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When the GM of The Houston Rockets is the self proclaimed biggest “Cable & X-Force” fan! PERKS!!! #lakers home opener!! #lebronjames #lebron #la THANK YOU @darylmorey #houstonrockets #nba
Now that you’ve seen Hawk & Dove explode on to your screen in glorious live action, catch up with their comic book adventures, available digitally from @comixology These are some of my favorite comics I’ve produced! Enjoy and watch for more from DC’s #Titans ! #robliefeld #hawkanddove #dccomics
LICENSED TO DRIVE!!! Congrats @chaseliefeld ! Proud of you, son! Look out road!!
From deep in the sacred archives!! You know you’ve never seen this before! My new office/change of address notice that I sent out in 1988. All my cartoonist buddies were drawing themselves into their notices so I figured, as a newbie, I’d do the same and include the characters I was producing at the time. So, there I am, 20 years old, complete with mullet. I loved that office, so much so that years later, I went back to re-visit it only to discover that it had been bulldozed! Happy Hawk & Dove day. Go catch them on #Titans ! #robliefeld #hawkanddove #dccomics
The family went for sandwiches before the movie and made some art for all of you. Rob, Joy & Chase originals! Get em while they’re hot! #robliefeld #deadpool #simpsons #whichwhich #marvel
I guess a little bit of that luck I infused Domino with has rubbed off on me! Far and away the two most influential & transcendental female characters I introduced to the comic book pantheon are Domino & Dove/Dawn. They are both making their live action screen debuts in 2018! The same year, really?? Pinch me! And each is spectacularly portrayed and brought to rich cinematic by the stellar talents of @zaziebeetz & @minkakelly We all could not be more ridiculously fortunate! Dove arrives on #Titans tomorrow and Domino is coming back for another round with a unique vision of Deadpool 2 this holiday season! YAY US!! #robliefeld #deadpool #domino #dove #xforce #hawkanddove #dccomics #marvel #robliefeldcreations 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
Black Panther V Deadpool arrives next week! My 3 exclusive limited variants will be debut at @comicconla ! Standard cover and 2 virgin variants are available to pre-order at my site, link in bio! #robliefeld #deadpool #blackpanther #xforce #marvel
Yes, I am ridiculously proud of the work I did on Hawk & Dove. Me and the Kesel’s revitalized an old character while introducing an all new one! And believe me, Dawn Granger was an all new addition to the pantheon, adding a fresh dynamic to the concept. I was fortunate to revisit Dove and Hawk years later with their 2011 re-launch. Catch them make their live screen debut on Friday on #Titans ! This except is from DC Comics:Year By Year book, highlighting each year’s milestones. #robliefeld #hawkanddove #dccomics #barabararandall #karlkesel #steveditko
Chance to draw the greatest super hero of all time. Help me pick one at the rough pencil stage. Left or right?
Long Lost picture of myself and Mr. Man, @therealstanlee himself. Judging by the shirt and my fabled Youngblood spaceship in the background, it’s gotta be San Diego,1994. Good times, many decades back! Stylin’ #stanlee Rousin’ #robliefeld #marvel
Found these Deadpool/Cable Heroclix in a box of stuff. Are Heroclix still a thing? So tiny! #deadpool #cable #xforce #robliefeld #marvel
It’s HAWK & DOVE week! As we fly towards Friday and the live action debut of Hank Hall & Dawn Granger@on TITANS, I’ll be featuring all sorts of rare glimpses of art and memories in my feed! It’s vey exciting to see these characters come to life on screen, especially considering how transformative they were for my career. My first assignment was bringing Dawn/Dove to life alongside Barbara Randall & Karl Kesel, and boy did we have high hopes! You guys carried our new Dove to greater heights than we could have hoped for. The new dynamic we introduced produced all new excitement and fervor with fans. Thank you all!! You are going to love seeing them portrayed by Alan Ritchson & Minka Kelly in episode 2 of Titans, appropriately titled “Hawk & Dove”. It drops this Friday! #titans #hawkandove #robliefeld #dccomics #steveditko
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