Robert David Sullivan

New York resident, Boston native. @americamedia

Why are Kang and Kodos on my mom’s living-room rug?
Hey everybody, it’s goddamn adio City Music Hall again!
Saturday dinner for one. But the flags make it FESTIVE.
David Lynch directs my mom’s house.
New York is most colorful when the sky is gray.
Broccoli Park
In case you thought Boston was all-vegan.
Wow, nice to see streets reclaimed for pedestrians in downtown Boston!
How long do you think these postcards have been for sale, and how upset would the souvenir shop owner be if his assistant forgot to bring them in out of the rain? Maybe Dunkies will buy the lot to pulp and use as extender in its $5 ice cream drinks.
“Hey, guys, I brought doughnuts for the staff meeting!” “Uh, Bob, we’re going to have to make some changes in your department...” “...😧...😠... Excuse me, I’ll be back in a minute.”
Tragically dropped child’s toy or train part whose absence will lead to a derailment?
New in Boston and faced with the question of whether to trust directions from a guy in a lobster suit.
As close as I’ll ever get to Andrew Rannells.
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