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Erie PA has a hot new wrestling promotion in town

Big League John McChesney is back to give you all the details on A Nightmare on State Street, Saturday Night October 27th. We're back to our normal 7PM Bell Time. Plenty of great seats still available. Message us now at to pre order yours today! Full video up on Facebook & Youtube!
Two weeks from tomorrow the number one wrestling promotion in Erie returns to The Avalon for A Nightmare on State Street! At Revenge we're all about finding the best new talent and giving them opportunity. Saturday October 27th "Swipe Right" Joe Keys makes his debut for Revenge. He's no stranger to hard hitting competitive action. Joe Keys has appeared on Ring of Honor and won the 2018 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup for Maryland Championship Wrestling. He's at the top of his game in the ring. And out of the ring he can swipe right all night. Don't miss the debut of Joe Keys Saturday October 27th at The Avalon.
Buckle up, this one is gonna be a hell of ride. Last month at Friday Night Fights, Revenge got a taste of the new and improved Rex Brody. The Stuntman picked up the win while putting wrestling above safety. Puf competed in his first ladder match ever at Friday Night Fights. He didn't get the win, but got the house rocking with his Earth Wind & Fire dance off. At A Nightmare on Elm Street Saturday October 27th The Stuntman goes 1 on 1 with Puf!
At Friday Night Fights, Krimson made the jump to Revenge. When his music hit during the No DQ Match with Wardlow & War Child everyone assumed he was there to help War Child. Instead he spit mist right into War Child's face causing him to be pinned for the first time in 4 years. But why? At A Nightmare on State Street War Child is looking for answers. What's next for The Dead Wrestling Society?
Let's make A Nightmare on State Street one big Halloween bash! You're encouraged to dress up in costume. The event will end by 10PM and you get in FREE to the official after party at The Avalon (21 & over). We'll have a raffle for the 6ft animatronic Jack Skellington along with prizes for kids costumes at the event. The after party will also have prizes for best costume. Even if you already have Halloween plans downtown, our event will be done before they begin. And we're within walking distance of every bar downtown! Come to the show and start your night off right with some wrestling action!
October 27th PB Smooth takes on an Evolve superstar with an impressive reputation. But he's ready for the fight. And that's what it'll be. A fight. Can PB prove that he's the ultimate style master? Or will "The Bone Collector" prove that his skill & technique can't be mastered. Be there live October 27th at The Avalon! Full video up on Facebook & Youtube.
Just announced, Dominic Garrini makes his Revenge debut October 27th. "The Bone Collector" is a legitimate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitive fighter. He's a regular for Evolve. He's also one of the best catch wrestlers in the world. He's battled UFC legend Dan Severn, & UFC star Tom Lawlor before. Originally trained by Johnny Gargano, he's now the head trainer of the AIW Wrestling school. On October 27th he gets his chance to prove PB can't master his style, and make PB tap out.
Revenge returns to The Avalon THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY for A Nightmare on State Street. Just signed, Pretty Boy Smooth will take on Evolve superstar "The Bone Collector" Dominic Garrini. PB has been on a roll in Revenge, trying to prove he can wrestle every style out there. He's fought a suplex throwing hoss, an arrogant high flying hybrid athlete, and now he tests himself against a master of mixed martial arts & catch wrestling. "The Bone Collector" is a legitimate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitive fighter. He's a regular for Evolve. He's also one of the best catch wrestlers in the world. He's battled UFC legend Dan Severn, & UFC star Tom Lawlor before, and now he comes to Revenge looking to prove Mr Fresh 2 Death can't master his style. On October 27th size & strength battles technique and skill. The Pretty Boy vs The Bone Collector!
Friday Night Fights 2018 is now available on DVD & Digital Download! Our DVD Teaser will be up on Facebook & Youtube later tonight. Check it out and feel the excitement. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #FridayNightFights #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #indywrestling #laddermatch #streetfight
At A Nightmare on State Street Saturday October 27th we've partnered with @joe_the_beard to take part in a charity raffle for Spirit of Children. You can win a 6 Foot Tall animatronic Jack Skellington! 100% of all donations benefit Shriner's Child Life Department. Each donation gets you a Spirit of Children bracelet. 1 ticket for $2, 5 tickets for $5, & 15 tickets for $10. Help us support a great cause! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #spiritofchildren #spirithalloween #charity #shrinershospital #jackskellington
A.K.A. has beaten Chris LeRusso twice in a row now after making him tap out at Friday Night Fights. LeRusso was enraged he lost again and attacked A.K.A. after the match. A.K.A. then said he's beaten him twice now, and he can do it again... in one night. Then he challenged LeRusso to a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at A Nightmare on State Street. Was it just a fluke? Can he beat Lerusso twice in one night? Will Lerusso finally prove that he's better than AKA? Only one way to find out! Be there live October 27th at The Avalon. Second row seats still available. Email to pre order now and skip the lines. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #eriepa #ANightmareOnStateStreet
Eh-Plus Ryan Cassidy made his debut at Friday Night Fights against Rex Brody. He didn't pull out the win but he put up a hell of a showing. Ryan Cassidy is one of Colin Delaney's trainees and even in defeat he did Colin proud. Who wants to see Ryan Cassidy return on a future Revenge event?
We are exactly FOUR WEEKS AWAY from A Nightmare on State Street at The Avalon! Plenty of second row seats available. Email us now to pre order at ! The main event is a no rules Nightmare on State Street fight! It's also Big League's return to the ring from injury. In his first match back in over a year, Erie Elite teams for the first time in 3 years! "Big League" John McChesney & The Cruiserweight Horror Story "Omega" Aaron Draven team up against "The Remix" Kevin Bennett & The man with War in his name... Wardlow! #ANightmareOnStateStreet #RevengePro #IWantRevenge
At Friday Night Fights "Violent" Vance Desmond officially came out of retirement. He's back full time and Revenge exclusive in Erie. Vance is one hell of a ring general with a violent mean streak. Vance Desmond has signed on to compete at A Nightmare on State Street October 27th. Who will he face? You have to be there live to find out.
#TeamStorm is growing. In Remix Pro Wrestling, Morgan has been an instrumental part of helping Jack Pollock have a reign as Remix Riot Champion & Team Storm becoming The Remix Tag Team Champions. She's not afraid to get in there and mix it up with anyone. Especially if that helps her guys keep their championships. The Mane Event found this out first hand at Friday Night Fights. Now that she's a full fledged member of the Revenge roster, how can Team Storm be beat?
Special shout out to Tim Walters of TMK Wrestling Photography for the great shots he took at Friday Night Fights. Follow his page on Facebook & Instagram at TMK Pro Wrestling Photography. The folder with pictures from Friday Night Fights is up now on the TMK Facebook, and will be up on our page later today. Everyone make sure to credit TMK Wrestling Photography if you use any of his shots. @tmkprowrestlingphotography #tmkwrestlingphotography
You never know who is going to show up at a Revenge event! "Luscious" Rocky Reynolds made his Revenge debut as a surprise bonus 7th entrant in The Remix Riot Title Ladder Match. And he brought that jacket that helped launch him into a viral sensation. Who wants to see Rocky Reynolds return on a future Revenge event? Who would you like to see him wrestle? #IWantRevenge
You never know who will show up at a Revenge event! Krimson has made the jump and now is Revenge exclusive in Erie! The King of The Wicked Ones came down in the middle of Wardlow vs War Child... and spit mist into War Child's face. Why would he do that to his own creation? While Krimson loves choas, he usually has a plan for everything he does. What will happen at A Nightmare on State Street with Krimson & War Child in the same building again? Be there live at The Avalon October 27th and find out! #IWantRevenge #Krimson #ANightmareOnStateStreet
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