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I use filters to make me look younger and less wrinkly 😂 but @ljharrisx needs no filters to show how lean she is just sheer results from hard work and dedication - * In 3 months lost 18 inches from her whole body eating the right amount of protein fats and carbs training 5 times a week but also enjoying her weekends as a lady should do 🏆 - - Didn't care about her actual (weight) on scales but over a stone lost but retaining her muscle tone as well as losing visible fat was more important than scales - * £65. Pounds well spent Laura! - - Had a great week This week welcomed 17 year old Harry to reinvention and adding another member always makes your social Media work more than worthwhile - - #THERECANBEONLYONE 🏆 #beforeandafter #personaltrainer #fatloss #leanbodies #derbysnumber1ptgym #derbysnumber1fitnessgym #darleyabbey #ukpt #supporteachother #fitspo #power
I present you death ☠ 615am tomorrow those who dare... Will shred - - Will all do the exercises at the same time We all die at the same time You shud all..... Have a black ☕ - - Those who don't get caffeined out of your heads will never understand why caffeine will make you train harder - * Your not going on a date where you mite Start twitching and itching and playing mind games to see if your hot date is going to think your a fruit loop - - Your entering a dark place tomorrow so gives your sefls the Ray of light and get a warm welcome of blackness inside your laughing tackle ☕ ☕ enjjjjjjjjjjjjjjoy - - I'm in a deal with nescafe you see if I get punters under my wing I get free ⛳ tickets to the pga tour finale!!! 😂 - - Remember.... #reinventionfitness #therecanbeonlyone 🏆 * * Our classes are busy day... And night - - That my followers...means we are very very good #derbysnumber1fitnessgym #carlinator
All the top pros have good coaches who give them the exercises that help them with certain fundamental skills that you need to hit a ball with power and speed but also maintain good balance in the process ⛳ 🏌️ - * Yes its all about accuracy but how many golfers lose their swing speed as age creeps on them or unwanted weight gets added on and flexibility decreases along with the fact your not hitting as far.... - - In any sport... You need to be fit to keep GETTING BETTER or at least maintain your confidence in your levels and not regress your game - - I follow a few top boys that train the best in the world.... - I know I'm at a basic level but to be getting levels above you have to know and do what you call.... GRAFT behind the scenes lots of practice on the course lots of work off it 💪 - - If you could add 50 yards to your driver would you train for it to increase swing speed?? 1mph can give you 4 yards... Do the math 👌 - - 4 sets of 50 band side to side pullies each arm x3 Single leg Kettlebell deadlifts 12kg x3 Left leg 2 right leg Jumps 20 each side x3 Boso ball overhead lunges 20 x 3 15 cable woodchops each arm x 4 Medicine ball side smash 50 each arm - - #reinventionfitness #workhard #power #core #balance #speed #golf #golf #pt #ukpt
Always getting back to people who like my reinvention page on Facebook offering a free trial.... In life you you stop as much as you want but what happens then is NOTHING - - GET MORE MEMBERS...... if i lose 2...i want 4 new ones... - - #THERECANBEONLYONE 🏆 #gaffer #bossman #makeyourownmoney - - 30 plus gyms in Derby all my fellow independent bothers and sisters know this game is hard... But I'm a major player 💷 🏋️ 🏆 - - #keepgoing #workhard #graft #reinventionfitness #derby #derbysnumber1fitnessgym
Had an unbelievable afternoon with the golfing legend @tourxgolf nick Hibbs this man's had world number ones in as well as Colin Montgomery and Bernard langer over the years even the golfing celebrities like Wayne Rooney there's sum big names on his pictures splattered all over this massive ⛳ fitting facility up here in wigan - - Today's stats on my driver was brilliant carrying 300 yard drives and my swing speed of 122 miles an hour meant I needed a driver and shaft made just for me wow I feel so important 😂 👆 🏌️ - * If you are serious about getting better at this unbelievably challenging sport you need to know numbers yes it's all about accuracy on the course but if you get the right tools to help you get more out of your game its more than worth the trip up here... - - Never mind all the world famous people nicks had.... today... HE HAD... THE CARLINATOR.... From derbados 😂 🙊 - - What set up.... What a place.... I turned up at Warrington at first I was lost and worried typed in the wrong address but my army skills rescued me... I got here in the end!! 👏... Back to derbados here I come #golf #power #bombs #golfgainz #driver
Nobody said it was easy.... That class was unbelievable stay switched on derbados its easy to slack off and put unwanted timber on this time of year... - - Monday morning off to a flying start at the fitness Palace keep training all year round - It's natural to not be in 5th gear all year round but dropping down to third is a process that is unacceptable 🏆 - * Still have to grind in the fat burning furnace amigos keep the flame 🔥 hot - - Have a great week 💪 #ukpt #carlinator #derbysnumber1fitnessgym #THERECANBEONLYONE 🏆
Where having it tomorrow 615am club my favorite morning 🔥 - * Wake up the best way by getting carlinated #reinventionfitness - - Get a strong ☕ looking forward to getting in the lions den no room for pussys stay at home if you want no muscle tone 😂 - #THERECANBEONLYONE 🏆
Members give this a go on the #skierg the tricep burner will write you clean off let's hope the power staring works in kates car 🔥 💪 - * We did 15 calorie intervals with 30 sec rest #cardio #fatburn #bringoutyourbest #lean #leanbodies #derbysnumber1ptgym #derbysnumber1fitnessgym #darleyabbey #ukpt #personaltrainer
@1985dannycsmith and myself earier.... Unbelievable session - - Give it a go mix up your weights with a bit of crossfit to maximise your intensity and more importantly shock your body... - * 10 reps 9 reps 8 reps Down to 1 on 100kg deadlifts and pull ups - - Then 1 rep 2 reps up to 10 55kg ball pick ups 20kg in each hand pressups curl and press 🔥 - - #carlinator #uk #lean #power #bringoutyourbest #reinventionfitness #derby #THERECANBEONLYONE
This morning exactly 615 am we woke up the muscles 💪 we ACTIVATED 🏆. - - #THERECANBEONLYONE #reinventionfitness - - From TRX... Barbells... Bodyweight we did it I'M AWAKE the #carlinator is ready unleash the #power - * Have a successful week well done to my crew #squad #members #clients #respect
Reeeeeeeinvention ladies give this a blast also all the instagram ladies it's a nice challenge 👍 - - @natalieclarkegolf did drop sets at the end of this as an additional treat off the fitness menu yesterday 👏 - - Make sure you've got a spotter when going heavy and also this lasts about 20 mins so adding a run after or intervals on the bike would keep adding extra spice - - If you want to make your batty grow you've got to go a little bit heavier it's good for the mind-body and soul 🏆 - - Nat has 4 to 5 meals a day don't be sacred of feeding the engine 🏋️ - - Give it a go 🔥 - #glutes #legs #bootyworkout #squats #legday #derbysnumber1ptgym
@_rocco07_ 11 years young with his leader @shinner144 positive action form our Reeeeiiiiinvention young guns - * #fitness #shreddedkids #derbysnumber1fitnessgym
Go and smash em son ♥ #soccerstars daddy's counting reps for the famalan but your mama is going to send me footage ⚽ #fatherandson - - What a proper little legend 😘 been with you him 24/7 for a week nearly... Now just seeing him 3 hours a day is a heart breaker but daddy's got to count reps son 😂 go and get a hat trick Lutheo spicy 15 quid that is!! 😄 🙌 — — 😎 🏆 #therecanbeonly1 luuuuuuuuuuutheeeeeeeeoooooo
Action pic at the end of a fantastic session 🥊 - - THE FITNESS MENU TONIGHT WITH MY PARTNER IN CRIME @ANDAAGRAM WAS - pads and bags plus bodyweight Sprints uphill with punches at top Abs and bodyweight at the end - CHECK out my story and follow @andaagram if you want 🥊 training 1-1 👏 🏆 - REEEEIIIIINVENTION BAAAAARMY ARMY 💪 😎 DERBADOS - #therecanbeonly1 #derbysnumber1fitnessgym #theindustry #derbysnumber1ptgym #payasyougo #nocontract #nocomplacency #journey #weightloss #lean #leanbodies #burnfat #fitspiration #justdoit
So proud of my mini athlete #lutheocarlin doing his first hot pot yoga session 👏 ♥ - * @hotpodyoga_derby thank you and we will be back again!!! — — 😎 🏆 #therecanbeonly1 #lutheocarlin @naomi_celfiesalon proud parents xxxx
Jo after 9 weeks of the 12 week challenge.... - - Looking forward to a couple of pictures that il post sum unbelievable transformations scary what you can do in 3 months of doing the 2 things that guarantee you results - Training 4 to 5 times a weeks and being in a calorie deficit - - It's so simple... So so simple... - LADS * If your lifting heavy... And still not growing... You are NOT EATING ENOUGH - - LADIES * if your training regularly and you've stopped seeing (fat loss) not weight loss on scales I MEAN FAT LOSS.. For example your measurements haven't changed or body fat % hasent. YOUR EATING TOO MUCH - It's not rocket science you know the guilt that you feel when you have that little bit extra that your mind wants not your body... That it's not the right thing to do... - - Weightloss isint designed to be easy... It's horrible hence why reducing food intake is always going to be hard and also you will never get used to it... And it's so easy to say its UNFAIR - I can relate to it in a diffrent manner.. I can eat what I want and stay shredded all year round (oooopsie) but that's my body not yours... - But I can't drink alcohol because I lose the plot and capable of doing outrageously uncontrollable actions and that breaks me... You think I don't miss it course I do.. But it's a state of discipline that I'm good at sticking too... - Morale of the story is IF YOU HAVE A GOAL it's hard to reach but at least f*c*ING try your hardest to reach it 🏆 - - If you try... And fail... Try again tomorrow #carlinator #changinglifes #positivevibes #champions #reinventionfitness #therecanbeonly1 🏆 👍 😎
It's been a fantastic day and night in our capital city of London wheve done it all today visited everywhere and seen all the major attractions making memories ♥ - - The west end theatre Buckingham Palace Tower of London Westminster harrods Oxford Street and tonight we eat the world at the #shard unreal views out first trip to London as a family has been more than worth it back late tomorrow night couple more excursions to do yet with my family 👪 xxx - - Working hard means you can enjoy your time off and where not into all the boozing like everyone else who ask us to go here and there to not remember it the next day we get called boring but we enjoy our way of having a break from the real world and we do what we like when we like and how we like it... 👌 - - Lutheos been spoilt he's living the London dream my Mrs is in full kardashian mode 😂 and I'm bouncing on coffees and unlimited steak 🥩 so all in all this is what I call... HOLIDAY 😘 - - It's a nice comforting feeling when you know your boys have your Back at the gym and looking after it whilst boss man's making his dad Bod more dad bodish hahahahaha yessss bwwweeoooooiiiiisss you know the boss man is buzzing when he gets sent gym tidy videos and that makes the time off even smoother 👍 - - Chocolate muffins room service next 🔥 #holiday #love #family #break #carlinator #lutheocarlin #ladyofderbados
Yesssssssss Ann and susi!!!!! 😄 🙌 First pt session ever with the carlinator fully loaded mind-body and soul in the shreddsville heat of this delicious sculpting dreams factory 💪 😎 - - #therecanbeonly1 🏆 #squad #members #friends #supporteachother #community #goals #clients #changinglifes #positivevibes #carlinator
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