James Foster

I like to dig and stuff #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark

Heading north with @susha_revs_77 and Finn looking for the next project #revolutionbikepark #revs4evs
I’ve waited years to build down this section of hill. The dirt is unreal so i can’t wait to start this next trail #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
View from the new shelter. No place like home ❤️ #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
@50to01 jam limited spots so get booked on if you wanna ride with them. #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
We have a uplift this coming Wednesday. We will be opening a new downhill trail that day as well. Book through the website as normal if your keen. #GingerBobcat #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
#GingerBobcat opening next weekend. If you don’t like roots and deep loam the Freeride is running mint 😂 #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
So good to be back digging a new dh trail. #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Little bob will go anywhere 😉 #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Uplift this coming Wednesday if anyone’s keen for a mid week ride. 👍 #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Full edit of the new Freeride is up. Check the link in the bio. @mattylambert killing it on the 📹
Freeride trail top to bottom opening this Friday. Full edit coming tomorrow #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark 📹 @mattylambert
Bottom section looking good #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark 📷@mattylambert
I had short hair when we started this build. Still shaping as the sun goes down ❤️😎 Friday 17th August the Freeride will finally be open from the top of the hill all the way to the bottom. Who’s coming for some laps? #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Kept the digger cranking till 1.30am last night to break the back of this build. Well happy with how this section has turned out. No shovel or rakes needed with the @engcon_uk Not long now #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Evening dig scratching in some corners. @engcon_uk making life so good. Ghetto rock stack in honour of @3_dumb & @jp_sculpt #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
We’re working like crazy to get this line finished. @mattylambert is booked to film. Hopefully mid August the full trail will be open to ride. Who’s coming?? #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Lower section of the red getting some love while we build the Freeride trail #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Last lander taking shape. We still have a big section to build further up the hill but hopefully we will have the whole Freeride trail open mid/late August. 10 months we’ve been on this so can’t wait for it to be done and send a full lap. #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
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