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Erie PA has a hot new wrestling promotion in town

After a successful defense of her IWC Women's Title last night, Katie Arquette has her sights set on Erie. And she's offended by Kate Carney calling herself a queen. Who is the real queen of the Revenge Women's Division... The Queen of The Silver Screen or The Queen Midas of Pro Wrestling? Will Kate Carney shock everyone, or will she be proven to be a pretender to Katie Arquette's throne? Find out live at Revenge Pro "Winter Beyond The Wall" Saturday December 29th! Full video up on Facebook & Youtube. #RevengePro #Revenge #IWantRevenge #iwcwrestling #WomensWrestling #katiearquette #katecarney #ErieWrestling #eriepa
On December 29th The Mane Event team with a Mystery Partner to face Team Storm in a Six Man Tag Match. It sounds like they have someone in mind. Does that mean someone already in Revenge? Or did they reach out and find a new talent to join the roster? We don't know for sure, so we'll all find out together at Winter Beyond The Wall exactly THREE WEEKS from today! Full video up on Facebook & Youtube. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #Revenge #TME #TheManeEvent #ErieWrestling #eriepa #IWCwrestling
Just signed for December 29th! Jack Pollock makes his in ring debut for Revenge as all three member of #TeamStorm take on The Mane Event & a Mystery Partner in a Six Man Tag Match! Team Storm has always had the numbers advantage. The Mane Event realized they had to go out and find a partner to even things up. Who will they choose? And can they work together as well as Team Storm? Find out December 29th at The Avalon when the number one wrestling promotion in Erie, Revenge Pro, presents "Winter Beyond The Wall"! #Revenge #RevengePro #IWantRevenge #iwcwrestling #indywrestling #prowrestling #eriepa
"The Man Dime" Elijah Dean is a recent graduate of the Iron City Wrestling Academy (IWC Wrestling's training school). He has all the potential in the world, but he's decided to put that on hold to be a part of The Arquette Entourage. He's become a manager of sorts, more like an assistant or agent, for Katie Arquette since she won the IWC Women's Championship. The Man Dime makes his Revenge debut December 29th in Katie's corner for her title defense against Kate Carney. Will he get involved in the match? Or will he stick to blocking flash photography around ringside for the champ? Only one way to find out. Be there live December 29th.
#BreakingNews Just signed for December 29th, our second Revenge Women's Division match will be for the IWC Women's Title! "The Queen of The Silver Screen" Katie Arquette made Britt Baker tap out to become IWC Women's Champion. And she did it with former WCW Champion & The star of Scream, her cousin David Arquette, by her side. Kate Carney debuted at A Nightmare On State Street and defeated Badger in the middle of the ring with a Code Breaker to the side of her face. She's been granted a huge opportunity to challenge for the most prestigious Women's Title in the area. But she'll have to contend with Arquette's "Boo Thing" The Man Dime Elijah Dean. He's become a manager / door holder / assistant / agent for Katie Arquette since becoming champion. Don't miss out on this one. Be there live on December 29th and show your support to the women revolutionizing the independent wrestling scene! #IWantRevenge #Revenge #RevengePro #womenswrestling #womensrevolution #IWCwrestling #davidarquette #indywrestling #prowrestling #eriepa
It's finally December, time to get focused on "Winter Beyond The Wall" just 4 WEEKS AWAY from today! Let's kick December off with a big match announcement. At A Nightmare on State Street two of Buffalo's best stole the show. Kevin Blackwood got the win, but it didn't settle the debate of who the best of The Buffalo Brothers was. Daniel Garcia wanted another shot to prove he's the best of The Buffalo Brothers. Enter The Remix. Kevin Bennett is one of the best talents going today, and also happens to be from Buffalo too. So Revenge management decided to give the fans another taste of this heated Buffalo battle, but remixed. In 4 weeks at Winter Beyond The Wall it's a Triple Threat Match! Kevin Bennett vs Kevin Blackwood vs Daniel Garcia! #IWantRevenge #Revenge #RevengePro #indywrestling #BuffaloWrestling #ESWwrestling #prowrestling #eriepa #ErieWrestling
Revenge returns 4 weeks from tomorrow night, December 29th, for our next big event "Winter Beyond The Wall". Front row is totally sold out. We're down to only 22 second row seats left. Second row will sell out soon. Don't miss out. Get as close to the action as possible. Here's the current available seating chart. Get your tickets now by emailing us at
Revenge returns Saturday December 29th (exactly 5 weeks away), for Winter Beyond The Wall at the Avalon. You guys wanted more women's matches and we're going to deliver. This is the first of two matches scheduled for The Revenge Women's Division on December 29th. Lady Frost will finally make her in ring debut for Revenge. She made sure Badger's music didn't play through her match at A Nightmare on State Street, and then attacked her & Kate Carney once the match was over. Badger is never one to complain, she just wants to kick some ass. December 29th Honey Badger faces the debuting Lady Frost! Will civility reign, or will Badger rip her face off? Be there live to find out! #IWantRevenge #Revenge #RevengePro #WinterBeyondTheWall #WomensWrestling #womensrevolution
Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it's time to start getting excited about gifts. And December 29th Revenge Management is giving our fans "The Biggest Gift of All". We aren't giving out any hints. You just gotta be there to experience this one live. We promise you wont be let down! Front row is sold out. We're down to 25 second row seats left. Get your orders in now to make sure you get to witness this moment up close!
At A Nightmare on State Street Jack Manic made his Revenge debut. It didn't last long, and War Child basically murdered him, but he's young and resilient. Jack Manic was trained by Vance Desmond at The Violence Academy. Although he's still a rookie he's already won championships in West Virginia. He's only getting started and you never know when he's going to pop back up in Revenge.
Puf demanded it. The fans agreed. Now it's official. Six weeks from tonight Revenge returns to The Avalon for Winter Beyond The Wall. And Revenge may just have a new owner when the night is over. Puf has been vocal about thinking he can make Revenge even better if he was in charge. He asked for it and Omega has accepted. If Puf wins, he gets a trail run as owner for a night. Can Puf defeat the more experience Omega? Will Aaron Draven be able to beat the much larger Puf? Only one thing is for sure, this one is gonna be wild! Don't miss out on Revenge's return December 29th! #IWantRevenge #Revenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestling #eriepa #WinterBeyondTheWall #eswwrestling #aarondraven #puf
The Cosmic Cowboy Cole Cash made his debut at A Nightmare on State Street. He's a long time veteran of independent wrestling, having wrestled for over 15 years. He was the first man to ever hold The Remix Pro Riot Title, the same title now held by Omega. He's also one of the trainers at The Violence Academy wrestling school. Will we see him in Revenge again? Only he knows.
At A Nightmare on State Street we had some new faces debut on the Revenge roster. D.J. Jarka joined our officiating crew. Jarka has reffed for just about every promotion in upstate New York. Being a regular at ESW, Jarka knows how to keep the insanity in line. How did you think he did at A Nightmare on State Street?
The number one wrestling promotion in Erie returns exactly seven weeks from tonight, Saturday December 29th, for Winter Beyond The Wall at The Avalon! Already announced, the undefeated Pretty Boy Smooth continues his quest to master every style of wrestling when he goes one on one with one of the best technical wrestlers on the independent scene. Former ECW & 205 Live star Colin Delaney is just off appearances in Ring of Honor. He's at the top of his game. And he doesn't plan on slowing down. It's Mr Fresh 2 Death vs The Extreme Underdog. Don't miss the next Revenge event. Get your tickets now by emailing Front row is sold out. Second row is over half gone. Get your tickets today! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #WinterBeyondTheWall #AIWwrestling #ESWwrestling #indywrestling #prowrestling #eriepa
Event photos from A Nightmare on State Street are up on our Facebook page. Big thank you to @tmkprowrestlingphotography for the great shots as always! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #Revenge #ErieWrestling #eriepa #indywrestling #prowrestling #tmkwrestlingphotography
We return to The Avalon on Saturday December 29th with Winter Beyond The Wall. Tickets go on sale in just TWO HOURS by emailing Already announced, for the first time ever one on one The Face That Runs The Place "Big League" John McChesney faces The Man With War In His Name Wardlow! Erie Elite got the win at A Nightmare On State Street, but Wardlow was never pinned. He's pissed off and ready to bring the war December 29th! Do not miss this one! Get your tickets today!
Relive A Nightmare on State Street 2018 on DVD & Digital Download! Available now. Purchase by emailing us at -Digital Download $5 -DVD Pickup at Winter Beyond The Wall $5 -DVD Mailed To You $7 ($5 + $2 S&H) 1. 2 out of 3 Falls: AKA vs Chris LeRusso 2. Rex Body vs Puf 3. Kevin Blackwood vs Daniel Garcia 4. War Child Gauntlet Match 5. Victor Benjamin vs Colin Delaney 6. Vance Desmond vs Joe Keys 7. Pretty Boy Smooth vs Dom Garrini 8. Honey Badger vs Kate Carney 9. Nightmare on State Street Fight: Wardlow & Kevin Bennett vs Erie Elite
Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY at 6PM for Winter Beyond The Wall by emailing at -Anyone that pre ordered tickets to our last event will be able to message early at 5PM to re order their same seats. (Only if you're getting the same seats without any changes needed). -We're using the same seating chart as we did for Nightmare on State Street, so all ticket numbers will be the same as last show. Any questions let us know, thanks!
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