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Creator of DEADPOOL, CABLE, X-FORCE, DOMINO, DOVE, PROPHET, YOUNGBLOOD, BRIGADE, SUPREME, BLOODSTRIKE! Proud Parent of 3 terrific kids, husband to Joy

Definitely not the result we wanted, but great game with Luke! #rams #nfl
Love seeing these great messages from young fans getting their chance to experience Deadpool in screen with Once Upon A Deadpool!! #Repost @amazingcomiccon with @make_repost ・・・ #onceuponadeadpool was a favorite in our household! From the antics of #elfontheshelf to seeing a movie with friends & family! Big shout out to @hottopic - thanks to their live feed with creator @robliefeld we got lots of #deadpool gear from beanies to #pez to that cool #journal too!! #hottopic
Twice as naughty, not so nice. Don’t miss out kids! This one’s for you! #deadpool #marvel #robliefeld
Teamed up with @hottopic for a Holiday Shopping Spree on their insta story featuring all their great items celebrating #Riverdale ! #Fortnite ! #MyHeroAcademia ! #Aquaman ! #Venom #Deadpool #strangerthings #marvel
Colors by @aburtov
I am currently in a Super-Duper state of utter disbelief at this amazing gift @xbox sent to me. A custom Deadpool 2 Xbox One console and controller. Ridiculously humbled and simultaneously thrilled out of my mind. Now I have to fend off my boys attempting to heist it away from me while I sleep!!! Thank you #xboxone this one will be difficult to beat this holiday season! #deadpool #marvel #robliefeld
Somebody is having a birthday today! 🎂🎂🎂Yes, 28 years ago today, Dec. 11, 1990, it was my great honor to introduce Deadpool to the masses in a bajillion copies of New Mutants #98 ! Writing and illustrating New Mutants was a great highlight of my career and gave me a wonderful opportunity to pour out my characters, concepts and stories into the Mighty Marvel Universe. I was hoping to create characters that would stand the test of time and maybe become as popular as my own favorite, Wolverine. Deadpool represents my love of Spider Man, Boba Fett and of course Wolverine himself! You guys devoured him and one week after this issue arrived and sold out, Marvel asked me if I could up the time table and write him into the very next available opportunity. Deadpool appears in X-Force #1 as well as stealing all the spotlight in X/Force #2 . There is no doubt that New Mutants, X-Force, Cable & Deadpool and the rest have impacted my life in a tremendous way. At 51 years old, I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for enjoying Deadpool in all his many forms and maybe celebrate him by going to see Once Upon A Deadpool tonight as it rolls out it’s 2 week theatrical run! $1 dollar to every ticket goes to fight cancer! #fudgecancer #deadpool #xforce #cable #domino #marvel #robliefeld
We didn’t mean to put Stan to sleep here. Honest. But he told us we were boring him 😂. #classic #90s My Ralph Lauren Polo Jean jacket was my constant for many years. #polo #ralphlauren #stanlee #robliefeld #jimlee #toddmcfarlane #whilceportacio #boyband #marvel also, I’m 12 here.
This is the only time I collaborated artistically with @jimlee , taken from a Wolverine story I wrote and illustrated back in 1990. From time to time, my peers and I would ask each other for assistance or favors and take turns inking each other’s work, the results were always fun. This was my favorite page in the final chapter and I phoned up Jim and ask him if he would ink it up. He was happy to help out and I sent it to him and as you can see the results were fantastic, although un-credited! I never saw the actual art in person until I attended a convention in Baltimore in 2005 and the owner of the art presented it to me to sign it. The original art had never been returned to myself or Jim and I thought it was lost to the sands of time. The owner said he bought it from another inker I had worked with on the story which still irks me as that individual knew that it was not a product of his own work but failed to return it, selling it instead. Regardless, I informed the owner that this was the only time Jim Lee had inked me and he flipped out knowing that he owned a truly historic piece of art. So now you know a little unknown history as well. #wolverine #robliefeld #jimlee #marvel #xmen
So excited for my buddy Zach to blow everyone away with his performance in SHAZAM!! From everything I’ve seen, heard, glimpsed & experienced, expect a breakout hit with a fresh new flavor for @dccomics cinematic universe!! #shazam #dcuniverse
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