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An independent voice for the people of #PA01 . Former FBI Special Agent & Federal Prosecutor. EMT, CPA & Philly sports fan. #GoBirds

Family Promise of Lower Bucks provides support, housing, meals, and employment assistance to homeless families in our community. I stopped by their open house to learn more about their work and thank them for selflessly giving to others.
This morning I joined the Bucks County Community Foundation to present members of our community with awards recognizing the difference they are making in our community.
Yesterday, I joined our local firefighters and over 800 firefighters from around the nation at the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Legislative Conference. I’ve been working with the IAFF to make sure our brave first responders are given the resources and support they need to continue to support our communities And keep our families safe.
One of the greatest honors in serving our community in Congress is spending Christmas Day with our U.S. Troops deployed to war zones oversees, so that I can personally express the love and gratitude that our community has for their brave service and sacrifice. Today, on behalf of our community, I served Christmas dinner to our courageous heroes who’s missions include operations in Iraq and Syria. And I ran into Bucks County’s own Andrew Alexander of Doylestown and Mike Mignogna of Warrington, two courageous hometown heroes and public servants! To each and every one of you and your families, Merry Christmas! Please take a moment today to appreciate and love one another, and please take a brief moment to say a prayer for the courageous women and men who are away from their homes and families today out of sacrifice to each and every one of us, in order to protect us and keep us safe. Merry Christmas everyone!!
#LWCF helps our economy by protecting our great outdoor adventures! This in turn creates new businesses and jobs that allow us to to recreate and enjoy our treasured lands. Congress must #SaveLWCF
Today, on the anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, we remember the brave American servicemembers who lost their lives 77 years ago. We reflect on the service and sacrifice of every veteran who served in World War II. Their courage serves as a guide of American resiliency and patriotism. May we continue to honor all those who have bravely served our great nation.
America mourns as we lose a true American hero and true statesman, George Herbert Walker Bush. As one of the youngest Navy pilots during WWII, George H.W. Bush demonstrated remarkable patriotism and selfless humility. Through his steadfast leadership, President Bush guided our nation to the peaceful end of the Cold War, underscored with the demise of the Berlin Wall. May his profound legacy of public service serve as a reminder to all Americans, “We as a people have such a purpose today. It is to make kinder the face of the nation and gentler the face of the world.” Now he is reunited with Barbara, his beloved wife. I send my sincerest condolences to the Bush Family, who selflessly shared President Bush’s life with our nation for over seven decades. Rest in peace, Mr. President.
Since its establishment over 50 years ago, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has promoted recreational activity and contributed to our nation’s robust economy, along with conserving our national parks, forests, and critical wildlife areas. Today, we are demanding that Congressional leadership permanently reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The time is now to act. #savelwcf
During my return visit to Puerto Rico, I met with FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency officials at the Caribbean Area Division facility, which is responsible for emergency management in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This facility serves as a permanent FEMA presence in an area vulnerable for hurricanes and flooding and at risk for earthquakes/tsunamis. From there we inspected the Dorado Water Treatment Plant. Prior to Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico faced serious water infrastructure challenges involving contamination, poor investment, and a challenging geography. The hurricane greatly exacerbated these issues. While are efforts underway to repair and replace this infrastructure, much more needs to be done to provide sustainable clean drinking water. While in Dorado, I visited a VALOR home, which was a rebuilt house after the storm. Through the Voluntary Agencies Leading and Organizing Repair (VALOR) program, FEMA provides supplies and materials to different voluntary organizations to support essential, temporary repairs that allows survivors to move back to their homes. After the hurricane, more than 166,000 homes needed repair or reconstruction.
When our community works together, we get things done. Proud to present a federal grant in Lower Makefield Township to keep our kids safe. These grants are a result of the STOP School Violence Act, which passed earlier this year. The funds will bolster school security, educate students and faculty, and support law enforcement officers and first responders on school safety. Learn more:
Last month, I hosted @repjenniffer , Congresswoman from Puerto Rico, for a discussion in Bristol Borough, to discuss the progress being made in Puerto Rico following hurricanes Irma and Maria. As a result, Puerto Rico experienced an accelerated exodus of residents and physicians. Many people in our community are rightly concerned about the situation in Puerto Rico. Yesterday, I joined @repjennifferr to urge Congress to act. Learn about the legislation I've cosponsored to aid Puerto Rico’s post Hurricane Maria recovery and statehood efforts:
U.S. Army SGT Tom Rossi exemplifies the true spirit of an American Patriot—a citizen willing to risk everything to keep his country safe. His bravery and devotion to our nation demonstrates that the United States can and will rise to defeat the foes of freedom. I proudly presented SGT Rossi with the Congressional Gold Medal for his service in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The OSS was America’s first effort to implement a system of strategic intelligence and provided the basis for the modern day American intelligence and special operations communities. We will always remember the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the Office of Strategic Services for their indispensable contributions to victory in World War II.
A great morning with my colleague @reptomsuozzi and @theuso , filling care packages for our service men and women. We shared a message of support for military spouses. #MilSpouseSalute #BeTheForce
Protecting the cockpit of our nation’s planes is the simplest, cheapest and most effective method to prevent airplanes from being turned into weapons of war by those who seek to do us harm. Rep Josh Gottheimer and I joined Ellen Saracini at the Garden of Reflection 9/11 Memorial to call on Congress to pass H.R.911 - The Saracini Aviation Safety Act, which would mandate the installation of secondary flight deck barriers on commercial.
As a second generation Irish-American, I was proud to participate in the swearing in of 45 of our newest fellow Americans at the Historic Pennsbury Manor. Representing a diverse group of cultures and bringing a wealth of experiences, these individuals will continue to collectively better our communities in Bucks and Montgomery County. I speak for all of us in sending them our heartiest congratulations, and stand with these new citizens in their love for this nation and our shared values of freedom, democracy, and equality. Read more:
Fighting back against the Opioid Epidemic requires a clear approach that responds to the real-world concerns expressed by local lawmakers, community leaders and healthcare professionals across the nation. I hosted Chairman Michael McCaul of the Homeland Security Committee at Bucks County Community College to examine how Bucks and Montgomery Counties are fighting this epidemic locally.
Our constituents have a right to clean drinking water. The more we learn about PFOS and PFOA, the clearer the danger becomes. The EPA must respond to the latest scientific health study and implement an enforceable maximum contaminant level for PFOS and PFOA. It’s unacceptable that political considerations by Administrator Pruitt played any role in the release of this health study. We need transparency from our government. Since Mr. Pruitt has not provided that, he should leave. The federal government caused this public health crisis, and we will continue to hold them accountable for remediating this situation. Read more:
My bipartisan congressional delegation inspected the Tornillo Detention Facility near El Paso, Texas. I had the opportunity to speak with some of the kids at this facility and hear their stories. We must secure our borders and support our law enforcement with the resources needed to fulfill their mission. We can do this without separating families. If we’re going to be serious about immigration policy, the solution must be bipartisan and it must be guided by the facts and data on the ground.
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