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I like to dig and stuff #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark

Good news this morning. No snow and we’re good to go. See you all in a few hours. 👍🏼
For those riding Sunday 10th Feb. There is a possibility of some snow over night. We’re not sure how much or if it might affect tomorrow’s uplift. We will be checking the hill at 0600 and will update by 0630 in the morning. Please keep an eye on social media and check before you set off in the morning. Thanks #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
CANCELLATION SUNDAY 3rd FEB The sun is out but the hill is on the wrong side of the valley to get any of it! Unfortunately we are cancelling Sunday’s uplift. As before, if you’d like to transfer and YOU KNOW THE DATE YOU’D LIKE TO COME AGAIN please email by 6pm this evening. Otherwise you will be automatically refunded (no need to contact me for that). Sorry for any inconvenience. 🤘🏼#revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
CANCELLATION SAT 2nd FEB. News back from James, Tim and the trail crew is that it’s like a fridge up on the hill and although we’ve had no more snow, unfortunately the bit we do have leftover from earlier in the week doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. So we are cancelling tomorrow’s uplift. We won’t make a decision about Sunday yet but will update as and when we can. If you’d like to transfer your booking AND YOU KNOW THE DATE YOU’D LIKE TO TRANSFER TO please email by 6pm this evening and let me know. Otherwise everyone will be refunded. No need to contact me if you’d like the refund. All refunds will be processed over the next 24 hours. Thanks, sorry for any inconvenience. Roll on Spring!! 🤘🏼
Unfortunately we still have quite a bit of snow on the hill. There’s more forecasted for tonight so we are CANCELLING Fridays February 1st uplift. We will post an update about the rest of the weekend tomorrow. Thanks 👎#revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Weather update for Sunday 27th Jan. James is just back from checking the hill, we’ve had no snow overnight, just had a bit of a hail storm but that’s stopped now too. At this moment we’re good to run, we’ll be checking between now and 9am so please keep checking social media in case anything drastically changes between now and then. Thanks
Weather update for Sunday. We’ve been open today, although it was a wet one. There is some snow forecast overnight but it’s impossible to say now whether or not it will arrive and if it does whether it is enough to affect tomorrow’s uplift. We will keeping a close eye on things and will check the hill at 6am and post an update on social media and emails by 0630 in the morning so please check before you set off. Thanks 🤘🏼
The snow has finally gone and it’s a balmy 7 degrees so were open tomorrow(not this lander though) #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
CANCELLATION SUNDAY 20th JAN This is the uplift track as of about 10mins ago. The bottom half of the park has thawed but the top is under a layer of freezing fog. As yesterday, if you would like to transfer your date and you know the date you’d like to come, please EMAIL before 10pm tonight. Otherwise all refunds will be processed within the next 24 hours. Thanks.
Closed Saturday 19th Jan. Unfortunately we are going to have to cancel tomorrow’s uplift due to snow. It’s a bummer but can’t choose the weather. Full refunds will be given within the next 24 hours. If anyone wants to transfer AND THEY KNOW THE DATE THEY WANT TO TRANSFER to, let me know VIA EMAIL before 10pm. Thanks
Stacking and packing for a mega new project with @veroniquesandler #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
The never ending clean up continues #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Not your normal bikes at Revs #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
First time Down @black_mountains_cycle today. Mega days riding on their trails. 👍👍#blackmountaincyclecentre #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Unreal dirt on this build. Step up road gap for the start of 2019 #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
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