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@bobsuwakiwa , @wonderbreadking , and @tiffanylockheart are representing Raccoon City at #NYCC !
Rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy reports for duty at #NYCC courtesy of this excellent cosplay by @agenderhorrornerd !
@lavender_haze_xx brought spot-on #RE2 Claire cosplay to #PAXWest ⁠ ⁠yesterday!
@flintmaycry brought wonderful Claire cosplay to #PAXWest ⁠ that⁠ was definitely Made in Heaven.
Leon and Ada stopped by yesterday at #PAXWest ⁠ ⁠ courtesy of the @cookie_brigade !
Redfield and Kennedy represent #RE2 in this excellent cosplay at #PAXWest ⁠⁠! Leon: @sirenasama Claire: amethyst_leon (Twitter)
@Tight_Assets_Vancity brought her #RE2 Claire cosplay and a HUNK from Umbrella to #PAXWest ! Twitch: Tight_Assets_Vancity
Jill cosplay by ‪@SigmaRue shows that she’s one of the real S.T.A.R.S. of #PAXWest2018 !‬ 📷IG:‪/sigmarue‬
@hoodedwoman showing off her Claire cosplay at #PAXWest2018 !
Salesman: *slaps roof of car* Salesman: itchy Salesman: tasty Salesman: low mileage
‪Captain Wesker stopped by today’s #RE2 signing session at #SDCC , courtesy of vijer88 on Twitter. Where’s Barry, though? He’s probably....‬
Jill (@callmealyhaly ) and Chris (@lunatic_cringe ) protect the peace of Raccoon City at #SDCC .
From today’s #SDCC panel, brand new art of Claire on her iconic motorcycle in #RE2 !
The stars and S.T.A.R.S. of Resident Evil are all here at #SDCC !
Jill cosplay by happy4neko on Twitter being helped(?) by Umbrella agents at #SDCC !
Cosplay by @newnylives at #SDCC features the Redfields dealing with the denizens of Raccoon City!
Try as he might, Leon can’t escape his past in Raccoon City. Great cosplay by @italian_courier ! #Re2 #SDCC
A re-creation of Leon’s first day on the job in #RE2 at #SDCC , courtesy of @leoncossplayer !
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