Earl Blumenauer

Thank you @oregongovbrown and @oregonbusproject for your efforts on expanding access to the ballot box! I worked to include some of the Oregon voting model in H.R. 1, including vote-by-mail, automatic voter registration, and prepaid postage for federal elections. These initiatives give us transparency, unmatched security, and a stronger democracy for all people. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate and Gov. Brown in ensuring that voting in Oregon is accessible and hassle-free. #HR1 #ForThePeople #democracyatwork #vote #votingmatters
Protecting public lands is key to our future and to our children’s future. After tonight’s public lands public forum with @ronwyden at @mazamaspdx , I am even more committed to expanding our conservation vision for our families, our environment, and our planet.
Enjoyed speaking with Captain America, Chris Evans, about marijuana reform, voting rights, and bipartisanship in times of division in the nation's capital. I can do this all day!
Today @ronwyden and I met with Oregonians impacted by the #GOPTaxScam . Families depending on their tax returns for household expenses, education, and medical bills now face smaller returns, penalties or fines because of this political stunt. Sadly, this will be the norm across the country.
The movement to end gun violence is gaining momentum all across the country. We must stop this epidemic.
Nasty Women strike again. Thank you @nastywomengetshitdonepdx for the stylish “In Our America” bow tie! #NastyWomen #InOurAmerica
Just finished a press conference on the #GreenNewDeal with @ocasio2018 and Senator Ed Markey. We’re just getting started.
‪Enjoyed talking with my #SOTU guest @natemook about the outstanding work @wckitchen has done to feed families in need at home and around the globe. ‬ ‪Their philosophy to, in his words, “build longer tables, not walls” couldn’t ring more true tonight.‬
Thank you to the Vietnamese Community of Oregon - for inviting me to their Tet Festival, in celebration of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year! It’s always a fantastic reminder of our district’s vibrant, diverse community. #yearofthepig
Enjoyed my conversation last night with @nowthisnews and Pod Save the People about issues affecting our future like marijuana & criminal justice reform, equitable food & farm policy and, of course, bikes. 🚲 @iamderay & @mspackyetti also told me they're headed to Portland soon. PDX has a lot to offer, so give them some suggestions on where to eat and what to do!
Local unions are stepping up for our federal employees affected by the #TrumpShutdown , setting up a food distribution site for workers between their shifts. The collective action from our community in times of need is what makes me proud to be an Oregonian.
Watching @gabbygiffords walk on the House floor reminded me of the great memories campaigning with Gabby in Tucson early in her career and working together on her street car in Tuscon that is now up and running. It’s also painful having the memories come back of that day in 2011. I was in Arizona at the time of the attack and the pain felt by so many who loved Gabby, to say nothing of the other victims, will never be forgotten. But when I get to speak with the young gun violence activists and thank them for the work they are doing to end senseless gun violence, I become hopeful. They have made a difference and we will too. I've signed onto H.R. 8, ensuring universal background checks, to help end the gun violence epidemic once and for all.
✅Bikes ✅Livability ✅The fight for food ✅Our shared progressive agenda Just some of the things @ayannapressley and I will be working toward #ForThePeople . Plus, she got some #ioacider too! @nastywomengetshitdonepdx
Great conversation with @ocasio2018 about including the fight for food in the #GreenNewDeal . Oh, and of course I gave her some @nastywomengetshitdonepdx cider! Excited to get to work! #ForThePeople
Our democracy should be made available to everyone. We were able to include some of Oregon's innovations like vote by mail and paper ballots in #HR1 #ForThePeople
Extremely excited to start off the new Congress with an outstanding and diverse group of new members. Time to get to work!
Have you gotten a taste of a #BlumenauerFruitcake ? You can try a special fruitcake ice cream flavor that Earl personally crafted with the @saltandstraw team for this season! Head over to any Portland Salt and Straw location to get yours now. All proceeds from this flavor will go to @communitycyclingcenter. #foodstagram
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