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My goal is to capture meaningful moments, moments of wonder around the world. Dive deep into the culture of others and the beauty around them. Luckily, @TMobile has me covered in over 210 countries, letting me share these moments with all of you. #TeamTMobile #ad @droeloemusic
For the lack of life the Dead Sea offers, it makes up with its beautiful pastel colors during sunset. @ChelseaKauai and I spent a few moments grabbing photos, and the rest floating along the shore, observing the incredible ice crystals. If you’ve never floated in the Dead Sea, you must add it to your bucket list ❄️⚡️💥
Located at the lowest point on earth, the Wadi Mujib canyon runs fresh water into the Dead Sea. Although many call it a stream, @chelseaKauai and I found out quickly that this was a raging river. Struggling to hold onto ropes as we made it up the canyon, the water pressure knocked us against the walls creating a hole in my dry bag. Water ended up flooding the bag containing two phones, my camera, two lenses, and a gimbal. Although I should have probably been stressed and angry, I felt far from that. Gear can be replaced, we can’t (The memories were 100 percent worth it) Just remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel (Literally).
This last week will go down as one of the wildest trips I’ve ever had. @ChelseaKauai and I traveled through Jordan capturing some of the most beautiful landscapes ever, and meeting so many incredible locals. Things were going great until we drowned both of our phones, broke 10k worth of camera equipment, and navigated the capital city Amman, with no maps or even the slightest knowledge of the city. I am super excited to share the memories we captured and go more in depth of what a crazy week it’s been. Thanks @wammanhotel for an incredible stay.
Jordan holds a special place in my heart. The ancient ruins, culture, and people are unlike anywhere else in the world. Petra specifically is one of those wild places that doesn’t seem real. @chelseaKauai and I arrived super early to get the best view of the iconic Treasury lit by nothing but candles. We ended up staying after the show as well to capture a few photos to keep as memories of this incredible evening.
Cruising through the Sand Dunes of Peru. Staying connected is often hard when I am constantly on the move, thankfully @tmobile allows me to stay connected in my favorite locations and abroad with friends, family, and all of you :) #TeamTMobile #ad
After exploring a good chunk of the world, I decided to give in and explore Iceland for the first time this year. I was super captivated by the mysterious mood and the feeling of not knowing what comes next. Every location had its own weather, own feel, each location be better than the last. ❄️
Enjoying the wild coast of the Faroes. I’ve never seen such jagged cliffs colliding with an endless ocean, the view was unreal. Highly recommend giving this place a visit if you haven’t!
Nothing better than cruising through the crystal clear waters of Tahiti. It’s a wild feeling riding around a huge mountain in the middle of the South Pacific, crazy that places like this exist 💦
I often find myself on the tallest mountains, next to world class waterfalls, and on jaw dropping peaks. One of my favorite things to do is share those stories and memories with all of you! @TMobile helps me share those incredible experiences instantly in 210+ countries and destinations. #TeamTMobile #ad
Experiencing Bora Bora for the first time was incredible. The different shades of blue and green along with all the aquatic animals was something you have to experience for yourself. I can definitely see why so many couples head out here after getting married, a true paradise. @ConradBoraBoraNui
I often find myself getting caught up in creative process and forget to take in a few moments for myself. I think with the craze of Social Media it’s easy to always want to share and post and we forget why we all do this. My goal for this year was to indulge in the adventures and activities and find myself less behind a computer screen. The #MavicAir has been an amazing addition to my setup, with its intelligent flight modes, ease of use, and portability. It has become my favorite drone to bring along on any adventure. @djiglobal #NowItsEpic Song : @PetitBiscuit
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