Ray Fisher

Son/Brother/Friend/NJ Native/BORGLIFE™ Enthusiast

Taking that Cyborg for a Spin @sfgradventure What are the odds that the first Cyborg ride would open up in my home state? #kismet #BORGLIFE
I can’t think of better way to spend my birthday than being in my home state surrounded by my family, friends and fans!!! See you all next week:) #hvff #BORGLIFE
Loading...’s good to be back:) 🇯🇵 #BORGLIFE
Saw some of the old team here at London Film and Comic Con🤗
Vic and Mama Stone still standing strong! @karenbryson #BORGLIFE
The @hotbrownhoney crew is slaying it in London right now!!! Get ready #londonfilmandcomicon I’m coming for you tomorrow😎
Photo: JSquared Photography Styling: Ashley North Hair: Benny Blades Grooming: Renee Loiz Guy Trying Not To Blink: Me😜
I am changed. Reevaluating. Recalibrating. Just wow. @kiersey thank you for shining the light.
Lake Fayetteville.
If you haven’t heard @sonsofanillustriousfather ‘s new album—Deus Sex Machina: Or, Moving Slowly Beyond Nikola Tesla do yourself a favor and give it all the listens! Josh, Lilah and Ezra killed it on this one!! I’ve seen them in concert 3 times and if you’re a fan of live music they are not to be missed!!! Check the link in my bio for dates. You may see a tall dude in the audience that looks like me😜#BORGLIFE #LoveRay
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