been around and you didn’t see her at all that night. You had watched netflix until 2am regrettably and had to wake up at 6. So you had four hours of sleep. Wonderful. You got to the school hallway and everyone was talking and laughing loudly with their friends. You headed straight to your locker unnoticed. You tried the lock once and it didn’t budge. You tried again. Still didn’t budge. And again. What the hell?! “Ugh,” you groaned, hitting your hand against your locker. “Need help?” came a voice from beside you and you turned to see a tall girl with brown hair. She had a kind face and was naturally pretty. You could tell she wasn’t popular though- she dressed normally and didn’t seem like that group. “Uh, sure,” you replied. You stepped aside, “30-36-10.” She nodded and tried it and the lock worked right away. She pulled it off and handed it to you. “Thank you so much,” you said. “The names Lindsey,” she said, holding out her hand. “I’m (y/n),” you replied. “Cool well i’m pretty sure i noticed we had the same first period cuz i saw you yesterday, let’s get going.” You walked to class with Lindsey and she was honestly very funny and kind. Someone you could picture yourself being friends with. School flew by and you sat by her at lunch- you began to feel more guilty the longer time you spent with weren’t really who you said you were. Well everything except the part where you were actually in college and 21 years old. Finally, it was time for history. She wasn’t in the same class as you and you parted ways. The bell rang as you were still walking to class and you gasped. You were late. Again. You ran all the way to the class and ended up being about 30 seconds late as you sprinted through the door and sped walked to the front of the room. You sat in the same seat front and center and hoped that Mr. Stan hadn’t noticed because he was looking at his computer. “(y/n). two days in a row. see me after class,” he said, looking up at you with an intense gaze that made you want to hide. (mic)
blessing u guys on this saturday morning😏
he’s so adorable❤️ and YALL MY PHONE BATTERY IS SO GOOD NOW (it sucked before in case no one knew) I WONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THE BATTERY GUYS
he’s so precious❤️❤️ btw thank u for all the love yesterday ily all so very much❤️
he’s so cute😂❤️ and smh seb how did u not get sweet rabbit i got it right away😂
i love him so much💕
i have nothing to post so here’s some stuff i saw on pinterest :)
what is air when looking at sebastian stan shirtless (or in general for that matter)
oof i agree wholeheartedly
Sebastian Stan Imagine (Part 2): You locked eyes with the teacher and it was as if your heart stopped. Your face was bright red and you clenched your hands as you awkwardly stood there with all eyes on you. After what felt like an eternity but was only probably 5 seconds, the teacher spoke up, “You’re late. And is that a new face, because i do not recognize you.” He was looking you up and down- but not in a very teacherly away. His eyes were taking their time as he scanned your body and it made you feel antsy inside. Was he checking you out?! You found your voice, “I’m new.” “Well, okay, since you’re new...why don’t you come to the front of the classroom and introduce yourself? Im Mr. Stan, by the way,” he said. “I don’t believe that’s necessary-“ you began to say, but he interrupted, “Come. And there’s also already an open spot right in the front and center anyway.” Of course there was an open spot. Nobody liked to be in the front. You slowly moved your feet and made your way to the front, all eyes still watching you. When you got there, you realized you had no idea what to say. “Hi. I’m (y/n),” was what you managed to get out. “And?” Mr. Stan prompted. “And i’m a senior,” you continued. “And?” he prompted again. “And id like to sit down now,” you said and left the front and sat down in the front and center seat. There was a few murmurs and giggles and Mr. Stan raised an eyebrow at you. “Well for future reference, three times late and that gets you an after school detention in my room. Don’t be late again,” he said sternly while staring right at you. You nodded and then finally the attention was off with you and he resumed class...but you couldn’t help feel a pit in your stomach. This was definitely going to be one of the more interesting classes of your day... ••• Class was soon over and the bell rang and everyone sprung to action. You were gathering up your belongings when suddenly Mr. Stan said, “(y/n)? can i see you for a moment?” You looked up and nodded before gathering your belongings and heading to the front of the room where he was sitting at his desk. (mic)
he’s not the only one that’s thirsty... I LOVE MY WATER!!
i honestly need to sort through my camera roll and delete any unnecessary stuff i have (NONE OF MY TOM OR SEB PICS THO HECK NO) ngl anyone who saw my camera roll would probably be concerned about me but that’s okay let’s not talk about that😂😂what even was this caption idek man gtg wrote part 2 of the fanfic
i feel blessed by these pics❤️ TOMORROWS MY LAST DAY OF SUMMER BREAK RIP
it’s no longer sebs birthday but i’m still posting these late :)
good morning everyone!! ugh i start school the day after tomorrow RIP😩
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