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When the rocket hits that Tyrant just right....
Gotta stomp fast. To celebrate Resident Evil 2 on #TwitchRivals next week, we're doing an in-house head-to-head speedrun! Tune in March 1st for all the fun, starting at 2 PM Pacific! 🌿
After the events of Raccoon City, Claire took the fight to Umbrella at their Paris Laboratory, escaping imprisonment at Rockfort Island and ultimately joining the humanitarian group, TerraSave. See how Claire got her start in Resident Evil 2, out now for PS4, XB1, and Steam!
Lots of people first met Leon (and his incredible hair) thanks to Resident Evil 4. But before he was rescuing the President's daughter, he was a rookie cop in a bad situation. See how his story begins in Resident Evil 2, out now on PS4, XB1, and Steam.
Did you know? In the original Resident Evil 2, Tofu was made to test characters' hitboxes. The Tofu Survivor returns as a bonus mode in #RE2 ... but can simple bean curd survive Raccoon City?
Lickers are easily identified by their exposed brains and muscle mass, and of course, their long tongues. In the new Resident Evil 2, they can cling to the walls and ceiling, allowing them to attack from nearly anywhere. Watch out! #RE2 #ResidentEvil2 #Licker
Have you explored the depths of Raccoon City yet? Once you've finished the main campaign in #RE2 , be sure to check out The 4th Survivor to understand true survival horror.
@bobsuwakiwa , @wonderbreadking , and @tiffanylockheart are representing Raccoon City at #NYCC !
Rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy reports for duty at #NYCC courtesy of this excellent cosplay by @agenderhorrornerd !
@lavender_haze_xx brought spot-on #RE2 Claire cosplay to #PAXWest ⁠ ⁠yesterday!
@flintmaycry brought wonderful Claire cosplay to #PAXWest ⁠ that⁠ was definitely Made in Heaven.
Leon and Ada stopped by yesterday at #PAXWest ⁠ ⁠ courtesy of the @cookie_brigade !
Redfield and Kennedy represent #RE2 in this excellent cosplay at #PAXWest ⁠⁠! Leon: @sirenasama Claire: amethyst_leon (Twitter)
@Tight_Assets_Vancity brought her #RE2 Claire cosplay and a HUNK from Umbrella to #PAXWest ! Twitch: Tight_Assets_Vancity
Jill cosplay by ‪@SigmaRue shows that she’s one of the real S.T.A.R.S. of #PAXWest2018 !‬ 📷IG:‪/sigmarue‬
@hoodedwoman showing off her Claire cosplay at #PAXWest2018 !
Salesman: *slaps roof of car* Salesman: itchy Salesman: tasty Salesman: low mileage
‪Captain Wesker stopped by today’s #RE2 signing session at #SDCC , courtesy of vijer88 on Twitter. Where’s Barry, though? He’s probably....‬
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