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Something to vibe to !!!! New QUEMIX Pt. 3 out now on SoundCloud!!! ItsFYBorNothing get it now before they make us remove it.
It’s that time of the year again !!!!! October 26 “LOVE ME NOW!!!!!!! 1☂️MOB My little brotha @torylanez with another classic album to vibe too ... whole album 🔥
New work w| @frenchmontana feat: @champagnepapi “No Stylist” Grooming on @frenchmontana by my brotha @jonathan494 #GO #TEAMMVA
Thank you sissy @rasheedaameera 🙌🏼 new work with @quavohuncho “Bubble Gum Music” HOG by: @rasheedaameera | Lead assistant @love.char and assisted by: @michaelvincentacademy own @tiffanysuzuki @ginaisabl @_diananohely & etc
New work w| my lil cousin @phora feat: @6lack “Stuck In My Ways” Directed by: my lil brotha @george_orozco | Grooming on Phora by: my guy @flare_thebarber #GO #TEAMMVA
You can add another one to resume ... Shout out to my primo @superdupermaxi 🙌🏼 along with the usuals @oono_oyunjargal @mizzlizzybee @julieeedinhh @_diananohely @sen.alonzo @tiffanysuzuki & @globalcuts of @michaelvincentacademy | H.O.G @superdupermaxi | Grooming on: @ozuna by: @mizzlizzybee | Grooming on @djsnake by: @oono_oyunjargal new work with @djsnake feat: @iamcardib @ozuna & @selenagomez “TAKI TAKI” out now on every platform
Let this sink in 😬
Shout out to my primo @superdupermaxi 👌🙌🏼 Back with another one but this time with @21poilotts “My Blood” & Assisted by: @michaelvincentacademy
Out now 23 by: @jacquees #FYB
just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️
hanging out with my high school crush @meagangood lol & the family ... @fadedbygustavo in the back trying to get his cameo lol 😂 👀 at your boy @cuatro20ent
the other night w| team ...
Since people can’t get enough of @seniesa_superbad here’s another one for you ..... Shot by: my brotha @themichaelvincent | Glam by: @_diananohely | Produce by: yrs truly | Another MVA Presentation | Special thank you my cousin @marqueefights & for the plug and product ....y
This Tuesday “London” By: my little brotha @jacquees drop’s Tuesday! Another @fybinc exclusive !!!
Another one with sissy @nikkiparisi New work with @tyga “SweapMeat” HOG By: @nikkiparisi along with @julieeedinhh @oono_oyunjargal & @michaelvincentacademy own @emilykimmakeup etc
New work with the baddest chick 🐥😍 in boxing @seniesa_superbad | Shot By: my brother @themichaelvincent | Glam by: @_diananohely | Produce by: yrs truly ..... Shout out to for the product | Another @michaelvincentacademy presentation. Wouldn’t had happen with out my cousin @marqueefights 🔌
Another one w| my sissy @rasheedaameera new work with @gashi “Creep on Me” Feat: @djsnake and @frenchmontana | HOG by: @rasheedaameera and assisted by: @michaelvincentacademy own @ginaisabl @pricillasalgado and @tiffanysuzuki | Grooming on French by: @jonathan494 | Grooming on Gashi by: @youngjocey | Grooming on Dj Snake by: @bombshell.mua
Another one w| my sissy New work w| my guy @richthekid “Leave Me” HOG By: @rasheedaameera and assisted by: @michaelvincentacademy @cagne_liann
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