Rhea Chakraborty

Twitter :@Tweet2Rhea. Smile a lot , because one day all your teeth will fall off 😬. #rheality

#10yearschallenge This is how I want to be 10 years from now , and 10 years from then and then and then HAPPY , TANNED, DANCING, ON A BEACH #rheality
Happy Lohri ✨
When someone tells me they don’t eat carbs 🤪 #carbivore #rheality 📸 @anaayaudhas 💕
Somewhere in between hope and belief , I found my #rheality 📸 - @karishma 💕 #roomie
#Feels Ps- excuse the singing ! #rheality Hi @shruti_modi 💥
Did you miss me ? 🐬 #rheality
I have a serious question ! Is it just me , or do you’ll also suffer from “I thought I looked better “ syndrome , after seeing your passport photos? #rheality
The perfect season of joy, love and happiness. Thank you @SamsungIndia for adding to my joy with the all new #GalaxyNote9 in #AlpineWhite .
Here’s to you 2019, be kind my love ! Promise to share macaroons with you #rheality
Building my dream castle little by little , besides Rome wasn’t built in one day ! Ready for you 2019 #rheality
Best night out @barrelmansion Best boys - @ritik_bhasin @suved ✨⚡️💥✨💥⚡️✨⚡️💥✨⚡️💥
Tag someone who has a gummy smile 😁#rheality
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