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Gym 🐀 💥1st Phorm Legionnaire💥 aspiring motivational speaker 🚫excuses ♿️🥋🏋🏾‍♂️ Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu Jitsu. Amputee life @thestrengthspot

Trying to concentrate on that squeeze. Building up those shoulders. #Fridaysworkout
#sundayfunday back and tricep workout with @christyd1114 #swolemates
Did some seated dips today to get a nice tricep pump. Also did some chest and shoulders. And, a little legs. Coach @christin_fisher is killing me! Swipe left to see my leg muscles actually working. I’m excited about that! 🤗💪🏾
I got some rowing in today after my training session. 30 min workout and I was sweating like a mad man 😓. I don’t know if that’s a good number for rowing but it was exhausting for only 10 mins. #wednesdayworkout
Geez, I hope this thing doesn’t get me in trouble. Procharged Dodge Ram R/T. #thatsmydodge #mopar #procharger @dodgeofficial
#whodat !? #from 2015 until today. A lot of hard work. It won’t be easy but, the results are WELL worth it. Keep grinding people. Your future self will thank you. #transformation 300lbs then 238lbs now! 🙌🏾💪🏾👍🏾
Working on those stability muscles in my legs. I have a long way to go. #grindingforgreatness . #semilegday .
I took my very first fitness class today. At 6am. Needless to say, I think I did pretty good. I worked up a pretty good sweat. This is something that I’m going to add to my routine. #changesaregood #gettingoutofmycomfortzone those Jordan’s though! 😜
Eating on the run but still making smart choices. #howbaddoyouwantit
Possibly the hardest exercise for me to do due to getting up and down off of the floor. And due to severely stiff legs. But #noexcuses 🚫 #gettingoutofmycomfortzone
When someone calls your name in the middle of you set lol @christyd1114 #backworkout #lightweighthighreps Swipe left.
LASIK recovery! So I did a thing today. Went through with lasik eye surgery. #lasiksurgery #20 /20vision
The grind never stops! 💯💪🏾 #motivationmonday . @thestrengthspot @1stphorm
Swipe Left- It feels so good to FINALLY let these wheelchairs go. For a very long time, they were my safety net. I knew as long as I stayed in them, I would never get hurt again. But, I also knew they were holding me back. The weirdest thing happened, they both broke on me. And my exact words were “well, I’m gonna have to learn to walk now because I’m not getting another one.” Haven’t looked back since. #faceyourfears #thingshappenforareason
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