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All 120 guests lined up outside after this couple's dog-friendly ceremony, at Lake Windermere in Cumbria, England. They surprised the newlyweds by throwing confetti. @siobhanbealesphoto , a friend of the bride and groom and their photographer for the day, was positioned at the end of the tunnel to capture the confetti toss. However, before the couple could make their way through the path, their little West Highland Terrier, Tish, beat them to it. "Tish casually strolled through thinking the tunnel was for her," Beales says. "The guests loved this! And since I had already changed my settings to capture the confetti with no blurring, this frame came out perfectly." #RfPOTD
This couple lives in Australia and traveled all the way to their homeland of Latvia to have engagement photos done with Zanda Markitane of @zanda_photography. She suggested having the shoot at a local deer park to incorporate the natural beauty of the country, and the couple was totally game. "The couple loved them," Markitane says, but from her perspective, they were a bit challenging to capture on camera. "I can't tell deer what to do, so it was hard to get the right frame with all of them looking nice at the same time," she says. Luckily, she managed to get a few frames filled with both the animals and the couple's romance. "My favorite part of this frame is that the focus is on the deers and it looks like the couple is hiding in between them, just having a great time." #RfPOTD
This adorable family reached out to Duluth, Minnesota-based photographer Hosanna of @nshorephotos on Instagram to request her services for a photo session during their annual visit to Lake Superior. They wanted an intimate session of the foursome, as the mom was expecting her third child in a few months. "There is something to be said for posing, for styling and for directing, but what I find beautiful and heartfelt is the real moment of humans enjoying time and space together," she says. "When documenting families, I am mostly thinking of the children and how they might view these images when they are adults. A lot of the joy and pain of life may happen between now and then, but I want to be able to give them photographs of the love that was felt in this moment." #RfPOTD
This was captured during the ceremony of couple Tamsin and Daniel's three-day wedding near Exmoor National Park in southwest England. The couple tied the knot with several traditional Jewish rituals—a first for documentarian @leemaxwellphotography. But while the rituals may have been new to him, he captured them without fear or hesitation. "Some of the Jewish traditions included breaking of glass to conclude the ceremony and what can only be described as high-risk dancing," he says. "So much fun to capture!" Fortunately, this sweet moment under the chuppah presents the perfect memory for the couple before they kicked off the rest of the celebration, and their lives, together. #RfPOTD
When @xavi_baeli was asked to photograph this wedding, he was awestruck by the location, Fangar, and he was impressed by the couple's exquisite taste and very clear ideas. "Layla and Rob had a ceremony full of emotional moments," he says. "They had a fun exchange of vows surrounded by their families and friends, and they were constantly laughing and enjoying their day." Even though the threat of rain persisted throughout the day—"and if it rained, everything would have changed," Baeli admits—in the end, it stayed dry. "We had only 20 minutes for portraits," he adds, "but we moved quickly through corners of the farm and through the fields, places that were all conveniently close to the cocktail hour and the dinner venue." Take a look at more from this #RfWeddingoftheWeek , at rangefinderonline.com.
Photographer Aleksandra Błaszkowska [@blaszkowskaphoto ] captured this engagement portrait on a rainy day in a forest in her native Poland. It had been downpouring all morning before the portrait session, but fortunately the rain let up just as they were about to begin, leaving behind some puddles, mud and gorgeous light. Trailing through the soggy forest wasn't the hardest part of the session, Błaszkowska explains—it was getting the couple to feel natural in front of her lens. "Photography for me is 90 percent psychology, 10 percent taking pictures," she says. And once the couple started to relax, the natural elements worked in their favor to produce some beautifully lit imagery. "I treat the photo shoot with couples literally as a walk—we merely stop at places with beautiful light," the photographer explains. "For me, a natural photo like this emphasizes the incredible connection between them." #RfPOTD
Malaysia-based wedding photographer Ame of @ameirfikri captured this couple's maternity session at their apartment in Kuala Lumpur. Their apartment was a bit small for a photo shoot, but Ame moved some furniture around to take advantage of the natural light and intimate space. He also had to figure out how to get this shy couple to open up. "I lightened the mood by making light jokes and initiating small games between the session," he explains. As a result, the soon-to-be parents felt comfortable enough to embrace and act more natural in front of the camera. #RfPOTD
Polish photographer @iga_koczorowska (who now lives and works in Tuscany) titled this personal shot "Lullaby," which was inspired by, she says, "the beauty of my hometown in Poland where I grew up and the fairy tales that I used to read by the lake." It was a stormy August day, when the setting sun was getting partially covered by dark clouds. Koczorowski says the air was thick with tension and the light was warm and moody. "Ada was recommended as a model of rare beauty by my friend and she was wonderful to work with," she says. "She was easy-going, open and courageous." The majority of the shoot was in the water, which allowed the photographer to play with Ada’s reflection. "At the same time I had to be quick, because she was getting cold and the storm was getting close," she says. "Fortunately, we missed it." #RfPOTD
This shot won second place in the @lookslikefilm kids competition, taken by @stephanielynnhuber in Fort Meyer, Florida, using her GoPro HERO5. “The little girl was swimming towards her mother and I had an image like this in my head as I saw her swimming back towards the steps,” she says. “I put the GoPro on burst mode and bobbed it in and out of the water to create the blurred water line effect that I’d come to love. It gives an anonymous feeling to the photo that I really like.” In post, Huber wanted to capture the feeling of reaching out of the darkness towards light and edited to emphasize that feeling. “For me this photo represents the darkness we can all find ourselves swimming in, and the desire we still have to reach out towards other humans, towards light, towards love.” Read about the concepts and execution behind the winning images, at rangefinderonline.com.
For @andreamartinphoto , who won first place in the @lookslikefilm kids photo competition, her pet ducks and her friend’s red-haired daughter inspired this frame. “I was planning a shoot with her with the ducks at the lake,” she explains, “and as I was driving to the session, I had this idea of her ready to go swimming with her duck buddy. I ran into the dollar store and grabbed an inner tube and goggles. She executed my vision perfectly!” Read about the concepts and execution behind the winning images, at rangefinderonline.com.
For British Columbia-based family and maternity photographer Tara Miller [@thefocustreephotography ], this shot—which nabbed her third place in the @lookslikefilm kids photo competition—happened rather naturally. “I had taken my daughters out to meet my friend and her sons at her father-in-law’s house,” she says. “The kids were all playing in the front yard in the kiddie pool and eating at the picnic table. I lucked out with the sunset behind this cute little shed.” Read about the concepts and execution behind the winning images, at rangefinderonline.com.
The getting-ready room at the Villa Riccona in Poland was rather dark with moody lighting, but that's just what photographer @ewelinaziebaphoto needed. "I knew that the colors of the flowers and makeup would pop on a dark background," says Zięba, who only had two minutes to take photos once the bride's makeup was complete. She asked the bride to sit on a chair near a window and to look at the bouquet. "I told her that the portraits would be beautiful because she looks beautiful, and I said that her fiancé will see her in a moment and he will be so impressed," the photographer recalls. That's when the bride gave this sweet, relaxed smile, and Zięba knew she had just the shot she wanted: "It seemed like all the stress had completely left her." #RfPOTD
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